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Female Adult German Shepherd Dog

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About Molly

Adoption Fee: $200

Hi, my name is Molly!  I have so much fun hanging out with all the ambassadogs and shepherd lovers at our Adoption Events. I'm still looking for my forevers, could that be you?  At our Homes for Dogs Project event hosted by Coldwell Banker, I  had the best time with kids who showered me with love and treats. And I also got lots of love at the National Adoption Weekend hosted by PetSmart Charities on Nov. 9th. 

My friend Theo has sponsored my adoption fee...from one senior, special needs shepherd mix to another to help make the dream of a forever home come true for me. It makes my heart so happy to be loved so much for Theo to have his mom make it happen. 

I was found as a stray and was brought into rescue after a Facebook campaign drew attention to me and found me a foster home - I am lucky to have been rescued and nursed back to health!  I got to attend Petsmart's National Adoption Weekend event in May - it was so much fun getting to meet everyone and sharing my story! I loved getting lots of pets and making new friends.

So...a little about me - I'm petite, pretty and white!  I've gained about 10 lbs since coming into rescue in October of 2018 and am finally at the perfect weight of about 65 lbs. I am about 10 years old, but don't let that fool you because I'm still full of energy!  I'm a really lovable girl who leans in for pets and snuggles whenever I can!

I am fully recovered from a really bad perianal fistula, which was a very painful infection in my back end.  It’s been over 13 months now and everything is looking good, but I still get nightly applications on my back end of a topical ointment called Tacrolimus just to keep things under control and prevent a flare-up.  I'd really love to find a quiet or moderate energy home with someone who's looking for a mature companion and who will be willing to continue my nightly Tacrolimus treatment, which my foster mom says is not a big deal at all.  And she thinks I'm worth it!  :-)

I'm a really happy girl who loves people, belly rubs, and my foster brothers and sister.  And sleeping!  I also really love, love, love going on walks, and I think I would also make a good jogging companion (for short distances) because I hardly ever stop to sniff or relieve myself along the way - I just like to go!  Check out the video of one of my morning walks with my foster brothers and sister at  You'll be able to see how much my bum has improved from those days with my current park video. I'm really easy going - I sleep through the night and when I wake up, I'm ready for breakfast and then a good walk or run.  At home, I enjoy lots of attention and love and will often nudge your hand or leg to ask for more.  And don't forget my belly rubs!  I'm a really good girl who doesn't have to be crated during the day, so I enjoy snoozing on my favorite bed while my foster mom and dad are at work.  I haven't been formally tested with cats yet, and though I have expressed interested in squirrels and other small critters, my foster mom thinks I might be able to live with a dog-savvy cat.

I would do best with someone who knows a little about my breed or is at least strong enough to handle me when I'm pulling hard on the leash during walks (I just get soooo excited!)  My foster mom and dad tell me I can't be any cuter, and I hope after reading this and looking at my pictures, you think I could be the perfect fit for you and your family!



11 years, 3 months
Primary Color
Shots up to date
Ok with kids
Ok with dogs
Ok with cats
Not Sure
Prefers to be without cats and small critters
Crate Trained
Dog Description Levels
Level 3 - Standard Adult Dog. Moderate energy adult dog, needs daily exercise to thrive and stay happy. Adopters must have prior, recent large breed experience as these dogs may have minor behavioral issues or need training.
Special or Medical Needs
Prefers Larger Dogs


PO Box 981332 West Sacramento CA 95798-1332

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German Shepherd Dog

Evie has an uplifting story of healing, one that makes us proud of our advocacy on behalf of shepherds needing a helping hand for a bett... show more

