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A FOSTER Dog Application

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If you have any questions about A FOSTER Dog Application, please contact Loved at Last Dog Rescue at

Loved at Last Dog Rescue

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About A FOSTER Dog Application

This is the application that you should use if you are looking to apply to foster a dog AND ARE NOT planning to adopt. 

Foster homes are one of the most important parts of any dog rescue. Without these homes, we wouldn't be able to rescue as many dogs as we do. 

If you are looking to make a difference in a dogs life for a short period of time, please apply now. 

What is fostering?

  • Fostering is agreeing to take a dog into your home, temporarily, while the rescue is receiving and reviewing applications for adoption.  

What does it cost?

  • As a foster home, we can provide you with food, collar, leash. We will also cover any vet bills, but please speak to your foster coordinator before taking the dog to the vet unless its an emergency

What if I can only foster a small dog?

  • We will work with the limitations of our foster homes. If you are asked to foster a dog that is too big, please just let us know and we will look for another home. 

What if I only want to foster a puppy?

  • Puppies are usually very easy to adopt and often don't need fostering. Please consider an older dog that could be even more fun!

What if I want to adopt?

  • If your intent is to adopt a dog, you will need to submit an adoption application for review. 

I only want to foster a specific dog.

  • If you want a specific dog and only that dog, we recommend that you apply to adopt. International dogs are not normally available for fostering as we try to only bring them here if an approved adopter has been found.

We really need more foster homes and appreciate you reading this posting. I hope that you consider opening your heart and your home to help a dog in need. The love and care that you can provide for even a short period, will make a huge difference in the life of a dog.


Foster Team

Disclaimer: It is important for all applicants to visit our website, and read about Loved at Last Dog Rescue.

Normally, we will not approve applications to homes with children under 12 years of age. More information can be found on our website.



A FOSTER Dog Application
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Loved at Last Dog Rescue

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YUMA - local

German Shepherd Dog

**YUMA MUST HAVE A FENCED YARD & 2nd DOG IN THE HOME** Yuma - currently fostered in Langley Breed: German Shepherd mix Age: 1.5 yr G... show more

**YUMA MUST HAVE A FENCED YARD & 2nd DOG IN THE HOME** Yuma - currently fostered in Langley Breed: German Shepherd mix Age: 1.5 yr Gender: fe, spayed Wgt/Hgt: 48 lbs / 22 inches Energy level: moderate Relations: great with dogs once comfortable with them/good with kids/not good with cats Highlights: playful, tripaw, joyful Hi everyone, my name is Yuma. I am a beautiful and very happy girl, but that hasn't always been true for me. I used to live in the Middle East where at the very tender age of eight months I became pregnant. I was much too young to become a mother and all my puppies died. In addition my rear leg had been badly damaged, probably from being hit by a car. In the country I come from, dogs are considered vermin and people often deliberately hit us with their cars in an attempt to kill us. The wounds became badly infected and I was in terrible pain by the time I was finally rescued. The vet I was taken to wasn't able to save my leg and it had to be amputated. But you would never know I was a tripaw, I am as mobile and active as any of my four-legged friends.  I am a very loving and affectionate girl who has a real love of life. I love the company of other dogs once I trust them, which can take a little bit of time. I currently live happily with several. But it takes me quite awhile to feel safe with other dogs. My foster mom is hoping someone who lives in Langley or Abbotsford will apply for me so several meetings with their dog would be possible. Otherwise being in a home with no other dogs would be required. City life is a bit too noisy and hectic for me (perhaps it takes me back to my terrible life in the streets), so I would prefer a quiet suburban or rural home. I really love being outside so a large, interesting fenced yard to explore and romp around in is essential for me. I am reactive to other dogs when walked on leash, so it would be best if I was walked where I won't run into a lot unfamiliar dogs. I currently live on 5 acres and am not walked off the property, so am not currently exposed to meeting other dogs on leash. But a trainer who has worked with me is confident that the more exposure to unfamiliar dogs I get, the more relaxed I will be.  While I am a joyful soul,  I am not at all hyper or high energy. At home I am very calm and relaxed. I have the cutest habit of splaying my front legs out wide when I want you to play with me. As you can see from my video, I love playing in water. To be honest, I love everything about my new and improved life in Canada. There is no way you could be unhappy with me around.  I am spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. My adoption fee is $700 plus applicable taxes. *Vaccinations: Dogs from the Middle East are vaccinated for rabies, parvo, distemper, leptospirosis, adenovirus type 1 and para-influenza. Bordatella is not given, as that has not been a problem in the Middle East.  show less