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Female Senior Calico

If you have any questions about Frances, please contact New Hope Rescue Ranch at

New Hope Rescue Ranch

About Frances

Adoption Fee: $75

Frances lost her home when her family moved. Previously lived with 2 adults and an 11-year-old child. Per owner at time of surrender to NYC ACC: "Frances occasionally zooms around the house, but other than that, is mellow and lays around. Frances likes to play with strings and things that dangle and loves water and will beckon owners to turn on bath faucet. She will then wet herself and play with water. She will hide if someone is bothering her and tends to run away when pick up is attempted." While Frances gets along with the other cats at the Ranch, you can tell that she is used to being the only kitty for many years and is merely tolerating them. For this reason, we do not think she would be good with dogs, either.



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New Hope Rescue Ranch

Central Islip NY 11722

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Domestic Longhair

Anastasia came into our care from a trapping project in February. She was about 6 months old at the time and obviously very scared but s... show more

Anastasia came into our care from a trapping project in February. She was about 6 months old at the time and obviously very scared but showed a lot of potential for coming around to be a housecat. She's shy but not hissy and could really benefit from one-on-one interaction. All it takes is a small bedroom or bathroom to stay in for a little while with someone who can come in and give her positive interaction regularly--e.g., slow approach, talking to while feeding and changing water, offering petting, rewarding for being a good girl with special treats, and playing with her until she becomes more comfortable around people. We feel sure with time and love, Anastasia can find a wonderful home instead of being returned to the trapping site. It would absolutely break our heart to do that without at least trying, yet all of our current socializers already have other kittens. For anyone wanting to help that is unable to make the long-term commitment to adopt, fostering is a fun and very helpful way to contribute. Please reach out and let us know if you can foster Anastasia or either of the other kittens who were trapped--Ellis, an all-black male (possibly Anastasia's brother), or Autumn 2, a beautiful tortie who was living in a garbage dump. All are microchipped and fully vetted. show less