Evie has an uplifting story of healing, one that makes us proud of our advocacy on behalf of shepherds needing a helping hand for a better life.  Evie was hit by a car resulting in internal injuries and a luxated hip requiring a femoral head osteotomy ("FHO") surgery once stable. She was emaciated, shut down from her time on the streets. After stabilized at the ER, the vets received the request to euthanize. They took responsibility and ownership of Evie to effectuate a transfer to us as they believed she would survive her injuries with extended care.  Evie's first few weeks with us was spent with bandage changes, lots of meds, hand feeding to encourage her to eat with lots of variations of home-cooked meals, kibble, additives, so she had enough energy to heal. Evie was a quiet girl; she didn't bark or whimper. With her bandage changes every two days, Evie was a stoic patient. She laid down each time without protest or movement as her bandages were removed, her wounds cleaned, treated, and re-bandaged. A shy cautious girl, Evie was cooperative and loving with her foster mom, asking for pets, leaning in. As she healed, her antibiotics, NSAIDs, and anti-nausea meds were discontinued, leaving her only pain meds.  Then she started feeling better; we suspect her bruising and soft tissue trauma resolved. When her foster family encouraged her to join them regularly, she got overwhelmed easily and retreated to her crate/pen. And then she began to spend more time out and about withdrawing less and less.  Evie is now completely integrated into her foster family's daily life, including their resident shepherds and cat. She is less anxious in the car, finally moving past the inevitable throwing up stage and showing a desire to ride shotgun. She has taken many short and long rides to get used to the motion. Evie loves to be outside watching the squirrels, running parallel with the resident dogs while they chase their balls.  She feels confident about her ability to get around on three limbs, using her leg in need of an FHO for light support when standing. It's lovely to see a sweet dog interested in life emerge after alll these weeks. She loves to follow her foster family around the house, nuzzling her foster dad at night while he sleeps. Her tail has a propeller wag. Her coat has a lovely shine and is super soft after bathing. She wasn't so sure about her bath initially but loved the massage it gave her. We think Evie is about 4 years old, possibly younger. She is indifferent to the resident cat, loves snuggles with her foster mom on the couch, and has even spent a couple nights away in a second foster home while her foster family was out of town.  She weighs in at 77 pounds on a large frame and needs around 10-15 pounds weight gain to fill her frame. We have finally figured out that frequent feedings are helping Evie recognize the need to eat.  Having treated hw positive dogs, we are happy that her hw test is negative. Evie is trusted to sleep free and stay at home uncrated when her family runs errands.  Evie's femoral head osteotomy surgery at UCDVTH was successful, she was an excellent patient. Evie will be resting for about a week with passive range of motion exercises by her care team to support her treated leg.  After which she will be encouraged to be active with long walks, running, jumping and play with dog mates to use her leg as much as possible to build scar tissue which will act as a pseudo joint.  We are so grateful to the ER vets who saved her life as shelter resources are limited for dogs with her injuries at intake. And to her surgical vet team to complete her medical needs.  Evie will not be available for adoption until post-surgery and a reasonable recovery period but is available to meet approved adopters matched to her personality and needs. We'd love for you to follow her story and share her progress to find her the best home ultimately.  show less

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German Shepherd Dog

Koda had been bounced around a bit in his short life. Relinquished at 7 months, adopted, and passed on through Nextdoor; he had been in... show more

Koda had been bounced around a bit in his short life. Relinquished at 7 months, adopted, and passed on through Nextdoor; he had been in 4 homes by the time he was 10 months. The inconsistencies in his life had led him to make independent decisions as smart shepherds are prone to do. He ended up with a fantastic advocate he met through his doggie daycare, who acted as a matchmaker between his last family and us.  Koda's been getting love, consistent structure, and guidance in his shepherd experienced foster home. He'd been looking for direction on how to be his best self; his foster family has set him in the right path. Although Kado had lived with kids and loved them in his last home, we prefer to place him into a home without kids. He had developed protective instincts around his favorite folks without appropriate re-direction before coming to us.  Dog friendly, Kado had regularly attended doggie daycare and is living with dogs in his foster home. He plays happily with friendly dogs outside of his foster home, slightly intimidated by pushy dogs.  Kado is super sweet, smart, happy to meet new people. He's been out and about with his people enjoying life thoroughly.  Kado attaches to his person readily, wanting to please and generous with his cuddles and kisses. Integrated into his foster household, Koda has learned to rely on more than one person for direction and love. He loves toys, bully sticks, and treats.  Car rides are fun adventures for him, settling in the back seat with his head on the middle console. Weighing in around 55 lbs, he's got a little of another breed to add to his handsome look, maybe a heeler. We love the white tip at the end of his tail.  Since he's way too interested in chickens and rabbits, we'd say no small critters in Kado's furever home also.  Given his prior history, we will require adopters interested in Kado to have experience raising adolescent shepherds and a firm commitment to on-going training to work this boy's mind and continue moving forward as a delightful adult.  show less

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German Shepherd Dog

My name is Lincoln, such a distinguished name if you don't mind my saying so. I think the family who is caring for me has great expectat... show more

My name is Lincoln, such a distinguished name if you don't mind my saying so. I think the family who is caring for me has great expectations for me. They say that I'm super sweet, friendly with everyone, and so willing to learn new things. I have a shepherd buddy putting me at ease with learning about stairs to the upper floor, baths, rides in the car, and so much more.  I'm like a sponge learning to walk nicely on a leash, household manners, and crating, so I always have my own space to stay safe and keep out of trouble. They say that I've to earn the privilege to be loose when my people aren't home. Can you imagine all the things I could get into unsupervised? I'm about 1.5 years old, and they think I lived outside until now. While they are home, I am trusted to have full run of the house. I've checked off potty trained as long as not on leash, I hold for my yard. At first, I was interested in ways to leave for excursions on my own, probably how I ended up at the shelter. But they have great treats teaching me fun things like sit and down, giving me loads of attention, plus a loving teenager here soo I've settled to enjoy it all.  I sleep between 6-8 hours in my crate at night near my sleeping people as that settles me down quickly. On the long ride from the shelter, I conquered the epic crate battle, bending the crate to my will. Lincoln 1: Crate 0. Everything was so new and scary.  Weighing in at 74 lbs, I am a good-sized boy. I will be ready to head to a forever home after my neuter at the end of January. I'll share more about me as new things come up. My forever home should have experience with shepherds or other working breed dogs and be committed to ongoing training. I have lots to learn, and am loving all the guidance my foster family is providing.  show less

