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Male Young Dutch Shepherd

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Green Dog Rescue Project

About Roscoe

Adoption Fee: $225

ROSCOE IS PENDING ADOPTION AND NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.   Roscoe is a beautiful 14-month old brindle Dutch Shepherd. He was in training to be a scent detection dog at San Quentin Prison, and in spite of his intelligence and high energy, he wasn't well suited for this program which led them to transfer him to us. He has a hard time transitioning to new environments and is prone to feeling anxious, especially when left alone. Roscoe will need plenty of patience from his adopter to help him acclimate, and teach him to self-soothe. While his breed immediately makes us think he needs a job to do, or a purpose, he is one-of-a-kind in that he rather more needs unconditional love, patience, and flexibility from his human.



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Green Dog Rescue Project

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Terriers (Small)

Let me introduce myself, my name is Bear.   I weigh in at about 20lbs, not too big, not too small... and I'm about 7 years old.    The f... show more

Let me introduce myself, my name is Bear.   I weigh in at about 20lbs, not too big, not too small... and I'm about 7 years old.    The folks here at Green Dog Rescue Project took me out of the local shelter in June of 2015, and I eventually found a great home with a wonderful older gentleman.  I lived happily with my guy for the past 4.5 years, then my world turned upside down again.   My guy became ill... and eventually he passed away.  It was hard losing him, and I felt so lost and uncertain as to my future.   His adult children arrived at the home, everyone was so upset.  They didn't seem to understand what my routine and schedule was, and I didn't understand why they were packing up all of the things that belonged to my guy.  Things that made me feel comfortable and safe.   Eventually, the people looked at me and asked "What are we going to do with you?"  Apparently no one was willing or able to take me in, and because I was feeling more and more nervous and uncertain, I began to act out.   I understood they were as upset about losing their dad as I was, but I don't think they understood that "I" was upset and confused too.  Well, it didn't take long for things to go south... I felt their distress and confusion, and at some point I lost my patience and snapped at one of the ladies trying to grab me.   She just moved a little too fast and scared me, I know it was wrong, but I didn't know what else to do.   I just reacted.    I didn't really hurt her, I was just trying to warn her to slow down and take some time to let me adjust to all these changes.   Well, that was the day they returned me to Green Dog Rescue Project.   The folks here have given me some time to adjust back into a life I'm familiar with.   And I'm ready now to find another home to share with a human.   I like other dogs, prefer older men, am not overly anxious to meet new people, and find that I like a simple routine in my life.   Perhaps a retired man like the one I had before, with a quiet household and daily walks would be best suited for me.   I'm not very comfortable with a lot of company and excitement going on in my home, so an easygoing lifestyle would be most appealing to me.   Once we get to know each other, I absolutely LOVE to be with you... your little shadow.   Initially, I'm a pain in the behind (just being honest here)... and I don't interview very well... but that is mostly because I'm a bit of an introvert and don't know if I should trust people.  If you can give me a few minutes to explore who YOU are before you reach out to grab or pet me, then after that I can be very affectionate, loyal, and a cuddler once I settle in and understand the routine.   We just need a little time to get to know one another.   If you would like to get to know me, perhaps you could come by for a visit, maybe take me out for a couple of walks, and then take me home for a week long trial....   I'd love to get to know you better too. show less

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Scott (Findus)

Australian Cattle Dog

I NEED A RANCH AND A STRONG LEADER THAT UNDERSTANDS HERDING AND PROTECTION BREEDS.     Scott was adopted from Green Dog as a puppy and r... show more

I NEED A RANCH AND A STRONG LEADER THAT UNDERSTANDS HERDING AND PROTECTION BREEDS.     Scott was adopted from Green Dog as a puppy and renamed Findus.  Unfortunately, the family found they couldn't care for him and they had to return him to Green Dog.  We know him as Scott, but he probably only knows Findus as his name!  The family did his DNA and found that he is (approximately) 25% Australian Cattle Dog, 25% German Shepherd, 25% Siberian Husky and 25% Staffordshire Terrier!  What a mix and a very high energy mix at that!!  Findus has had basic obedience training and did quite well, but that doesn't mean he's without his quirks.  He's big and strong and he pulls on a leash so either a Halti or a Gentle Leader type harness is needed for walking.  He plays hard and rough so if there are other dogs in the house, they need to be able to play at that level.  He thinks cats are play toys so he's better in a home without cats.  He is still learning to be socialized around people and other dogs though and sometimes he chooses to growl when he's walking on a leash or when someone walks past his crate. These are things that can be corrected with time and training.  He is pushy and rude with children so we will not place him in a home where there are children under the age of 12. show less