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Black Widow 🐾

Female Puppy German Shepherd Dog (mixed)

If you have any questions about Black Widow 🐾 , please contact Cross Your Paws Rescue, Inc. at

Cross Your Paws Rescue, Inc.

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About Black Widow 🐾

Adoption Fee: $350

This tiny little army are all under 5 lbs.. We were told the parents were shepard/husky but they appear to be small breed puppies. They are ready to have some fun with so add a super hero today!



Black Widow 🐾
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Cross Your Paws Rescue, Inc.

294 Donohoe Road Greensburg PA 15601

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My foster Bentley is a 9 year old, 9 pound, male, neutered Chihuahua that's looking for his forever.  He is an owner surrender and has b... show more

My foster Bentley is a 9 year old, 9 pound, male, neutered Chihuahua that's looking for his forever.  He is an owner surrender and has been with me since the beginning of August because he needed a lot of work.  He is now a cuddle bug that loves snuggles.  He will need a home with NO small children! He is wonderful with my 7 year old granddaughter, but she's a dog whisperer and I truly don't know how he would be with other children, he was terrible with children before Emma. I wouldn't chance it.  I have him leashed trained. He is now able to go in public and not react to anything or anyone around him. He is still cautious of people wanting to pet him, if he were mine that would not matter as having strangers be able to come up to my  unbalanced dogs is not something I would permit but, in Bentley's case it was absolutely necessary and done by having chicken available for them to feed him.  He has come so far. I think he'd do best in a home with an EXPERIENCED  Chihuahua owner that knows they need space and time to adjust. We have found when having people come over it's best if they don't acknowledge he even exists even though he acts the fool barking, if ignored he will quickly calm down and come over and put his feet on you to get your attention and pets. If he's acknowledged he will continue to lose his mind and quickly spin out of control.  I have used the dog gate to separate him from guests and he loses his mind and won't settle til I let him in then he just runs over to them for pets, if they don't acknowledge him. ( Yes, I am lucky I have people in my life that are either brave or stupid, like me and are willing to take whatever he has to offer without punishing him.) He loves to be wherever you are, wants nothing more than to be right with his person.  He loves car rides, walks at the bike trail, sliding on sliding boards, loves creeks and walks at the river. Trips through Dollar General and pet stores.  At night I tell him "time to go to bed" and he runs in jumps on the bed and dives under the covers and goes right to sleep.  He is house trained. I have a dog door and a fenced yard so he can come and go as he pleases.  He gets along with all my dogs, males and females and my cats there's a couple he will play chase with.   Sometimes when he's feeling particularly needy he will growl a little (has never lashed out at them) when mine want on my lap when he's there, I just tell him... "we don't do that here" and he moves over and let's them be with me and him.  He doesn't mind a bath or a blow dryer now.  He has not had any Trazadone since I picked him up from his owner, I preferred to address his behavior and help him overcome his fear and change how he reacted to it.  He cannot and will not be muzzled, God bless the person that tries to!!!  He is crated trained, but I have never used a crate with him.  He does still sometimes lift his leg to mark, but since being neutered that has improved tremendously. He will allow a belly band to be used once he trusts you. He is finally beginning to enjoy play and toys. Please consider adopting this boy. He will be a loyal, loving, sweet boy once he relaxes and trusts he will not be harmed. If you are interested in adopting or viewing our available dogs, please visit  If you have an application on file- please message us on Facebook -do not email! The website is always kept up to date on which dogs are still available! If the dog you are interested in isn’t on the website, then we are no longer accepting applications. We are a 100% volunteer 501c3 and rely solely on donations of our supporters and volunteers.  #cyprescue #crossyourpawsrescue #kennyrosssubaru #subarulovespets show less

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Hey there, folks! We're Boots and Slick, two beagles with a story that's seen its fair share of tough times but blossomed into something... show more

Hey there, folks! We're Boots and Slick, two beagles with a story that's seen its fair share of tough times but blossomed into something beautiful. Our journey began in a place we'd rather forget, where we were mistreated and confined to a tiny crate for most of the day. But guess what? We're survivors, and with the love and care of our current owner, we've come a long way.  Despite our rough start to life, we're the sweetest boys you'll ever meet. We've shown no signs of aggression and get along great with tiny humans, furry feline friends, and other doggies. We're a playful duo who love to run around, but when our human leaves, we need a cozy crate to help with that separation anxiety. Trust us, we don't like being apart for even a short walk – it just doesn't feel right. The good news is, we're totally quite and calm in our crate and don't carry on like many dogs of our breed would. Now, when it comes to meeting new faces, we're a bit shy, especially around men. But offer us some tasty treats, and you'll win our hearts in no time. We might bark and hide when we're scared at first, but there's never been a mean bone in our bodies. One more thing-- Our 3rd birthday is just around the corner on Thanksgiving and we hope to have a new home by then to celebrate!  So, that's us, Boots and Slick, living our best lives and proving that love can conquer all – even a rough start. Thanks for reading our pawspective! *Boots and Slick are a bonded pair and must be adopted together show less

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Hi, I’m Buddy and I’m looking for a buddy to love me forever! Here’s my story.. My first “family” wasn’t really good with me.. they left... show more

Hi, I’m Buddy and I’m looking for a buddy to love me forever! Here’s my story.. My first “family” wasn’t really good with me.. they left me in a crate for 12-16 hours and ignored me. After that I went to an amazing home and was so loved and cared for! Sadly, my momma passed away and I’m looking to find the kind of love she gave me again♥️ I’m 5 years young, corgi and chihuahua mix, weighing 17 pounds.. but I am a little porker and should lose a few pounds. We all know about covid weight, am I right?! I do great with other small dogs. I’ve never been around cats so I’m not sure but if they ignore me I would probably be fine. I’ve also have never been around kids but I don’t think I would like the small ones running around so maybe kids 10 and up! Not because I’m aggressive- I don’t have a mean bone in my tiny body- just because them running around might make me nervous. I am Lyme positive, I have been for a while now and the vet says it’s “A okay!” I haven’t ever been symptomatic but I will always test positive now. I will need someone to help me learn to potty in the right places as I’m still learning- But I am a very smart boy and I can learn if someone can teach me! I have a FAVORITE toy and will bring it along to my new home. Ellie the elephant goes everywhere with me. I carry it to bed. Around the house. And even outside with me! My ideal family would be with someone who is home most of the time, I’m a “Velcro” dog and I love to be by my family’s side. Cuddles are my favorite pass time. I also enjoy going on walks, and they will help me drop those few extra pounds or so I’m told, so it’s a good thing I like them! If you think you can make me the happiest little boy please apply. I’ll be here patiently waiting.  Yours truly,  Buddy Boy💙 If you are interested in Buddy please apply at 🐾 show less