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Female Adult Pit Bull Terrier (mixed)

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Marleigh's Friends

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About Serenity

Adoption Fee: $200.00

Serenity is such a sweet soul.  She has had a rough majority of her life, but so badly wants to love.

She lived two to two and a half, plus years in a crate in the back room of a grooming facility after an unknown rescue dropped her off to be boarded a few days and never returned.  She was extremely overweight due to lack of exercise.  She came out of her crate only when her crate and bedding were cleaned or someone would come to try and help her.  On top of all of this, Serenity had heartworms.

We were able to get her out of that place and moved to a rescue boarding facility where she has been able to see the outside world and socialize with not only humans but other dogs as well.  She was taken into our rescue in June of 2019.  A year later, she is still there, still without a family of her own BUT her heartworms have been successfully treated and she is now HEARTWORM FREE.

Serenity loves kisses, loves car rides and loves people, including children.  She would do best with older children though because she does not always realize her own size.  Serenity does not do well with cats, and would do best with a chill dog friend to hang with (she doesn't like to play) or as an only dog.

She is missing an ear and her body is covered in scars, but she is so beautiful and full of love!!



6 years, 3 months
Primary Color
Pet's Special Needs
Heartworm Positive
Shots up to date
Ok with kids
Ok with dogs
Ok with cats

Marleigh's Friends

Dallas TX 75214

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American Bulldog

Hello!  My name is Maggie Mae!  I am the happiest American Bulldog girl looking for my furever home.  My foster mom says I am the very b... show more

Hello!  My name is Maggie Mae!  I am the happiest American Bulldog girl looking for my furever home.  My foster mom says I am the very best girl and bring so much joy to the home.  My house manners are perfect!  I am housebroken, leash trained, crate trained, and never snoop or get into things I shouldn't.  I don't even need to be crated while you are away!  I wait calmly for your return and will greet you at the door with a wiggly butt and a smile.  I easily adapt to my hooman's energy level as well.  We can be as active and playful as you like, or we can do the couch potato thing.  Be it silly time or quiet time, I will always follow your lead.  Such a great girl, if I do say so myself. Did I mention that I talk?  I can, ya know!  And did I mention I am Queen Snugglebug?  I am an expert cuddler and will lay my head on your lap and gaze into your eyes with the utmost adoration.  A very soulful girl, I am.  Oh yes, and I'm perfectly trained as well!  I can sit, stay, paw, other paw, lay down, wait, speak, heel, hug, kiss, drop it (my toy) and much more.  I can catch treats mid-air or take them from your fingers, ever so delicately.  At my num-num time, you can tell me to sit and wait and even if you leave the room, I will not touch my food until you tell me to "eat".  And if you put your hands in my bowl while I am chowing down, I am ever so happy to share with you.  I will also "go lay down on my mat and stay" while YOU are num-numming or while you have the front door open!  I won't budge!  Promise!  I live to please you, love to make you laugh, and brighten every room I enter.  My foster mom is convinced I'm not even a real dog.  She says I am half cupcake/half human with the most delightful dash of clown... all wrapped up in a beautiful pink and white bully suit.  With black freckles!  And the most adorable nubby tail!  The entire package, she says. I am spayed, heartworm negative, and a super happy and healthy girl.  I have never met a stranger and love all people, great and small.  I ADORE children and would do exceptionally well in a home with kids, although my foster mom says I would be an excellent addition to any family or individual.  I will steal all the hearts I can!  I'm a gentle giant, tipping the scales at 94 pounds of solid love.  They also tell me I am 9 years old, however nobody ever sent ME that memo.  I bumble around my foster home with the stealth of a Spring puppy!  I have always been the only furkid in the home, so I would thrive best in a home where I can have my hooman(s) all to myself.  I have oodles and oodles of love, adoration, respect, and loyalty to shower you with!  Might I be the next queen of your heart?  I am oh so excited to meet you!   show less