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Male Adult Coonhound

If you have any questions about Denver, please contact Partnership for Animal Welfare at

Partnership for Animal Welfare

About Denver

Adoption Fee: $350.00

Denver is a 5 year old, 75lb Coonhound mix. He is a very handsome boy and gets lots of compliments when on walks about his look and his behavior on a leash.  He loves walks, hikes and even trail rides on bike with his person (using the gentle leader leash). He loves the sun and would do nothing all day if the sun didn’t move around. He is crate trained and will “go to his room” easily. He is potty trained and will stay in his crate from bedtime until morning!   On walks he will stop to say hi, but would rather keep walking and sniffing. He does fine in a dog park, but mostly stiffs the whole place instead of playing. He is good with older kids, not good with cats and not sure about other animals including a live-in dog. Visiting dogs are fine. Denver knows sit, stay, come, place, bang, roll over, off, walk, car ride, room, leave it is not perfect (but the picture with a poop toy on his head is a good example of him leaving it). It's fun to teach him new tricks and he really enjoys learning. He is not allowed on furniture because he gets very protective of spaces. He is food motivated which helps with training. Denver would love to exerience the best match possible, most likely a home with adults only that are willing to maintain clear boundaries.



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Partnership for Animal Welfare

P.O. Box 1074 Greenbelt MD 20768

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Pit Bull Terrier

****COURTESY POST*******Please Note: Brinx can be adopted through Best DAWG Rescue. I want love…NOW (please)! Hey, everybody. I have bee... show more

****COURTESY POST*******Please Note: Brinx can be adopted through Best DAWG Rescue. I want love…NOW (please)! Hey, everybody. I have been called a teddy bear, a love bug, a piglet…and more! My mommy had me with her for over three years, and then one day she handed my leash to a nice lady, and she disappeared. I cried, I waited, I looked around every day, but she was gone. I am so sad that I still cry out loud for her. People always come running and try to make me happy, but they don’t know what could help. Can I tell you? I want someone who treats me just like she did. You know, like a puppy. I want love and cuddles and fun and stuff to do. In the meantime, I get so attached to anyone in my life that I sob if they aren’t around. I’m a mess. If you think you could make me the star of your life, I promise I will be a good boy. Ok, well, I might growl at a dog or two at times (they ALWAYS start it), and sometimes I pretend that I can’t hear you. I would really like a fenced yard if you live in a house. I am ok without a crate now that I’m a big boy (except I’m told I’m a little guy and a “runt” — very confusing!). I don’t care about other dogs and don’t like to share! I just want YOU. Do you think you could want ME? If you have the time to give to Brinx, please send us an email via! Better, please apply online through our website, Note that we do not accept electric fences and place dogs only in the DC metro area. If you wish to meet Brinx, we will require an application. Meetings occur from time to time, outside, at a generally convenient location. They are not arranged every week, but we try to accommodate as quickly as possible. show less