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Male Young Mixed Breed (mixed)

If you have any questions about Zeke , please contact Helping Animals Lost and Orphaned-HALO at

Helping Animals Lost and Orphaned-HALO

About Zeke

Adoption Fee: $200.00

Hi! My name is Zeke and I am a 2 years old. Did you see my really cool feature? I have 2 different colored eyes! I came to halo to work on meeting new people and socialize with dogs. I have a submissive play style and have enjoyed playtime with the dogs I have met so far. I love to play with the jolly ball and tennis balls. I have done an excellent job of meeting new people and building my circle of friends.  I am muzzle trained, potty trained, and crate trained. I am an excellent walking partner and love to explore the bike path and trails. I am so smart and I know all my commands and shake. I am a self-player, which means I can entertain myself with my toys. I am not destructive while left alone. What more could you ask for? They tell me I have a good personality and will make you laugh, but most of all I will be a great companion. 

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Helping Animals Lost and Orphaned-HALO

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Mixed Breed

Amea is young female mixed breed.  She has been found rooming around last Summer probably because whom ever had her was unable to handle... show more

Amea is young female mixed breed.  She has been found rooming around last Summer probably because whom ever had her was unable to handle her, take care of her needs and didn’t claimed her neither!    Being a “cute dog” is not a promise of a good start or a good dog life! As result, when found Amea was not potty trained, was likely depressed, had developed strong separation anxiety, and had become a very talented escape artist: she can climb and go over a 6 feet fence like it’s a baby gate. Since she has been found, she doesn’t try to run away though, she is just looking for her “human”. Amea will be extremely attached to you! Be ready to have her around you like your shadow. Her separation anxiety has greatly improved since she feels safe and understood. She will still need a lot of time,  patience, calmness and understanding to find her own confidence. She is still on home crate training. She doesn’t bark much, and whine for a few minutes and then settled. She is also taking some medications to help her transition toward a more comfortable self.    Amea is a very playful still puppy dog,  always eager to go for a  walk or go to the dog park where she has many friends. She has been socialized with adult people and dogs of all age and breeds outside of the house and does very well. She is very high energy and loves outdoors, water, chewing her toys, and cuddle with you anytime afterward. No doubt, Amea is adorable, smart and very expressive and will be stay on your side! She is spayed, vaccinated, has a microchip, and she is on a monthly dewormer program.  Even well socialized, her prefer forever home should be a single dog home with a fenced yard. Amea needs a patient and calm adopter as she is still a work in progress. She is easy to redirect and  train,  just needs love and soft boundaries.    Adoption app: show less

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American Bully

 “ In the end we discover that to love and let go can be the same thing” - Jack Kornfield. Our sweet baby Bell, her full name is Bella I... show more

