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Male Adult Pit Bull Terrier (mixed)

If you have any questions about Theo, please contact The Furry Farm Rescue at

The Furry Farm Rescue

About Theo

Adoption Fee: $200


Neutered Male Pit Mix, Est Birth: 11/4/18

UTD Vaccinations including Rabies, DAPPV, and Bordetella, Microchipped, and Dewormed

Good with Kids, Dogs his size. No small dogs/cats please.

Adoption Fee $200

Sometimes bad things happen to good dogs.  That should be our motto, my brothers and I.  You see, we were the Chipmunk litter, named after those famous guys who sing the Christmas carols? There were 4 of us, plucked from a horrible situation by a wonderful lady who wanted to give us a chance.  We were really hungry and filthy when we came in to The Furry Farm Rescue, but they got us healthy real quick, and we settled in to our foster homes like champs. 

It’s a year later now, and I’m not that adorable puppy anymore.  My brothers have all found these amazing homes, but I’m still here.  My name is Theo, and this is my new story:


What can I tell you about me? Foster mom says I am a stunning boy with intense, beautiful hazel eyes that are like nothing you have ever seen.  When I look up at her she swoons, I mean really mom? I’m just a dog, geeze!  I love my toys, especially chew toys like Kong’s and antlers.  I love to play fetch, and I LOVE the car!! Road trips are a favorite of mine.  I’m working on my manners, and can walk ok on a leash, but would benefit from a basic obedience class.  I seem to do ok with most dogs, but I’m a pushy player and sometimes that can be a little more than some dogs can handle.  I love to curl up on the couch and watch TV.  You heard me, I watch the TV.  I get very excited when I see animals on there.  I run behind the TV sometimes to try to find them.  This really makes mom crack up.  Her favorite part about me though is my capacity to snuggle.  Yeah sure, I like to get my play on and run around, but I also really love to curl up on the couch with my toy, put my head on her lap, and just snuggle.  She is going to really miss me, but wants me to find my perfect forever, with a family who loves me.  If you think you have what it takes, and are looking for that special boy, go ahead and fill out an application  I may have had a rough start, but my future is looking bright, and I would love to find that special someone to share it with.




2 years, 0 months
4lbs 8oz
Primary Color
Pet Has Special Needs
Shots up to date
Ok with kids
Ok with dogs
Ok with cats

The Furry Farm Rescue

PO Box 394 Rathdrum ID 83858

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Ringo, 4mo Male Mutt Mix He will be neutered, 3 rounds of DAPPV, Rabies, Bordetella, Preventatives and more before he goes home Ringo do... show more

Ringo, 4mo Male Mutt Mix He will be neutered, 3 rounds of DAPPV, Rabies, Bordetella, Preventatives and more before he goes home Ringo does great playing with dogs, he is unsure and curious of kitties, and would do just great with kids - if parents are monitoring. (He still has those razor puppy teeth.) Ringo will be accepting applications starting 11/27 thru 12/4.  Please read through the requirements of adopting a furry farm puppy before at the end of this post before applying.  Adoption fee is $275 Ringo came to us 35 days ago, because he was bright as a Glow Worm with that lovely fungus among us, Ringworm.  While our amazing friends at SCRAPS have this awesome triage care unit for all the Ringworm Felines, placing a small puppy in that environment  was just not in his best interest. They were looking for an extra set of savvy hands, and we said why not.  Ringworm is a frightening word to many, but in all reality it just isn't so scary - just a little smelly, a little uncomfortable, but can be quite contagious.  We had just the space for this little bean to fight off the nasty glowing ghouls through Halloween and on into November.  We started socializing him with other doggos, and he does just awesome in a large pack environment - although a little vocal.  He does have a great set of pipes, making Ringo quite the Star!   Yes, he has missing patches of fur from the ringworm. Yes, those hairs will grow back here soon, and no one will ever be the wiser he fought so hard as a pup. He is fully crate trained, potty trained, and learning leash manners, and has some great basic obedience for a young lad.  He will need to continue to work on going out into the world, building confidence, and getting his Gold Stars in Training Class.  He sleeps amazing through the night.  He eats beautifully, with 3 sometimes 4 meals a day. When he came to us on Oct 24 he weighted 14lbs,  today Nov 27 he weighs 26lbs  -  Guessing he will stay under 50lbs...   If you and your family would like to be considered as Ringo's life guardians, please complete the FFR Puppy Application here: Here is more information on our process: Our adoptions are not first come first served, but a match of the needs of the animal with the best potential adopter.  You can expect to hear from us about 10-14 days after submitting your application, or the deadline posted.  With selection of your application, first we conduct interviews, then we check references and speak to your veterinarian. During that process we will also schedule a time for you to meet and get to know your new furry friend, and do a simple home check. If you have other animals, we will want to do some intros at that time. We then ask you to take a few days to think about it and let us know, then we schedule a second Meeting before finalizing the adoption. All adopters sign a contract with the Furry Farm Rescue.  All of our adoptions come with a 2 week trial period. This allows you and your new furry friend some time to bond and decide if this is a forever family.   FFR Puppy Adopters sign up for the following: Socializing your puppy – taking them everywhere and introducing them to sights, sounds, odd objects and more Completing a Puppy Kindergarten Class by 6 mo – we need them interacting with other pups safely, and getting a solid foundation Complete Basic Obedience by 1yr  - We ask you attend class through one of our approved trainers, or ask us to approve the team you have in mind. We are super excited you are pursuing adoption! We typically receive 50 to 100 applications for puppies, so please note that if your application is not selected, it's not personal it's sheer numbers. show less