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Female Adult German Shepherd Dog

If you have any questions about Ivy, please contact Sauver Des Chiens, Inc. at

Sauver Des Chiens, Inc.

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About Ivy

Adoption Fee: $400.00

Hey there – Whatca doin? Wanna Play? I’m Ivy. I am just a baby still, and I love to play and run zoomies, and be petted – I love petting so much, I will drop and give you my belly to rub. They call me Ivy, but they also call me, a bundle of love and energy. I think it is a good thing. A little thing about me is that I have M.E. I don’t know the actual name of it, but basically, my food pipe doesn’t quite work right on its own, so I get my food chopped up in a blender, and a special upright chair to eat it. I rock it too! I have finally come to understand that when the blender starts, it means FOOD!! I now go to my chair, and will back into on my own; All you have to do is put the arm down and give me my chow. I even sit still for the 20 minutes after eating to let all the food settle in my tummy. I am finally starting to gain some weight! Thanks to all these people at SDC that take such good care of me. I would really love to find a forever family that wouldn’t mind blending up my food a few times a day. I promise to be patient as you learn how to mix it. In return I vow to shower you with kisses, cuddles and endless games of fetch and chase. I am loyal to death. Can YOU see past my M.E. and see how awesome I am? Hope to meet you soon…. Sweet Ivy Girl XOXO



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Sauver Des Chiens, Inc.

P.O. Box 1091 Sealy TX 77474

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German Shepherd Dog

ikes: howling at musicals, stealing things from Ray and Mae, rolling on the floor making gremlin noises, “trust jumps” think trust falls... show more

ikes: howling at musicals, stealing things from Ray and Mae, rolling on the floor making gremlin noises, “trust jumps” think trust falls but it’s a jump and you happened to be carrying a laundry basket but he knows you’ll catch him, “surprise”pouncing: people, other dogs (or blankets and pillows, he requires no participation from anything to have a good time) & the best part: he actively watches tv. Gill is SMART. Possibly too smart. 😏 He sits before leaving his kennel, sits and paws the door when he’s ready to go to another room to potty, barks if he has to potty in his kennel and loves learning. He’s very observant and very curious. He brings you his food dish when he’s hungry, he also shows you where to get him more food, he stops to listen when you talk to him, he lives to please. He’s very feisty and has a voice he isn’t afraid to use. He approaches anyone within five second of meeting them typically with tigger like jumps because he’s just that happy to see people. On his trip to Home Depot he squeaked at everyone who passed by to come say hi and wanted to smell all the plants! He enjoys being held but when he’s ready there is no stopping him. He doesn’t have the same love of naps that Ray does but he thrives on his schedules and will sleep through the night quietly in his playpen. He enjoys being groomed and holds his paws out like a gentleman to cut his nails. Gill enjoys puzzles but prefers anything with humans more. He’s incredibly attentive and while he doesn’t stay at your feet or in your lap he doesn’t let you get far without him. When he met our neighbors toddler he was very jump and excited and tried nibbling so older kids might be best. He thoroughly enjoys other dogs and constant playing. His fearlessness and tenacity would be great in dog sports. If you want to make Gill a part of your family please apply to adopt him at... . . . #sdc #sauverdeschiens #tosavethedogs #nonprofit #houston #texas #texasdogrescue #sheltersurvivor #louisiana #louisianadogrescue #gsd #gsdrescue #gsdpuppy #puppy #dog #gsdofinstagram #germanshepherd #puppies #donate #adoptdontshop #rescuewithoutboarders show less