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Male Young Cocker Spaniel Pekingese (mixed)

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About Benny

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Introducing Benny, an enchanting 1-2 year old pup with a heartwarming story to share. Despite being blind, Benny radiates an irresistible charm that's sure to steal your heart. He's on a journey to find his forever home, where he can bask in unconditional love and companionship.

Benny's zest for life shines as he engages in playful antics with his pint-sized poodle foster sister. He's also a devoted cuddler, finding comfort in the presence of his fellow senior foster brother, who's also visually impaired. Benny's personality is a delightful mix of snugness, loyalty, and curiosity, all wrapped up in a bundle of joy. Once he settles into his environment, he transforms into a carefree goofball, spreading smiles wherever he goes.

Adapting to new surroundings is a breeze for Benny, often leaving people surprised by his innate ability to navigate the world around him. His encounters with a feline friend in his previous home revealed his ease with other animals. Benny is working on being comfortable with leash walks when other dogs are around, making progress day by day. A fenced yard would be the cherry on top, giving him the freedom to explore safely.

Benny's ideal forever family could be one with a canine companion to share life's adventures, although he's equally content as the sole apple of your eye. This sweet and extraordinary boy is deserving of a loving family who will cherish him just as he is. If you're ready to welcome a heartwarming and special addition to your home, Benny is eagerly waiting to embark on this new chapter of his life with you.




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Perfectly Imperfect Pups

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German Shepherd

Meet Agatha! This 6 month old German Shepherd is such an incredible girl. She knows basic obedience, loves spending time with her person... show more

Meet Agatha! This 6 month old German Shepherd is such an incredible girl. She knows basic obedience, loves spending time with her person, and is slightly obsessed with bully sticks. She loves a tennis ball and rope toy! She does great in her playpen, and sleeps through the night.  Now that you know how amazing she is, we'd like to share how special she is! She is one of PIPS pip-abled pups. Agatha was born with a spinal deformity that causes her to be mobility challenged and bladder/bowel incontinent. She has a wheelchair and loves to run in it. She's also very tolerant of being expressed. She enjoys doing her physical therapy exercises daily too. Don't let her challenges discourage you though, she is always happy and so full of life! When she gets really excited, her ears will curl instead of stick up, it's the cutest thing! Oh, and don't even get me started on how perfectly adorable her head tilts are! Agatha is looking for a home that will spoil her with toys and treats. She does well with medium and large breed dogs, with a proper introduction. She is curious of cats and has a prey drive, so no small animals. She does well with kids, but 12 and older are preferred due to her size and needs. She also needs an adopter willing to get creative with mental stimulation. Her brain is all Shepherd! Meaning she has that drive and needs something to do since she can't physically keep up with the average pup of her age and breed. Puzzle toys, lickimats, and playing games are great ways to let her "work." Agatha is super sweet and can't wait to meet her furever family! If you are interested in meeting Agatha, please apply with PIPS.  show less

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Border Collie

🐾 Meet Archer! 🐾 🐶 Breed: Border Collie Boxer Mix 🌈 Color: Striking mix of black and white 🌟 Temperament: Well-behaved, Mellow, and Gent... show more

🐾 Meet Archer! 🐾 🐶 Breed: Border Collie Boxer Mix 🌈 Color: Striking mix of black and white 🌟 Temperament: Well-behaved, Mellow, and Gentle Hello, potential forever family! My name is Archer, and I'm here to steal your hearts with my charming personality and soulful eyes. I'm a delightful blend of Border Collie and Boxer, making me not just handsome but also an all-around amazing companion. 🏡 Home Sweet Home: I'm currently searching for a loving home where I can share my loyalty and affection. I'm almost house-trained, so you won't find any unwanted surprises in the house. My crate skills are top-notch, making me the perfect roommate for those times when you're away. I promise to be on my best behavior! 👫 Social Butterfly: I absolutely adore meeting new people! I'm friendly, gentle, and always ready for a good snuggle. I've been on my best behavior around all the humans I've met so far. No need to worry about me jumping up – I'm mastering the art of 'off,' and I'm a quick learner! 🐱 Feline Friendly: I've had the pleasure of meeting some feline friends, and I must say, I'm quite respectful towards them. Cats and I could become the best of pals with a proper introduction. 🐔 Feathered Curiosity: Now, here's the interesting part—I've encountered some feathered friends (chickens), and let's just say I'm not quite sure what to make of them yet. It's a new experience for me, and I'm curious to understand these clucky creatures better. With a patient and loving family, I'm sure we can figure this out together. 🎓 Smarty Pants: I've mastered the art of sitting, and I'm diligently working on perfecting the 'off' command. Training sessions are fun for me, especially when treats are involved. I'm eager to learn and please my future family with my intelligence. Are you ready to invite a well-behaved, mellow, and lovable guy into your life? If so, I think we could be the perfect match! Let's create lasting memories and share a lifetime of love. Reach out to my friends at the adoption center, and let's start our journey together! 📍 Location: Thank you for considering me as your new furry family member. I can't wait to meet you! 🐾 Paw prints and tail wags, Archer show less

