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Female Adult American Shorthair

If you have any questions about Leia, please contact Randall's Rescue at

Randall's Rescue

About Leia

Adoption Fee: $150.00

Leia first became a part of our rescue back in 2016, when we trapped her and put her in foster, a young mom with three adorable kittens. As it turns out, she was already pregnant with another litter, and gave birth to four more babies not long after! Leia has always been a bit shy with us humans. Never one to hurt anyone (she's lived with children of all ages) she tends to cower away a bit untill she really gets to know you. And even then, she prefers to be around you, but have her personal space. She's not a fan of loud noises or calamity, but really, who is! And who knows what this poor girl went through before we found her, we can only guess....

Well once her kittens were weaned, the perfect families came along to adopt each and every one. And even shy girl Leia drew the attention of a wonderful family -- the decided that she deserved a great home along with her kitten, Kylo! Leia and Kylo are bonded and love each other very much.

They accepted Leia for who she was, which helped her to thrive -- it seemed meant to be! But, fast forward just under two years, and due to personal medical reasons with a child in the family -- Leia and Kylo's family were forced to surrender their furry family members. And now these two -- beautiful tabby mother and son -- are back in foster and waiting patiently for their true forever family, together.

We believe Leia is around 3 years old, and this girl would love nothing more to curl up in her cat bed with kylo and give him a bath, lounge around on your sofa staring out at the squirrels and birds...and wait, did we mention she likes to eat? You'll know you're this girls favorite when she breaks out of her shell and starts rubbing up against your legs, when you break out breakfast in the morning! It's such an amazing feeling to know you're giving a great life to a shy cat like Leia who just wants to be loved, unconditionally. And with this dynamic duo, you get the best of both worlds. Because Kylo is ALL LOVE. Click through to his profile to learn more if you want a real lovebug, who wants to curl up in your lap for a movie, and play with any toy he can get his cute little paws on! Leia and Kylo are using THE FORCE and hope you'll make them a part of your family!

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Randall's Rescue

P.O. Box 1281 Mount Laurel 08054

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