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Male Adult American New Zealand (mixed)

If you have any questions about Concord, please contact South Bay Rabbit Rescue at

South Bay Rabbit Rescue

About Concord

Adoption Fee: $201.00

Meet special needs bunny, Concord! Concord was hit by a car in Concord in the middle of December and brought to SBRR for help.  His leg and foot were badly injured.  We got him into the vet and luckily upon X-ray the bone and not been broken, but it was going to be a long treatment process of meds, bandages and wraps. After two and a half months this boy is finally ready to find his forever home.  His back leg will always be a little wonky and doesn’t sit quite right.  Even though he might hop a little funny, it doesn’t slow him down.  He’s super friendly, curious and loves to play.  His weight will have to be watched and he may develop arthritis from the injury.  He just can’t wait to meet you! 

This rabbit is currently not spayed/neutered.  Adoption donation includes spay/neuter, micro chip, micro chip registration.  




South Bay Rabbit Rescue

P O Box 2262 Morgan Hill CA 95038

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Back story: This bunny comes from one of the stories that you can't even imagine unless you witness it.  SBRR received a call from a con... show more

Back story: This bunny comes from one of the stories that you can't even imagine unless you witness it.  SBRR received a call from a concerned daughter.  She said her mom had some rabbits and that she needed help as she was overhelmed.  When we asked about how many rabbits, we were told about 20.  She said the rabbits were dying and she didn't know why.  We agreed to go access the situation and see if we could make some recommendations.  We were not ready for what we witnessed.  Over 100 rabbits living in colony's on concrete, in colony's in barns, in cages with chickens and just running loose everywhere.  Right there and then we decided our 1st priority was to get the healthy babies out so they could be socialized and adopted.  There were newborns, 1 and 2 days old.  The last few litters were being killed by the other rabbits.  As we have the famous Mary Poppins, we knew she would take those as her own too.  The bucks were isolated and were tearing each other apart.  The does were doing the same thing.  One step at a time and we are going to get this under control.  They were fed and watered and their areas were clean, but you just can't keep that many unaltered rabbits together. She is getting used to being handled and is going to need a very special kind and patient person to help her understand that her past is behind her and she has only a bright future ahead.  We named her Blythe which means happy and carefree. That is what we want for her future. show less