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Male Adult Dogo Argentino

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DC Dogos, Inc

About Cinna

Adoption Fee: $350

Meet Cinna! He is currently living in Florida and has proven to be a wonderful young male dogo!  Cinna is a quick learner and very eager to please, even though sometimes he has typical dogo stubborness at times. We think Cinna is about 3 years old butand that he is absolutely STUNNING!  He is 105lbs of love and affection to his people. Cinna is very textbook dogo when it comes to his level of love, loyalty, affection, and confidence.  He will make a great addition to a family that will take him on car rides, adventures, and walks.

We know that he is friendly with other female dogs but haven't had the chance to test with males just yet, but we would prefer a no male dog home for Cinna considering his confidence and size. He enjoys taking a dip in the pond and loves to run around and play chase with other female dogs.  He is a flirt with the girls!  Regading kids and cats, we don't have a way to test so we prefer a home with grown ups and children over the age of 10.

Cinna is textbook dogo when it comes to attitude and demeanor so we recommend him going to an experienced dog home, preferrable one who has dogo or similar experience to keep him on the right track. Dogos need boundaries and do very well with a structured family. He has been an outside dog so he is not house broken but was well behaved at the home he went to and will learn fast based on how well he responds to do the right thing. He is very well behaved and a total pleasure to be around! Whomever gets to adopt him will be very lucky.

Dogos are a wonderful breed but we urge anyone interested to dig in and do a lot of research before deciding if they are a good fit for your home. They require a lot of attention and training with them never ends!  Boundaries must be enforced and they often need reminders as they push past boundaires you set! Dogos are loving, kind and gentle but don't mistake that for weakness because they are equally powerful and intense as well! Everyone in the home must be on board with having a dogo and play a major role in their daily routines and training. Yes it is work, but the rewards are ten-fold! Lazy homes don't work for dogos as they need stimulation, exercise, and lots of attention too during their younger years.  Our goal in rescue is to be as transparent as we can about each and every dog plus make sure new families really understand the needs of a dogo!




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Dogo Argentino

Hiiiii! My name is Chaplin aka Chappy! I am a 2 year old Dogo Argentino that is looking to find my forever home! I’m a big goofball and... show more

Hiiiii! My name is Chaplin aka Chappy! I am a 2 year old Dogo Argentino that is looking to find my forever home! I’m a big goofball and still working on my manners. It would be best for my new family to continue training with a professional as I’m really silly and kind of a clown. I recently completed my heart worm treatment and now slowly I am getting exposed to more things. I seem to be interested in cats but a proper introduction may be best. I am around other dogs but seem to do better with lady dogs. I’m working on my introductions with people as I’m kind of judgey.. some people I just love right away others I need to be around you for a little bit. I’m not aggressive just vocalize my opinion. I seem to warm up to woman quickly but some men I want to get to know more over a little bit of time. I am an awesome eater and do not turn down my food or snacks. I am a giant love bug and looking for someone who likes to be active but also spends time as a homebody. If you’re not looking to adopt, please share me so my new family can find me! My perfect home would have a big fenced in yard for me to play in, and no kids under 10 years old - I'm just too clumsy and I wouldn't want to knock anyone down! My profile may still say I am not neutered but that will change. I had to get through heartworm treatment first and will be snip snipped before my adoption! show less