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German Shepherd Dog

Meet Lucy! She arrived at the shelter expecting and gave birth to two puppies. Fosters & Paws focusing on mama dogs and their puppie... show more

Meet Lucy! She arrived at the shelter expecting and gave birth to two puppies. Fosters & Paws focusing on mama dogs and their puppies brought the family into safety. Pups are weaned, committed to forever families while Lucy is working on getting her figure back, ready for a forever family with shepherd experience.  Lucy is delightful, but she needs structure and training to be her best self like all shepherds. She is super people friendly, wiggles her butt with her tail wagging non-stop, especially if you have a toy or treats for her. A busy girl, Lucy is ready to stretch her legs and get some much-needed exercise after lovingly caring for her babies and healing from her spay.  Aged at 5 years, she is beautiful with her puppy bearing years behind her. Lucy will need some leash work, encouragement not to jump when excited. She is crate and potty trained. Showing way too much interest in fuzzy little things, no cats, small dogs, or critters for this strong girl in her forever home.  Currently, she prefers to keep dogs at about a 2 -3 feet distance, which could be hormonal as her body is adjusting post-pregnancy. She is re-directed easily on a leash. At this time, it is unknown if she would be open to living with another dog. If interested in Lucy, she is available through Fosters & Paws  ( for meetings with approved adopters with the recommendation to be a solo shepherd in her furever home. This is a courtesy post for our friends at Fosters & Paws following our evaluation of Lucy.  show less

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German Shepherd Dog

Maya is a beautiful Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix who was found in the streets of Salinas. Saved off the streets where she was observed... show more

Maya is a beautiful Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix who was found in the streets of Salinas. Saved off the streets where she was observed to have no understanding of the consequences of running in traffic, Maya completed her hold at the shelter after the good Samaritans were unsuccessful in finding her owners.  Maya appears to have lived her previous life in a homeless situation and took a few days to adjust to being inside in her first shared foster homes while we waited for her spay and recovery. Maya was fortunate to have two family friends care for her. In one household, she lived with two resident shepherds and in the other with an American Pit Bull and another pit mix smoothly transitioning between households to accommodate schedules. Maya is currently sharing her foster home with a dog-savvy cat and three shepherds. Maya is a dominant female willing to test boundaries to establish her preferred spot in the dog pack. Since she is very people affiliative, she would be delighted to live as an only or with an easygoing, confident male dog. Comfortable in the car for adventures, Maya is also potty and crate trained. She had reliable recall off-leash with her prior fosters; she hasn't been off-leash outside of her current foster home. Maya has excellent household manners, sleeps in her crate quietly at night. She likes to stick by her people with excellent eye contact for guidance. Bonded with the male resident shepherd her age, they spend hours playing with similar play styles.  Maya's super playful and in each of her foster homes gravitates to a favorite playmate. She is agile, swift, and a joy to watch.  Although Maya lacks the off top energy and busyness of a Belgian Malinois, she still needs a daily exercise routine appropriate for her age and energy level. She has been getting worn out by her buddy's play needs, slowing down for long nap near her people. Maya will make an excellent running, hiking partner. She is working on heeling, loves to be leashed up for walks. Although she will chase balls and run with them, she hasn't figured out the bringing back part. Maya also loves soft toys, digging in to find the squeakers and then using remnants of the toys for tug of war with her best friend.  When Maya discovers a favorite new toy, she hides them around the house and yard, carefully picking her hiding spot to retrieve later. Sometimes they are out in the open, in a corner, or tucked under furniture. She is learning to navigate things that spook her, such as the sound of the garage door opening and closing, when something falls on the ground like the mop handle. It appears as she may have been mistreated at some point as she will pancake if a stick is thrown for fetch.  So far, she is indifferent to the resident cat who has established order with her.  Her original finder also told us she was good with her kids. Maya has not spent time with the kids in her foster homes.  With a little time, patience, and love, Maya grants her trust. She will nudge hands to continue getting petted, put her head on laps, and sit smooshed next to her people for naps and belly rubs. With that trust, her forever family will be rewarded with a beautiful young, active, and affectionate partner.  Maya is terrified of veterinary care constraints and needs to be desensitized to conquer her fears.  She may need to be medicated to initially reduce her anxiety for vet visits.  Maya is currently fostered in Sacramento and is available to meet approved adopters committed to enhancing their bond with Maya with patience, structure, and training.  show less