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Khloe mom to pups

Female Adult Shepherds (All Types) (mixed)

If you have any questions about Khloe mom to pups , please contact Charlie's Crusaders Pet Rescue, LLC at

Charlie's Crusaders Pet Rescue, LLC

About Khloe mom to pups

Adoption Fee: $450.00

Meet Khloe! Kloe is around 2 years old and a shepherd mix! Kloe current foster says this about her:  Despite Khloe being found in a hole with her puppies, and them now being adopted she has excelled at learning to be loved and to love again. She has learned to play with other dogs her size and has a submissive personality. She has shown zero signs of aggression but does show fear of leashes. We are keeping it on her periodically to show there is nothing scary about it. She loves people and nudges your arm to pet her. She has excelled with potty training again and is going outside with pretty minimal accidents in the home. She doesn't mind her crate at all either. She has been around kids and does great. She does seem to show fear of loud noises and very sudden movements- but again no signs of aggression. It just makes her unsure of what is going on. A confident but not over dominant dog would help her become a dog again. She watches and learns from my dogs. And has been emulating their actions. She is very playful one on one. She has come so far but still needs someone to be patient.With her as she is still learning to trust and still learning to show love. You can see it in her that she is ready to love, play, and become a family member. She trusts people now which is night and day from when I got her. She has healed up nicely from getting spayed and took her medication with no treats. Plopped it in her food and she ate every bit. Khloe is ready to find a home with patience, a dog would be lovely for her, and even a kiddo to show her the ropes at living life. Please apply today at PLEASE NOTE: You must your own home, have a 6 foot fence and have breed experience. 



Khloe mom to pups
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Charlie's Crusaders Pet Rescue, LLC

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Labrador Retriever

Meet Dior! Dior is a pit lab mix, she’s almost 2 years old. She is a rescue bait dog that was put in a shelter due to be euthanized. She... show more

Meet Dior! Dior is a pit lab mix, she’s almost 2 years old. She is a rescue bait dog that was put in a shelter due to be euthanized. She is so ready to find a forever home! She is so energetic and loves being outside! She has been through a lot, she needs someone who is patient and gentle, give her confidence and consistency. She loves cuddling on the couch. She absolutely adores car rides and hikes. she plays well with multiple toys and loves the color orange. She loves getting little training treats and is grasping commands such as (sit, wait/hold, lay down, and gentle). Dior would thrive in a home with NO other pets! Her current foster has smaller animals such as gerbils and reptiles, she has no issue with them in her space. But cats get her too overstimulated. If introduced properly and given the time she could live with one other dog her size, but that dog would also have to be submissive. Dior is potty trained as well as crate trained. She is a resource guard, but responds well to “WE’ER DONE” (with her attitude)! She is so sweet, she loves belly rubs. She loves kids. Loves walking in creeks, but does not like the hose. This princess can not wait find her family!   Can you be my hero? Apply today to adopt this sweet girl at  PLEASE Note must own your home, have a fenced yard and have pit experience. show less