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Female Adult American Pit Bull Terrier Labrador Retriever (mixed)

If you have any questions about Shelby, please contact Pawsitive Impact NC Dog Rescue at

Pawsitive Impact NC Dog Rescue

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About Shelby

Adoption Fee: $250

Shelby is believed to be a Labrador-Pittie mix, which is honestly a dream combination; the fun of a Labrador and the smushy cuddles of a pitty! Her webbed paws are hilariously big for her body, and she lives for a summer swim! Shelby is the type of dog that you’ll need an extra 5 minutes with. While we don’t know the details of her past, we do know that she had enough experiences with NC’s finest to distrust humans. Shelby might initially bark or do a little nervous jig, but this sweet girl emerges in just a few minutes and she is worth the wait!Now that we’ve tried to sell you on Shelby, it’s YOUR turn to sell yourself TO Shelby. Shelby will need three or more of the following adopter qualities before she unpacks her bags and calls it home:1) Seven bedroom mansion by the lake, complete with pool and dock for optimal swimming opportunity (okay, a walk to the river or lake will also do...we guess)2) Netflix subscription. Shelby is currently rewatching The Office for the 8th time3) Comfy bed to allow for optimal cuddles4) TREATS. All of the treats.5) A canine companion for company and cardio (Wrestlemania ??)6) A human with ideal arm strength for belly scratches and leg strength for those lake walks (see item 7) Toys. We’re talking squeaky, fluffy, rope, rubber, whatever! Shelby’s quote: “Forever is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning. Help me find my forever.”If you are interested in adopting Shelby, please visit and submit an adoption application. You will also find our adoption process listed on that page.



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February 01, 2016
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American Pit Bull Terrier

- She's truly the perfect size for most homes. She's small enough that you can easily pick her up - 35 lbs. (and she doesn't mind being... show more

- She's truly the perfect size for most homes. She's small enough that you can easily pick her up - 35 lbs. (and she doesn't mind being picked up when you need to do it), but has a "big dog" personality (not yappy or nervous at all).Basic Information:- house-trained- crate-trained (but doesn't NEED to be in a crate - she's perfectly safe when left loose in the house)- peppy when she's outside, but calm inside the house- snuggly - loves to sit on your lap- playful - giver her a good toy and she's happy for a long time (heck, she's even happy to chase her tail if she's got no toys around)- adorable - her little tongue is too big for her mouth, so about an inch of the tip often hangs out; extremely cute- would love to get on the furniture, but doesn't mind when you say no (i.e., she listens to you)- food-driven, so she's good at training, but not so food-driven that she tries to get the food off your plate (see above she listens well)- only barks when she hears the doorbell or noises outside (in other words, not a nervous dog that barks at everything)- independent - she is not needy in the least; at the same time, she's loving and excited to see you/be with you when you come homeLayla will do well with a house without children and will need a compatibility test with another dog. She gets along well with some and not so well with others.If you are interested in adopting Layla, please visit show less