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Female Dogo Argentino

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DC Dogos Rescue

About Saffron

Adoption Fee: $400

Saffron was dumped at a shelter by her person and she was shattered. The person who was the center of her universe abandoned her. Saffron gave up on everything. The noise and shelter environment were too much for her and she just couldn't take it. Saffron just wanted to die so all the stress and awfulness would finally come to an end. When she came into rescue, Saffron was just a shell. No personality, no joy and happiness, she just existed. Very s-l-o-w-l-y, she came to understand that a foster home is not a shelter. There are yummy treats doled out a whole bunch throughout the day. Hot dogs are yummy. Walks and car rides are fun. A sidekick to play with is FUN! Life became wonderful again. If you are Saffron's person/people, you ARE the center of her universe. She will love you with all her heart, 1,000%. She is very licky-kissey, and will gladly lick off 5 or 6 layers of skin. She has to have a canine buddy to help keep her brave, a brother would do best. She likes toys, especially ripping them apart. She likes to play, romp and run, and just have a grand ol' time. Saffron is choosy on who she likes and who is an axe murderer. Most of the people out there are axe murderers, and need to be avoided at all costs. In Saffron's mind, people are either good or axe murderers. People are either good or evil. And those axe murderer types? She refuses to even try to make up to them. Evil is evil, end of story. Oh, by the way, cats are axe murderers. Kitties are scary creatures. Saffron's new home will need patience. There is a loving and fun dog in that Dogo suit. Change isn't her forte. She is attached to her foster Mom. Switching loyalty to a new family will take some time. Patience is a virtue.

Saffron is currently located in Ohio and is waiting patiently for her forever home.



3 years, 4 months
Primary Color
Pet Has Special Needs
Shots up to date
Ok with kids
Not Sure
Ok with dogs
Ok with cats
Exercise level
Needs LOTS of exercise
Training level
Has basic training
Gets along with male dogs
Gets along with female dogs

DC Dogos Rescue

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Dogo Argentino

Echo is a giant 3 year old puppy who is loves to explore and play!  He is friendly with other dogs, both males and females and also good... show more

Echo is a giant 3 year old puppy who is loves to explore and play!  He is friendly with other dogs, both males and females and also good with older kids (16+).  Echo came from a family who had circumstances change and after they boarded him for a couple months they reached out to us and we were able to help.  He has a loving past and was also trained so his new foster will polish up on that training! Stay tuned for updates on Echo! He's young and full of playful energy that enjoys other dogs and going on walks. He's really enjoys training and catches on very quick. He probably would love going to training classes such as scent training, weight pull, agility, etc. Echo would do best with someone that is active and will be able to spend quality time with him. An adult home without kids would be perfect for him He needs a place to call home since he spent several months in boarding before we took him in!! In his current foster home located in Venice, FL he likes to play with his 2 year old dogo foster sister and they really have a lot of fun together!  He really enjoys having other dogs around so a home with other pets would be great. ECHO'S BACKSTORY: He comes from a loving family who was no longer to keep him due to housing issues. With them he did get professional training and was loved very much. They had to put him in boarding for several months and finally DC Dogos was able to bring him into the rescue.  show less

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Dogo Argentino

We rescued Gina from a rural shelter after she was found roaming the woods with another Dogo, Tommy. Gina was a hot mess - heartworm pos... show more

We rescued Gina from a rural shelter after she was found roaming the woods with another Dogo, Tommy. Gina was a hot mess - heartworm positive, pregnant, emaciated with a yellow stained coat. Her first few weeks in rescue were tough on Gina as she had to be separated from her best friend Tommy, and then heartbreakingly lost her entire litter of puppies. Despite Gina's traumatic few weeks, nowadays she is the happiest girl in the world. Reunited with Tommy, they are both being fostered in the Atlanta suburbs where they spend their days playing with their dozens of toys, napping on their soft and comfy beds, and digging in the yard searching for moles. Gina loves her people and would happily spend all of her time with her humans, and she is so affectionate - this girl gives the best hugs!! Gina is well behaved and trained in basic commands. Gina's ideal home would be somewhere Tommy would be welcome, too (: Although Gina is good with other dogs (with a good intro of course) her ideal home would be one where her and Tommy could be the only dogs - giving their humans ample time to give them both the attention they deserve. Preferably people who like being outdoors, as they both adore spending time outside. No small children, as these two play hard and would knock over anything in their way! Due to Gina's health issues, she is currently going through slow-kill heartworm treatment and will remain intact until our vet deems it safe enough to spay her, Any home interested in her would foster her until this time comes, with all medical expenses being covered by us. show less

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Dogo Argentino

Ki is a young male dogo currently living with his foster dad in Palm Harbor, FL. His foster describes him as being very friendly, sweet,... show more

Ki is a young male dogo currently living with his foster dad in Palm Harbor, FL. His foster describes him as being very friendly, sweet, affectionate, kissy face/licker, and a wild child. His hobbies include going on fun car rides but more importantly playing with all his dog  buddies.    Ki loves a dog party and will play all day if he is allowed. He is a big boy that has no clue of his size so he tends to overwhelm some dogs at times!  He is good with all dogs of any size both males and females. He really has a great personality and temperament that we hope sticks with him as he matures! He is good with kids but will bulldoze them over so a home with older kids would be preferred.   Another fun fact about Ki is that he is house trained!  He is also crate trained but will protest being in there because he prefers to be with his crowd. They have nicknamed him “Curly” after Curly in the Three Stooges since his whine sounds like that guy!  Look up the show if you don’t know what it is!   Going on walks is super fun for Ki as he enjoys the outdoors and meeting new people. He is a puller right now but we are working on this. The next home must continue leash training as well so he knows who is boss out there!   The perfect home for this guy would be an active family ready to spend lots of time with him.  Plus it would be ideal if they have other dogs already since he seems to love having fur friends so much.  Ki would need a nice yard with a fence so he can let this playful energy out on a regular basis too! This family would also need to have time to work on his training and commit to setting the boundaries and rules in place so he continues to be a great dogo!   Overall he is a big love and wants all of the attention!   Ki’ Story:  Somehow Ki ended up at a shelter in Massachusetts at just 10 months old.  We don’t know why but would guess the family just couldn’t care for him anymore. We were able to pull him and he is now living his foster life in sunny Florida! show less