 “ In the end we discover that to love and let go can be the same thing” - Jack Kornfield. Our sweet baby Bell, her full name is Bella Irene and we call her Bellarena. Always aiming to please and loaded with enough personality for 3, she really is a perfect representation of man's best friend. She is incredibly loving and loyal seeing to it that as long as she is in your presence that you feel happiness even if you are maybe not having an easy time. She will not stand to see anyone sad, will become her soul mission to ease whatever it is that is the matter. Recently our family suffered the loss of our grandmother Rosa Caskey On one side and then directly after was the loss of a Father Scott Stephens on the other side. These losses were made even harder because it was right before we welcomed our new son Roman Scott Ivy. These were people who were extremely close to use and played a major role in our support systems. We lost a lot in a small amount of time and I think we all can agree that having a companion like Miss Bella will always be just the right dose of love to pull anyone through a rough patch. She will stay by your side, lay with you, kiss you and she will even cry with you if times are tough enough. She will stop at nothing to see you smile when you are sad. Her love and care is priceless, something we will always be thankful for having. Bella is pretty small for an American Bully but packed inside her little body is a big big personality. She loves to play! Her favorite toy is a good ol’ rope or fresh tennis ball but she doesn't just play she PLAYS. When it's play time Bella becomes so happy she snorts and all of the sudden you might believe you have a big pig living in your tiny doggies body. She will have the whole family laughing. She loves to fetch, jump high and she will even do a trick or two. Learning new tricks is a trick itself because she tries so hard she actually tries a little too hard, in time she learns and makes you feel accomplished as well! Lets not forget, she has a middle name and she earned one. “Bella Irene! Get out of the trash” The trash can is first and foremost her first love. She will make you think twice about leaving food out and not taking the trash out that night fellas! Because of this she is kennel trained and does best in it when she is home alone. She likes to pretend to be devastated and barks but she calms down and sleeps in the kennel and plays with her toys until we come home. Although Bella has been a wonderful dog and we truly love her and dont want to see her go, we understand that it is our responsibility to love her back in a way that would ensure that she has the best quality of life. One of the hardest things as an owner is learning that your love is simply not enough and sometimes is an even curler fate than the one you are trying to save them from. Bella does well meeting new people as long as you are not in the home and are with her owner. Unfortunately we have not been able to help her past this and she remains very home defensive. As loving and uplifting as Bella is, she also can't seem to find a way to coexist with our females Stella and Iris. She has been the source of multiple fights that have led to total separation of all my animals. Seeing the dangers of having Bella, who we now know is territorial and having a 12 year old daughter with our newborn son we are now faced with a serious problem with seemingly no easy solution and until now, no more viable resources. With all of the love and compassion Bella has shown us we know we owe it to her to try to find someone who is just right for her. Someone who has the same amount of love to give as she does, who is better equipped to give her the life she needs so she can have the life she deserves.  Adoption app: show less

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Jack (fka Jax)

Mixed Breed

Say hello to Jack! You might remember him from last year when his name was Jax. He was adopted by a wonderful family and thrived in thei... show more

Say hello to Jack! You might remember him from last year when his name was Jax. He was adopted by a wonderful family and thrived in their care. Unfortunately, the husband passed away and the wife is unable to care for Jack. This is not due to Jack's behavior, but the financial challenges of having an extra large dog who is also on medication for his skin. He also is a young and energetic dog, and she is unable to provide the necessary outlets for all the spunk. Jack's family loves him and the decision to rehome has been difficult.  Jack is a great people dog and absolutely loves people! He is very playful, likes to play with his toys,   likes to take walks, and he leads very well. He is a big fella who weighs in at a healthy 108 pounds. He gets a little anxious around other dogs so he needs to be the only dog in a home. He can be taken out to do his business but he is a house dog. He is a very good dog!  He would do best in a home with older children because of his size. He has sensitive skin, and is on meds for that and loves to get baths to help. He’s doing very well with obedience training. He loves to go for car rides. He is a giant cuddle bug! Jack's adoption fee includes vaccinations, microchip, and neuter. HALO will continue his training at no additional cost to his adopters.    Adoption app: show less

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Mixed Breed

Howdy friends! My name is Wilbur and I am a 2 years old. I made my way to HALO through the ASPCA. I am small but mighty! They tell me I... show more

Howdy friends! My name is Wilbur and I am a 2 years old. I made my way to HALO through the ASPCA. I am small but mighty! They tell me I am the cutest thing ever and can do no wrong 😉 I have been working on impulse control and learning how to be friends with dogs. I get really excited and like to bounce around. I can jump really high! I have to have someone outside with me to make sure I don’t try to go off and explore on my own. The training team at HALO has been working on my leash manners and socializing me. I LOVE to go out in public and make new friends! I am still learning to make friends with other dogs. I have not been tested with cats yet. You know what else I love? I LOVE my jolly ball! I like to throw it and chase it around my room and in the field at HALO.    Because I have never lived in a house, I am still working on my potty training. I can’t help that I’m a little guy with a big bladder! My HALO friends try to take me out every couple of hours so I can continue to get better, but every now and again I have an accident.  I would do best in a home as an only dog and with older kids. I am a pretty active guy so I would love a person who can keep up with my training, take me on shopping trips to socialize, and keep me mentally stimulated. I like to create my own mischief. If you would like to meet me let the crew at HALO know!    Adoption show less