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Little Foot

Male Young Mixed Breed 31 Flavors Mixes (mixed)

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About Little Foot

Adoption Fee: $350.00

Meet Little Foot! A three star ⭐ loving pup who is a remarkable dog who has defied the odds and captured the hearts of everyone who crosses his path. As a newborn puppy, Little Foot and his siblings were callously discarded, abandoned in a dumpster to face an uncertain fate. The cruel act left Little Foot injured, his tiny foot gravely wounded and in need of amputation. But through it all, Little Foot's spirit remained unyielding, and he fought to survive. Despite the unimaginable pain and hardship he endured, Little Foot emerged as a true testament to resilience and the power of love. With his indomitable spirit, he overcame the physical challenges posed by his missing limb. Little Foot's heart knows no bounds, and he approaches life with boundless energy and zest, zooming around as if he still possesses all four legs. If you're looking for a companion who will bring joy, laughter, and an abundance of love into your life, Little Foot is the perfect dog to welcome into your home. Prepare to be amazed by the incredible spirit of this extraordinary canine.

Little Foot is 6 months old and weighs 28 lbs. He is vetted, neutered, and chipped.



Little Foot
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American Bulldog

Georgia is a beautiful and sweet lady with a sad past. She came to us simply a train wreck. She was skin and bones, heartworm positive,... show more

Georgia is a beautiful and sweet lady with a sad past. She came to us simply a train wreck. She was skin and bones, heartworm positive, had a mass on her abdomen and a jacked up rear leg. She has the most gentle soul. She loves everyone, especially children. She savors attention but is not annoying about it. She walks well on a leash and is an angel in her crate (which she has had to spend way too much time in).  She was spayed, her mass taken care of, and completed her heartworm treatment without issue. Then it was on to the leg. It turned out she had an old break (never treated of course) which had most likely caused misalignment of the knee leading to a luxating patella. It was bad enough that surgery was her only option for treatment. Again, like a trooper, Georgia pushed through. She has been crated and leash walked now for over 10 weeks. The good news is she is on the home stretch!  Her surgeon says everything looks great and in just a few weeks she can completely start her new life.  Having Georgia as one of our own has been such a joy. Seeing her find a person or family who will give her the love and attention she deserves will just be the best!  The rest of her life will truly be the best of her life! Georgia is spayed, up to date on all appropriate vaccines, on monthly heartworm/flea preventative, and  microchipped. She is good with other dogs but not a fan of cats.  if you'd like to meet this girl apply on our website and we will be in touch! show less