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Female Young Terriers (Medium) /

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About Ella

Ella lives for attention, and will turn even the grouchiest people into cuddlers. Her favorite place in the world is your lap! She is loyal and smart, silly and animated. She gets along great with other dogs and is very loyal. Ella is looking for someone to love and hang out with all day! She has only become sweeter with each passing day.

Ella would be the perfect addition for a home who loves entertainment in the form of cuddles and playfulness, as well as a home that wants and ever happy and attentive presence around! Although she loves attention, she will also be calm once adjusted to her new home.

She is quick to respond to commands well. She shows an initial interest in games and playing but then quickly returns home for more love & affection. She is houstrained. 

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1 years, 7 months
Shots up to date
Ok with kids
Not Sure
Spayed / Neutered
Ok with dogs
Ok with cats
Not Sure
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Amelia loves everyone she meets, both big and small! We feel Amelia can do well with another dog if proper introductions are made. When... show more

Amelia loves everyone she meets, both big and small! We feel Amelia can do well with another dog if proper introductions are made. When Amelia first came to us, we felt she wasn’t thriving and she always looked sad. Our team worked their magic and soon she was coming to the door of her kennel wanting to play, to interact, yet she stayed so thin in spite of good food and extra feedings. We decided a trip to the vet and blood work was in order and was able to have her seen by our vet the next day. After extensive blood work being done, Amelia was diagnosed with exocrine pancreatic enzyme insufficiency or EPI. In other words, Amelia’s pancreas was unable to make enough enzymes used to digest the fats, proteins and carbohydrates in her food. She couldn’t gain weight because she wasn’t able to absorb the nutrients. We have since started Amelia on medication that she will need to take for the rest of her life but it has been worth it! Amelia is steadily gaining weight and has a new “pep in her step”! It has been a joy to watch her blossom into a new dog with energy to burn and then lay on our lap on the sofa! It would have been a shame to not do all we could to find out why she felt bad. We are hoping there is a home for Amelia out there who wants to see her reach her full potential.   show less