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Great Dane

Meet Bear a 10-month-old Great Dane, or who we like to call the gentle giant. Bear would do great in a home with another dog (med/large)... show more

Meet Bear a 10-month-old Great Dane, or who we like to call the gentle giant. Bear would do great in a home with another dog (med/large) as he loves to have a best friend to cuddle up next to and take walks with. He will also be respectful of your other dog & give them space too. He loves to go on walks and roll around in the grass.  Bear is a huge fan of window watching. Bear is still working on his house training, but does very well by going to the door and sitting when he needs to go. Bear has been around both horses & chickens (both caged) and doesn’t focus on them to much once he says hi. He has been around children & does very well but due to his large size & normal Great Danes habits of leaning on you, younger smaller children should be supervised. Bear is starting to enjoy car rides & loves to go to the store to meet new people.  Bear is the perfect work from home dog as he just lounges around on his bed or lays by your side. We recommend a home experienced with larger breads or willing to learn. Bear is deaf and has been working on hand signals for training, he has gotten better over time but no different than a hearing puppy. We are still working on Bears crate training as due to his past trauma he is still nervous of them but is getting better by the day. If you’re looking for gentle, lovable dog who also loves the occasional playing with toys.. .Bear's for you! show less

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Cicely's journey began with her loving PIPS foster family who welcomed her into their home on September 25, 2023. At the time, she was b... show more

Cicely's journey began with her loving PIPS foster family who welcomed her into their home on September 25, 2023. At the time, she was battling malnourishment and grappling with a persistent upper respiratory infection. Through six weeks of dedicated care and a regimen of various antibiotics, she made a remarkable recovery. She's now thriving, having not only regained her health but also filled out beautifully, gaining some much-needed weight. Cicely has a unique charm with her endearing grunts and occasional snoring. She's not just a pretty face; this little girl is impressively muscular and in fantastic physical shape. While she faces challenges with her vision, her vet believes it's related to her brain rather than her eyes. She can actually detect light, and for the most part, you wouldn't even realize she's blind. Her other senses are remarkably keen, allowing her to navigate her surroundings confidently. In her foster home, she quickly memorized the floor plan and walks gracefully on a leash, rarely bumping into things. Cicely's intelligence shines through, as she gets along famously with other dogs, including her smaller senior "sister" and larger adult "sister." Their playtime is a mixture of sweetness and exuberance, as Cicely has all the liveliness of a typical puppy. She's been introduced to small children and took to them with ease, becoming an instant favorite. While she's still perfecting her potty training, she's made excellent progress, with only occasional indoor accidents. Her foster family provides her with a nighttime potty break. She is scheduled to be spayed on 11/27/23. She's made strides in conquering stairs but may need some additional guidance with exterior doors and certain types of stairs. Cicely is a loving companion who adores human attention, greeting it with affectionate tail wags. Her heart belongs to snuggles and being held close. With her playful spirit and affectionate nature, she's bound to be a cherished addition to any home or fur-friendly pack. When the time comes for her to find her forever home, she'll leave behind a piece of her heart with her foster family, who've grown to love her dearly. show less

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Terrier (Unknown Type, Medium)

Meet Dahlia! This gorgeous girl is confident, bold, ultra-intelligent, playful and loving.    When Dahlia looks at you, you can tell tha... show more

Meet Dahlia! This gorgeous girl is confident, bold, ultra-intelligent, playful and loving.    When Dahlia looks at you, you can tell that her eyes are seeking for deep understanding. Her foster mom says that she is an old soul. Whoever is lucky enough to adopt this girl is getting a truly amazing lifelong companion.    Dahlia will be around 65-80 pounds when she is full grown (according to a dog body weight calculator). We don’t know what mix of breeds she is, but based on her appearance and personality, she is very likely a working breed mix. Her foster mom thinks she could be a German Shepard, Rottweiler, or Mountain Cur mix. Either way, Dahlia is and will be a high energy dog that loves to go on outdoor adventures with her perfect family.    Because she is so intelligent, and will likely be a medium/large girl, Dahlia will do best in a home with an experienced dog owner (has experience with working breeds!) that understands the importance of consistent training, and uses a combination of treats and play to reinforce all that she learns. Because she will be high energy and playful, a home with smaller children is not recommended.   Her foster mom says that she is very easy to train, and will benefit from a home that trains early and often to satisfy her intelligent curiosity. She is highly food and play motivated, and catches on to what you are asking of her very quickly.    Dahlia has picked up these basic commands very quickly, and is also working on leash training. As with any puppy, continuing to reinforce with lots of treats and praise every single day will be the key to your success.   Here are a few things Delilah is learning: Potty training – Dahlia is very close to being house broken! She only has an accident in the house if you don’t take her outside for too long. Puppies have small bladders! As with any young puppy, monitoring and a regular schedule will have her housebroken in no time! Crate training – Dahlia does amazing in her crate! She even goes in voluntarily to chill out. She is accustomed to eating in her crate, and taking naps after training and playtime. She loves having blankets and puppy safe chews with her and will relax quickly.  Commands – Dahlia knows “Uh-Uh” (don’t do that) “Sit” – she is great at sitting, and does it proactively sometimes without being told when she wants something. (Sure beats jumping on you to get what she wants!) “Down”, “Touch” and “Wait”.  Place - Dahlia is working on her place command, and has the basics down. She is currently working on the duration she stays on her place. Doorway Manners - Dahlia is learning to wait patiently at doorways until given a release command. Leash training – Dahlia is off to a great start with leash training. Lots of treats while walking on the leash works beautifully with her. Continuing to reinforce leash training will be important for Dahlia - she will likely end up being a big, strong girl!   Dahlia is being fostered in a home with very patient, dog savvy cats, and she loves them very much! She also does great with her larger foster brother, and plays fearlessly with him - even when he does get a little too rowdy.    Dahlia has a spunky, energetic play style, and listens to the body language and communication of other dogs very well. With continued positive socialization, Dahlia will easily make lots of dog friends of all shapes and sizes.    Because she is so confident, Dahlia will be the perfect companion for anyone who loves to go on adventures. Her perfect family will take her on regular walks, hikes, and maybe even camping and road trips!She is extremely comfortable in her own skin, and approaches new things with playful curiosity. She truly is an amazing puppy that deserves an equally amazing forever home. show less

