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Female Adult German Shepherd Dog

If you have any questions about Ivy, please contact Sauver Des Chiens, Inc. at

Sauver Des Chiens, Inc.

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About Ivy

Adoption Fee: $400.00

Hey there – Whatca doin? Wanna Play? I’m Ivy. I am just a baby still, and I love to play and run zoomies, and be petted – I love petting so much, I will drop and give you my belly to rub. They call me Ivy, but they also call me, a bundle of love and energy. I think it is a good thing. A little thing about me is that I have M.E. I don’t know the actual name of it, but basically, my food pipe doesn’t quite work right on its own, so I get my food chopped up in a blender, and a special upright chair to eat it. I rock it too! I have finally come to understand that when the blender starts, it means FOOD!! I now go to my chair, and will back into on my own; All you have to do is put the arm down and give me my chow. I even sit still for the 20 minutes after eating to let all the food settle in my tummy. I am finally starting to gain some weight! Thanks to all these people at SDC that take such good care of me. I would really love to find a forever family that wouldn’t mind blending up my food a few times a day. I promise to be patient as you learn how to mix it. In return I vow to shower you with kisses, cuddles and endless games of fetch and chase. I am loyal to death. Can YOU see past my M.E. and see how awesome I am? Hope to meet you soon…. Sweet Ivy Girl XOXO



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Sauver Des Chiens, Inc.

P.O. Box 1091 Sealy TX 77474

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Chase 2

German Shepherd Dog

Writing a bio for chase is pretty easy. Chase is 100 pounds of pure love. He is gentle and calm when he needs to be, and silly and playf... show more

Writing a bio for chase is pretty easy. Chase is 100 pounds of pure love. He is gentle and calm when he needs to be, and silly and playful when the time is right. Chase is 5 years old with all the innocence of a puppy yet the best manners. Chase does not jump nor is he rough. He is great with children and has lived with a cat.  Chase adores other dogs and is great at dog parks. He can be a bit insecure in his crate with other animals around and will bark but this is being worked on and a lot of improvement has been made! Chase experiences some slight storm anxiety during this time he will find a bathroom to lay in or insist on snuggles. He loves a good hike and playing in water is his favorite activity. Chase says squeaky toys are the coolest thing since sliced bread and he will squeak them repeatedly until you tell him your ears hurt 😂.  Chases perfect day would start with couch cuddles and an episode of the Simpsons (my foster mom always has this playing) followed by a nice mid day walk or hike (sneak a pond or pool in if your can) followed by more couch time and some squeaky toys!  Chase is definitely a furniture dog and his foster mom would like for it to stay this way. As he has always been a well behaved boy he is allowed to stay out all day and enjoy the couches and beds. He is sometimes crated during the day when no one is home and he does wonderful ….. although he will whimper if he is in the crate while you are home. The perfect fit for chase would be an active family not because he is full of energy but because he loves to explore and spend time with his people. Children and other pets are good but not required as he would do just fine as an only pet. Chase asked me to say he would really like a pool but it’s not a deal breaker! He’s just looking for a best friend!  Chase definitely deserves the title of good boy and has won over the hearts of his foster family has he won over yours? show less