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Dixie Sue

Female Senior Hound (Unknown Type) (mixed)

If you have any questions about Dixie Sue, please contact Cross your Paws Rescue, Inc. at

Cross your Paws Rescue, Inc.

About Dixie Sue

Dixie Sue is looking for her forever home. She is about 10 years old, she is a little overweight weighing in at 109lbs. She would love to find a home where she can spend her senior years. She will need to lose some weight, but nothing some good walks won't fix. She is a very happy and friendly girl, and would love to find a home to call her own. She would do well with another calm dog. We will keep her in our forever foster program which means we will cover all of her medical for the rest of her life. 



Dixie Sue
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Cross your Paws Rescue, Inc.

Irwin PA 15642

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Shepherds (All Types)

 Pearl Age: 10 months, born 4/21/20 Breed: German Shep/Pitbull/Husky/Border Collie (according to the dog DNA test I did) spayed, UTD on... show more

 Pearl Age: 10 months, born 4/21/20 Breed: German Shep/Pitbull/Husky/Border Collie (according to the dog DNA test I did) spayed, UTD on Vaccines  Dog friendly- she is dog friendly most of the time but can be reactive towards other dogs around food/beds/toys or when dogs off leash approach me quickly. She also tries to herd our other dog and can be too aggressive in her play and need separation to calm down and play nicely. She also snaps randomly. Dog daycare has said she is great with other dogs most of the time but occasionally she gets “too energized” and needs alone time to calm down also, and they also say she has very bad separation anxiety. Cat friendly- she has not been around cats so I am not sure. Kid friendly- she has rarely been around children but seems friendly on walks, though she wants to jump to lick them, but will hold a sit instead if asked. House Trained - yes Bite History - she does not bite aggressively but she does have a quirk of trying to gently hold your hand between her teeth to stop you from putting on shoes or coats, I am a disabled recent college graduate that will soon be working full-time. I have spent the entirety of my savings account on a dog behaviorist, training, medication, and dog daycare, and sadly, I can’t afford to pay for her daycare needs when i begin working. Her separation anxiety is getting better and she can now be left alone for 15 minutes at a time, when before she couldn’t be out of sight of me even in the house, since she’s very hyper attached. I also worry about her being so dominant with our other dog, however she seems to do great with stranger dogs.  We have done 2 courses of obedience training and I do agility with her, and walk her several miles a day. I sadly though can’t sustain this when I work and the cost is exceeding what I have to live on. I want her to find the right home as she’s the smartest and most loyal dog i have ever met. She knows how to open doors and gates and she’s a very fast learner. But sadly she seems to be beyond what i am able to provide for her. She also has confinement anxiety and will hurt herself trying to escape rooms or crates so she would be best with  a stay at home person.  If you are interested in adopting me, please submit an application from and submit an application!  show less