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German Shepherd

  🌞 Meet Koa: The Sunshine in Fur, Ready to Light Up Your Life! 🌞 There's a girl named Koa who carries sunshine wherever she goes – her... show more

  🌞 Meet Koa: The Sunshine in Fur, Ready to Light Up Your Life! 🌞 There's a girl named Koa who carries sunshine wherever she goes – her smile is as bright as the warmest day and her heart is as golden as the sun. With every wag of her tail and every joyful skip, Koa shows us how to appreciate life's simplest pleasures. ☀️ Eternal Optimism: Koa's perpetual grin is an instant mood lifter. Her infectious happiness is a constant reminder to cherish every moment, and she's always overjoyed to be by your side. 🌤️ Sun Lover: Koa's got an impeccable talent for locating the best sun-soaked spots to bask in. When she's not exploring the yard, you'll find her soaking up the sunlight with a contented sigh. 🐾 Adventure Enthusiast: An explorer at heart, Koa is always ready for new adventures. Whether it's a leisurely stroll or a playful game of chase, she's eager to share life's discoveries with you. 💕 Love Overflow: Koa is a social butterfly with a heart full of love. Her excitement peaks when you shower her with attention, and she revels in the warmth of your affectionate pets and kind words. 🐶 Canine Companion: Koa not only adores humans but also finds joy in the company of fellow furry friends. Rolling onto her back in playful surrender, she invites dogs of all sizes to join her in the fun. 👀 Visionary Spirit: Despite being born with vision challenges, Koa embraces life with unwavering determination. Her unique perspective doesn't hinder her – she navigates her surroundings confidently and has a knack for making the most out of every moment. 🏠 Crate Prodigy: Koa has mastered the art of contented crate time. She's a model of good behavior, making her an excellent companion for both relaxing evenings and uninterrupted slumber. 🎓 Learning Enthusiast: While Koa may have missed out on some early training, her intelligence shines through. She's an eager learner, motivated to acquire new skills and show you just how smart she can be. 💞 Foster Hero Wanted: Koa is also looking for a foster home! So if your not ready to adopt but want to help, you can foster Koa! 📚 Expert Training: The incredible Sally Said So, a renowned trainer in the NC area, is here to help. With a training session to set you and Koa up for success, you'll be well-equipped to provide her with the best life possible. Don't wait another moment to invite Koa into your heart and home. Apply now to meet this ray of sunshine at Join Koa on her journey of love, laughter, and endless adventures! ☀️🐾❤️ show less

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German Shepherd

Hey there, I'm Korra, a spirited and amazing German Shepherd with a heart full of love and energy. I've got this enthusiasm for cuddles... show more

Hey there, I'm Korra, a spirited and amazing German Shepherd with a heart full of love and energy. I've got this enthusiasm for cuddles that's just heartwarming, and let me tell you, my bond with humans is something truly special. I've got this thing for having all the attention to myself, so a home without other animals or small children is just my jam. But hey, we all have our quirks, right? Playing with toys is my jam. Tug-o-war? Count me in! And let's not forget about the thrill of chasing after that ball – it's like my favorite pastime. I'm all about being active and spending quality time with my humans. I do have Megaesophagues, but did I mention that it doesn't slow me down at all? I've got this cool highchair for eating, and I'm all about embracing life to the fullest. There's nothing like a satisfying meal followed by a cozy nap – pure contentment, if you ask me. Guess what? I'm pretty awesome when it comes to crate training and following commands. Walking manners? I'm working on those too. Learning new things and cooperating – that's just who I am. If you're on the lookout for a loving and energetic furry friend, I might just be the one. I thrive when I'm the center of attention, and I promise to shower you with loyalty and affection. Now, let's talk about commitment. Adopting a dog is a big deal, and it's crucial to make sure that your home is all set to cater to my specific needs. I've got this unique personality and a whole lot of resilience, making me quite the catch. Whoever takes me in will find a companion like no other – someone who brings joy and companionship that's beyond measure. So, let's make this happen, shall we? show less