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Allegiance (aka Vinco) located in CO

Male Young Belgian Malinois

If you have any questions about Allegiance (aka Vinco) located in CO, please contact Malinois and Dutch Shepherd Rescue, Inc. at

Malinois and Dutch Shepherd Rescue, Inc.

About Allegiance (aka Vinco) located in CO

Adoption Fee: $495.00 - Adult Dogs 1-7 Years (2023 fee)

Allegiance is an enthusiastic and lively pup who absolutely adores playing ball and sprinting around. He has a great rapport with other dogs and is incredibly intelligent, making excellent strides with obedience training. Toys, balls, chews, and stuffed animals are amongst his favorite things.

Although he can get a little too excited during mealtimes, he waits patiently for his turn and never shows any hostility. In fact, he is so food motivated that he has been doing wonderfully with some hand-feeding training, demonstrating remarkable gentleness.

His leash training is also going splendidly, and he is even quite comfortable with baths and water. While he still has much to learn, Allegiance is making fantastic progress and has enormous potential.

He's incredibly curious and loves to explore, but we've had to limit his access to the first floor for now as he has a habit of investigating everything with his mouth. However, with more toys and focused play, he's become more engaged and less prone to doing this. 

He's a good sleeper and does well in his crate at night, although he does need a bit of a bribe to go in initially. He does have a bit of a prey drive, but can be easily distracted with the right motivation. The biggest challenge we're facing with him is his jumping and impulse control, so young children may not be the best fit for him.

Ideally, he needs someone with experience in training Malinois/Dutch Shepherds or rescue dogs, and an active lifestyle would be a perfect match for him.


All MAD dogs come with a Fi Collar and one-year subscription. 

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Allegiance (aka Vinco) located in CO
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