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Male Young Dogo Argentino

If you have any questions about Felix, please contact DC Dogos, Inc at

DC Dogos, Inc

About Felix

Adoption Fee: $400

Felix is a young male who we rescued from a San Francisco, CA shelter on Halloween 2020.  He is now currently living with his foster family in Texas. We think Felix is around two years old. He has lots of energy and loves playing with toys! He is goofy and loveable! He also LOVES the water.

Felix is looking for a home that is patient, loving, and willing to help him learn some more manners and a bit more basic training.  He can be a little skiddish at first with strangers (especially men) and needs slow introductions to warm up to you. His new family should not have cats, but he may be ok with a female dog if the family is experienced and willing to separate and do slow and propper introductions. 

He needs a decent amount of exercise, and would really benefit from having some type of 'job' for extra mental stimulation. 

Felix needs an experienced owner who will be able to meet him in Texas and spend time getting to know him and working with him.



2 years, 3 months
Primary Color
Pet Has Special Needs
Shots up to date
Ok with kids
Not Sure
Ok with dogs
Ok with cats
Exercise level
Needs LOTS of exercise
Training level
Has basic training
Gets along with male dogs
Gets along with female dogs

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Dogo Argentino

Ava came to us out of Miami where she showed up with her mama, Reese, at a home looking for help.  Both of them have been very grateful... show more

Ava came to us out of Miami where she showed up with her mama, Reese, at a home looking for help.  Both of them have been very grateful after being dumped in that rural area left to survive on their own.  They even took a ride via private jet to Tampa and loved every second of the First Class treatment thanks to Pilots N Paws!  Ava is maybe 1 year old and she was shy with people at first but not today! She has come a really long way and is a wonderful dog!! Ava REALLY loves playing with other dogs, especially a little female chihauha mix at her first foster! She is very athletic and watching her run and jump is an amazing site to see. Now she lives near Columbus, OH with her foster family and spends her days playing with the pack, cuddling with ther dog buddies, and lounging around!  She has been good around kids but we know she would knock small children over so only bigger kids in homes would be an option. As far as Cats....she is in training and making good progress so stay tuned! Ava needs an active home and one that has a dog with her high energy level to play with.  Other dogs have really helped build her confidence around people and we can see that it is important to her to have a playful dog friend.  She has not been around cats, other animals or kids so we prefer a home without small children. We think Ava is going to be a fun addition to a new home and we have enjoyed seeing her personality come out over the weeks she has been with us!  We think she would be really good at agility training because she is very athletic and has the right energy along with being very witty!  She definitely needs a big yard to run and loves having fur friends more than anything! Some words from her foster mom below!! She is wild when excited and that can be annoying but she is still a puppy. She is obedient when you get serious with her though. She hasn't been around very small kids, I suspect the worry would be her tail (I'll explain lol) and how fast she is. Her tail is like a leather whip so you have to be aware of it! She takes a bit to warm up but once she does she will give lots of affection. I would say she is closer to dogs than people, but would do fine as an only dog too. She is super active and to see her run is a spectacular thing! We are super active, but not runners and I think she would be amazing as a running partner. She is so smart and learns fast. She can jump crazy high! She will bark to alert, but once I tell her it's ok or leave it she stops. Loves toys so much! Can destroy one with a squeaker in 15 mins 🤣 She would do amazing with a job or some higher level training/ agility. She is excellent with other dogs, even tolerant of disrespectful dogs however if a dog starts a fight she wants to finish it even if that's a month later when her and that dog meet again. Like a Dogo she holds a grudge! She had a tangle with a dog that is staying with me and even though they can be around eachother without fighting I have to watch her body language and correct her if they get some serious posture going. The other dog isn't committed to the beef so that helps. She really has a great temperament and has to be pushed pretty far to react that way though. show less

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Dogo Argentino

Echo is a giant 3 year old puppy who is loves to explore and play!  He is friendly with other dogs, both males and females and also good... show more

Echo is a giant 3 year old puppy who is loves to explore and play!  He is friendly with other dogs, both males and females and also good with older kids (16+).  Echo came from a family who had circumstances change and after they boarded him for a couple months they reached out to us and we were able to help.  He has a loving past and was also trained so his new foster will polish up on that training! Stay tuned for updates on Echo! He's young and full of playful energy that enjoys other dogs and going on walks. He's really enjoys training and catches on very quick. He probably would love going to training classes such as scent training, weight pull, agility, etc. Echo would do best with someone that is active and will be able to spend quality time with him. An adult home without kids would be perfect for him He needs a place to call home since he spent several months in boarding before we took him in!! In his current foster home located in Venice, FL he likes to play with his 2 year old dogo foster sister and they really have a lot of fun together!  He really enjoys having other dogs around so a home with other pets would be great. ECHO'S BACKSTORY: He comes from a loving family who was no longer to keep him due to housing issues. With them he did get professional training and was loved very much. They had to put him in boarding for several months and finally DC Dogos was able to bring him into the rescue.  show less

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Dogo Argentino

We rescued Gina from a rural shelter after she was found roaming the woods with another Dogo, Tommy. Gina was a hot mess - heartworm pos... show more

We rescued Gina from a rural shelter after she was found roaming the woods with another Dogo, Tommy. Gina was a hot mess - heartworm positive, pregnant, emaciated with a yellow stained coat. Her first few weeks in rescue were tough on Gina as she had to be separated from her best friend Tommy, and then heartbreakingly lost her entire litter of puppies. Despite Gina's traumatic few weeks, nowadays she is the happiest girl in the world. Reunited with Tommy, they are both being fostered in the Atlanta suburbs where they spend their days playing with their dozens of toys, napping on their soft and comfy beds, and digging in the yard searching for moles. Gina loves her people and would happily spend all of her time with her humans, and she is so affectionate - this girl gives the best hugs!! Gina is well behaved and trained in basic commands. Gina's ideal home would be somewhere Tommy would be welcome, too (: Although Gina is good with other dogs (with a good intro of course) her ideal home would be one where her and Tommy could be the only dogs - giving their humans ample time to give them both the attention they deserve. Preferably people who like being outdoors, as they both adore spending time outside. No small children, as these two play hard and would knock over anything in their way! Due to Gina's health issues, she is currently going through slow-kill heartworm treatment and will remain intact until our vet deems it safe enough to spay her, Any home interested in her would foster her until this time comes, with all medical expenses being covered by us. show less