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Okra (Okie)

Male Adult Jack Russell Terrier 31 Flavors Mixes (mixed)

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About Okra (Okie)

Okie’s info:

Name: Okra (Okie)
Jack Russell terrier
age: approx. 2 years 
good with kids
great with other dogs
not sure about cats 

Bio: My name is Okie and I’ve been living with my foster mom for the past couple of months while she helps me find a perfect home. She doesn’t really know what the first couple years of my life were like— we didn’t meet until she picked me up of the street when I was wandering confused one evening. I had fleas and needed a good bath and ear cleaning, but otherwise I was healthy and ready to meet my new foster family!

As you can see, I am cute as a button, and I’m just as cute in my personality as in my looks (no need for me to be humble about it)! Like any terrier, I am smart, playful, and curious, and also a bit stubborn. For example, it took my foster mom about 3 weeks to teach me how to sit, which is the longest she’s ever had to spend! Now that I know it, though, I will do it whenever I hear the treat bag rustling. My ideal family would include a person or people who are willing and able to invest time and energy in my training, because I do love to learn, and I have a lot of talents! I would be great at canine sports like agility training, if I do say so myself. 

One thing I love is my friends. I have many of them: my two foster siblings, my foster-foster sibling (that is, the other foster in the house), and all my neighbors, from a 5lb chihuahua and a 75lb shepherd. I love to play and although toys are great, nothing beats a good wrestling match with one of my besties. I would be happiest if I can live with another dog, or several other dogs! I also love kids, especially toddlers and young kids who can match my energy level. Cats? Not sure, but I’m willing to try! If they’re like everyone else, they’ll like me. :) 

I need exercise and training, but most of all I need a loving, fun, patient home where I can be my goofy self and be the best friend you could ever ask for! 



Okra (Okie)
2 years, 5 months
Primary Color
Secondary Color
Pet Has Special Needs
Not Sure
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Not Sure
Ok with kids
Not Sure
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Ok with dogs
Ok with cats
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