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Female Senior Chihuahua (mixed)

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Ghost Town Dog Rescue

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Minnie is a lovely girl however she was terrified and indifferent when rescued. She didn't want to engage & was very aloof. Holding her & loving on her has completely changed her in a weeks time. She is very sweet, playful and loves to literally talk and vocalize at those around her (adorable). She enjoys playing with her toys, is easy going, enjoys sunbathing, is well behaved, obedient and loves a nice warm lap to cuddle into. Minnie was attacked by another dog prior to us rescuing her. She bears some severe scars that were very sensitive to touch.  She is doing so good & are able to touch and pet her now without flinching and enjoys being petted. Minnie did test positive for Ehrlichia (not contagious to humans or other animals) and is currently under treatment. Treatment is 28 days of Doxycycline which will be provided and paid for by GTDR. She is crate trained, potty trained with us, leash trained, loves children, good with all dogs and cats . She likes to grumble at the dogs so they give her space but it is just noise truly. Private message if interested!



Date of Birth
September 03, 2015
5.8 lbs. On Intake
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Ok with kids
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Ghost Town Dog Rescue

3640 E. MAIN ST. Mesa AZ 85205

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Australian Kelpie

Available for Pre-adoption! Amy is an amazing, resilient and a warrior. 24 hours after being rescued we noticed her ankle looked strange... show more

Available for Pre-adoption! Amy is an amazing, resilient and a warrior. 24 hours after being rescued we noticed her ankle looked strange. After closer inspection we soon realized she must have had a broken ankle at some point in her short life. We rushed her to our vet a few days later only to discover she suffered a horrific injury to her hip, tail and ankle. Our vet's best guess is that she was most likely hit by a car at a very young age. Her injuries have healed completely and she runs, jumps and plays normally. Once in a while she will twist around and lay down immensely but gets right back up like nothing. There is nothing that could be done to improve this old injury aside from amputation which is unnecessary in our vets opinion. She had a litter of puppies 4.5 months ago and had no complications meaning her hip was completely healed and puppies passed freely. Vet stated she should be on Glucosamine for the rest of her life and will live a comfortable life. She is the most patient, loving, gentle and has an angelic vibe around her. She is currently with 10 plus small breed dogs and is the most considerate and gentle with them. She will lay down so that they can play with her. She is obedient, well mannered, easy going, chill, tender with all and affectionate. She is crate trained, potty trained, leash trained , great with kids and all dogs. We have no doubt with a proper introduction she will do very well with a cat. Private message if interested!!  show less