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BENJIE (Middle East)

Female Young Shepherds (All Types) (mixed)

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About BENJIE (Middle East)

Adoption Fee: $700

Due to current travel restrictions there may be a long delay before I can get to you. Please only apply for me if you are willing to wait.

BENJIE (Brigitte)
Breed: Aidi mix (Atlas Shepard dog)
Gender: fe, spayed
Age: 4 years old
Wgt/Hgt: 44 lbs/almost 25-1/2 inches
Relations: Good other dogs/good with kids (per policy)/ unknown cats
Activity Level: Moderate to moderate-high
Highlights: Loves people, food motivated (great for training), calm temperament
Region: Middle East

Sometimes bad things happen that lead to wonderful opportunities... that is my story. I was involved in a serious car accident here in the Middle East and the people who found me thought it best to put me down, as my treatment would be too costly, but lucky for me there were others willing to step in and help with the surgery costs.

But my story does not end there. It was not long before they came to learn I also had parvovirus. Things did not look good for me, but I am a survivor and after months of care I was finally strong enough to undergo the extensive surgery I needed.

The surgeon had very little hope I would walk again, but again I amazed them! With physiotherapy and lots of love, I was able to regain the use of my legs quite well, if I may say so myself. You may note a touch of a drag in my back leg a bit, but it certainly doesn't effect me or slow me down. Check out my videos. Then I was running too

When I was living on the street food was scarce, so now I will eat and eat and eat ... I am very food motivated. Bet you could use that to your advantage to teach me lots of tricks. 

Next to food my favourite thing is tummy rubs and will drop whatever I am doing to get one of those! I am a people pleaser and love all of you two legged creatures... especially the youngsters - I very much enjoy playing with children. Other dogs used to scare me a bit, but now I am fine with them, big or small.

No one is 100% sure how I will react to cats, as there are none here at my new foster, but one of the rescue volunteers remembers me during my time on the street and never once witnessed any aggression by me towards the cats that approached my food. I have encountered cats on my walks with my foster and I do pull, but it is thought it is out of curiousity, not aggression.

The lock down was hard on everyone. But at my foster, I blossomed into a healthy happy dog with a calm temperament full of love for everyone. My foster thinks I am just the sweetest dog around. 

I started having infection & pain issues. It was determined defective metal was used during my surgery. I had another surgery and the vets removed the bad metals and replaced them with the proper titanium ones. I am now in little to no pain.

Due to several surgeries though, my skin is not healing well (not closing properly.) The vet team is going to be doing laser treatment to help. Once the scar situation is resolved there is nothing more needed for my medical condition.

I am gaining weight now and becoming more playful day by day. Not quite ready to travel yet though, but soon hopefully. I just had my first physiotherapy for my back leg to gain additional strength. Stay tuned for further updates. 

Check out the new video above (top one) of me playing and this one too If it weren't for the slick tiles (I'm still building strength), I'd be giving those other guys a run for their money.

Now it is time for a new chapter, the one that has lead me here... one I hope, involves a forever home in Canada with you ! 

I have been spayed/neutered, *vaccinated & micro-chipped.
My adoption fee is $700.00 CAD + applicable taxes. This includes my transportation to Canada.

Disclaimer: It is important for all applicants to visit our website, and read about Loved at Last Dog Rescue.

Information included in the profile is provided to us from the international rescuer or local fosters. LALDR does not have access to overseas dogs and cannot always verify the accuracy of their descriptions. Every dog is an individual and can act differently in different situations based on the person adopting them and the environment in which they live.

The age and breed of a dog is usually an educated guess, so we are not able to guarantee the accuracy of age or breed of our dogs.

Normally, we will not approve adoptions to homes with children under 12 years of age. More information can be found on our website.

*Vaccinations: Dogs from the Middle East are vaccinated for rabies, parvo, distemper, leptospirosis, adenovirus type 1 and para-influenza. Bordatella is not given, as that has not been a problem in the Middle East.



BENJIE (Middle East)
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