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AC Slater

Male Kitten Domestic Shorthair (mixed)

If you have any questions about AC Slater, please contact Guardian Angel Pet Rescue, Inc at

Guardian Angel Pet Rescue, Inc

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About AC Slater

Adoption Fee: $100

Meet AC Slater, a young feline with a heart full of love and a spirit full of play. He's sweet as sugar and twice as cuddly. AC Slater will become your best friend in no time with his friendly and playful nature. His bravery is unmatched, always ready to explore new corners of the house. Curiosity might have killed the cat, but not AC Slater, he thrives on it! His favorite pastime? Climbing up your body to shower you with affection and attention. AC Slater should be adopted because his love is endless and his companionship is irreplaceable.



AC Slater
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Guardian Angel Pet Rescue, Inc

Guardian Angel Pet Rescue, Inc Calimesa CA 92223

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Domestic Short Hair

Like so many this kitty was born outside to a homeless mother. This kitty is one of six kittens caught and kept in a 400sf travel traile... show more

Like so many this kitty was born outside to a homeless mother. This kitty is one of six kittens caught and kept in a 400sf travel trailer in a park with a small dog and two kind hearted senior citizens with health problems. After several months living in trailer the old couple couldn’t find a rescue to take them so they ended up in a shelter. In the shelter they completely shut down they were so terrified. Seamed un adoptable they were neutered and spayed and slated to be released as feral’s despite not being feral, never survi.ving outdoors on their own, no safe place to be released, catching colds and having become underweight having lost as much as a pound in the shelter. Rescue stepped in. Treated their colds. Helped them regain their health. And most importantly gave them love and time to once again become kittens who seek attention and love to play! As their foster, since early December, I know they will make totally awesome family members. They will likely will need a quiet safe introduction to integrating into family life but will completely bond once they are comfortable. You never know it may take a minute, hour, week… but regardless of how long they deserve to be given the time and to have their own homes I am the only female in the batch and will need the most socialization, If you are interested in the satisfaction that comes with winning a shy cat over...I am the girl for you.  show less