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Bailey 12

Female Puppy Mixed Breed (mixed)

If you have any questions about Bailey 12, please contact Cross Your Paws Rescue, Inc. at

Cross Your Paws Rescue, Inc.

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About Bailey 12

Adoption Fee: $350

🐾 Introducing the incredible litter of 12 puppies! These cuties are all looking for their forever homes and are as adorable as can be! 🐶🌟 We have 6 playful males and 6 sweet females, each with their own unique personalities. And wait until you hear their names - they all start with the letter B!

For our handsome males:
1. Bentley
2. Bruno
3. Baxter
4. Beau
5. Blake
6. Brody

And for our lovely ladies:
1. Bella
2. Bailey
3. Brooklyn
4. Bonnie
5. Blossom
6. Blair

These little bundles of joy are currently weighing in at 5-6 lbs each and are 7 weeks old, ready to bring endless love and happiness to their new families. Don't miss out on the opportunity to meet these precious mixed breed darlings! ❤️ Contact us now to schedule a visit and experience their irresistible charm firsthand. Hurry, they won't stay available for long! 🐾✨ 

If you are interested in adopting me, please submit an application from and submit an application! 



Bailey 12
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Cross Your Paws Rescue, Inc.

294 Donohoe Road Greensburg PA 15601

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Ray Charles (vision Impaired)

Golden Retriever

UPDATE: since being in his foster home for quite a few months Ray no longer growls at men or other dogs. His foster had a male friend th... show more

UPDATE: since being in his foster home for quite a few months Ray no longer growls at men or other dogs. His foster had a male friend that Ray had never met come over. Ray was so excited to greet him! No negative reaction at all. Thanks to the hard work of his foster family Ray has come a long way. His foster would absolutely love to keep him but isn't able to add another dog at this time. We hope the perfect family is out there for him and will adopt him soon! From his foster: he’s not as reactive as his bio makes him seem. I’ve had him some July and never one problem with him. He’s my best bud and I love him. We’ve never had any problems here. I hate the circumstance he was in, that it even had to be apart of his bio, but we had to be transparent. Ray is the best bud with all the love to give, he’s super smart and loooves to be brushed and bathed. Please don’t judge him by his bio. He’s truly the loveliest boy Raymond is a golden retriever rescued from a puppy mill. He was initially thought to be a blind senior but after visiting with the vet, Ray is said to be 4-6, and has juvenile cataracts. This happy guy loves to be with people. He is very smart and trains easily. He navigates in foster home, and will take a walk on leash to the sound of either music or his fosters voice. He’s great with other dogs, prides himself on blowing up stuffed animals, and gets very proud when he’s told he’s a good boy. Ray’s cataracts were evaluated by a specialist and sadly there is nothing that can be done. This awesome guy is looking for his forever home. His personality is infectious and we guarantee you will fall in love. He will need a home with no young kids, and will need someone willing to work with him due to his blindness and what comes with that. A preferably calm home. Blind dogs startle easily and this can cause them to go into fight or flight mode. He is still scared and is still learning how to be a dog.  Ray is in a new foster home after previously being adopted for almost 2 weeks. At his adopters Ray gravitated towards the woman of the house and felt he needed to protect her. He didn’t seem to like men and snapped and growled at them. Ray was getting a drink of water and the man of the house tripped and fell near Ray. Ray turned around and snapped at him. The man had to go to the doctor for stitches. And based on the information we were given there was also an incident with the other dog laying on the bed by the woman of the house and Ray went after him.  In his new foster home he has a male teenager and Ray is grouchy with him when his foster mom is home but completely fine with him when she is at work. He growled at the other dogs in his foster home for the first couple of days that he got there but his foster tells him to stop or telling him its ok and he has been fine since. He is easily redirected. In his foster he is around multiple people and dogs. Ray loves being loved on.   show less

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Roxy 🐾


Introducing Roxy! This dachshund girl is 16 years old. Her owner went into a Kentucky nursing home the other day and the family didn't w... show more

Introducing Roxy! This dachshund girl is 16 years old. Her owner went into a Kentucky nursing home the other day and the family didn't want Roxy. They threatened to euthanize her, so with the shelter full, the director contacted me and I brought her home.  This poor golden girl is the oldest rescue we've had to date. Roxy has rotten teeth and tries to bite if you pick her up. But she will allow you to pet her back and she'll take those yummy bacon treats out of your hand. The bacon treats were our breakthrough and definitely a way to Roxy's heart. She has an appetite and eats wet and soft food only. Roxy usually uses the puppy pads and she appears to be in good health and spunky for a dog her age. Her owner kept her current on her flea meds and heartworm prevention. Roxy showed no agression towards her owner, so I believe her snappy issues are mostly behavioral. Of course, she's probably a bit cranky from the aches and pains of old age. Roxy is very happy to sleep most of the time and loves the sun shining on her through a window.  Roxy needs a sunny, quiet place to rest in her golden years. How much time does she have? I have no idea, but her owner loved her very much and at least the woman can rest easy knowing her baby is being cared for and loved. Roxy is best suited for a home without small children or young dogs. She does well with my older dog who leaves her alone and she's fine with cats.  My house is way to chaotic for this ol' gal. I hope there's someone out there who loves gray faces, is patient, and interested in providing Roxy with peace, quiet, and attention for however long she has left. Thank you for considering a senior to forever foster or adopt.  show less