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Female Young Tortie Tortoiseshell

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You Gotta Love Them, Inc.

About Nina

Nina was just a little kitten when she was found on a freezing cold night, wandering around a local hotel hoping that somebody would help her. She was so grateful to be rescued and taken into a warm home, and she is still so adoring. Nina is a tiny girl, and she not only looks like a kitten but plays like one too! She can be found zooming around the house or running full speed up and down the stairs. After all that zooming she needs some chill time, and when she wants your attention she will purr loudly and circle your legs so that you know that she's there and wants you to stay put and pet her. Nina also likes to sit on your lap while you watch TV. If you recline, she guarantees to keep your chest warm throughout the winter!
Nina can have a little bit of a Tortitude at times so, petting Nina is on her terms but, she does love affection often. Perhaps she was bullied by other cats while she was homeless because Nina isn't fond of other cats but she has no issues with dogs. She seems to be getting more loving, trusting and sweet as each day goes by and we think she will blossom even more in a calm environment.
She's beautiful and so unique! She'll entertain you with her soccer skills and chase the laser light until your wrist gets tired! Nina is a lot of fun to have around!



2 years, 6 months
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Ok with kids
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Domestic Short Hair

Tiger is really hoping a very kind and compassionate person will find him and open up his or her heart and home to him!  You see, Tiger ... show more

Tiger is really hoping a very kind and compassionate person will find him and open up his or her heart and home to him!  You see, Tiger has lived with his mom ever since he was just a wee, little kitten.  Tiger is now 12 years old and his mom is in the final stages of cancer and no longer able to take care of him.  Her dying wish is to know her beloved Tiger will have a loving home with a guardian who will love and take care of him for the rest of his life - just as she wishes she could.  This is heartbnreaking for the both of them. Tiger is a real sweetheart - a lap cat, in fact!  Tiger is front declawed.  He has lived as an only cat so, he would need to be very slowly introduced to other cats but, he certainly wouldn't mind being the only cat once again.  Tiger loves to chase the laser light, loves to play with fishing pole style toys and most of all he loves to cuddle!  Tiger just went in for a check-up and had his vaccinations renewed this month (11/20.)  He's all set to love and be loved in his new home! Please consider bringing Tiger home for the holidays and granting his mom the peace of mind of knowing he will be loved and cared for before she transitions.  Tiger really needs his guardian angel to help heal his breaking heart and offer him a warm, safe place to live out his golden years!! We know there are some wonderful hearts living here in Vegas and we really look forward to hearing from you!  show less