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Male Puppy Labrador Retriever (mixed)

If you have any questions about Diesel , please contact Douglas County Canine Rescue at

Douglas County Canine Rescue

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About Diesel

Adoption Fee: $475


I need a single family home with a fenced in yard since I require lots of physical and mental stimulation!

AKA D, Son of Dot and unknown father. I am listed as a Lab mix and unlike my brother Dragon who was all black, I have white socks and a cute white chest. 
I get along great with other dogs, but we can get into serious rumbles. I am all boy and love to wrestle! – But I am also a lover! ❤ I love playing with my younger foster brother and sisters they are only 2 months old, but lots of fun to play with. My favorite is 6 month foster brother CJ. He and I have a great time, often napping together. My 2 older foster sisters sometime play a little too rough with me, (She still think she is a puppy, but she is a year old). 
I am about 4 months old and love to discover new things. I mastered the stairs just a few weeks ago and love going up and down it. I sleep with my Foster mom at night, and have kinda figured out how to get into her high bed, but I usually let her pick me up and set me in bed – she seems to like that.  I don’t really like that white stuff that comes down, its really cold. But I like it went its melting and jumping in puddles. I love spending time outside in the sun and playing in the yard. 
I still have a couple accidents in the house, but I got this house training thing Foster Mom keeps teaching me almost down. I like it when she gets all excited after I poo or pee outside – I really don’t get it. 
My foster mom lets me lie down on top of her recliner or by her side as she is working, and I sleep next to her at night. When she is away, I have this kennel with the comfiest bed in it and she always gives us all a treat before she goes on her errands – she doesn’t go often enough honestly. 
She gives us bananas, apples, carrots, some yogurt for treats. One of her Puppies turned one last month and we got this thing call puppichino and an frozen puppy treat. Those were yummy!  She has these things that smell like beef, chicken, sometime liver. They are really small, and I have to sit, go to the kennel, lie down or something before she give me one of those.  They are yummy, but she doesn’t just let us have them like she does the carrots and apples.



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Douglas County Canine Rescue

300 E Miller Ct #1514 Castle Rock CO 80104

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0321167 My name is Cathy and I am an 8 year young 10.5 lb chihuahua mix. I just finished raising my last litter and am ready to permanen... show more

0321167 My name is Cathy and I am an 8 year young 10.5 lb chihuahua mix. I just finished raising my last litter and am ready to permanently retire from this whole mom thing. My foster mom is pretty sure I was used as someone’s puppy producer for a long time. But even so I still love people, well women that is. Men kind of scare me. I have a foster dad everyone keeps telling me is a nice guy, but I am not convinced. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t bite, after all I am a lady. My weapon of choice is the deep growl or the bark. I would really love to find a quieter home where if there are men they will understand I need time and patience to accept them. My foster mom is great though. I love sitting on her lap or licking her face. I’m good with kids of all ages too, but a lot of noise scares me. I get along with all the furry foster siblings in the house too, but I am not a big rough houser. After all I am 8 and have been there done that with who knows how many of my puppies. As far a potty training goes, well I’m not. I am trained to go on potty pads, but if I can’t find them a nice soft rug will do. I am learning to go outside, but this will take time. I really prefer a good clean potty pad in a nice warm house. If you think you are the person that will love on me and keep me safe during my retirement years I’d love to meet you. show less