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Female Adult Golden Retriever

If you have any questions about Molly, please contact GRRACE Golden Retriever Rescue at

GRRACE Golden Retriever Rescue

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About Molly

Adoption Fee: $600.00

Shy, sweet redhead seeks calm family in close proximity to an Arby's for a steady supply of roast beef.

 This 4-year-old 77 lb retired breeder mama is nervous and cautious but wants to bond and trust you in her own time. Her ideal family will be low-key and patient, allowing her to set the pace in the relationship with new people. Having another, preferably large, outgoing dog in the home will be key for her to learn the ropes and gain confidence. 

 This absolute gem of a golden has the sweetest demeanor, takes treats so gently, and has had ZERO accidents in the house. She loves to play tag with her foster sisters (both goldens) and enjoys both chasing and being chased. She is watching them closely to learn how to be a dog – she is getting good at retrieving things like sticks, tennis balls, and stuffies, but she’s not sure what to do with them once she picks them up. Sometimes she bites down and elicits a squeak, which startles her, so she drops it and backs away. When her foster sisters are playing bitey face or wrestling, she’s nearby with her ears up like she wants to join in, but she’s not really sure what to do. We’re hopeful that in time she will have the confidence to jump in and play. She has been SO brave with trying all of the new things we’ve asked her to do, from going through doorways and up and down two steps to the backyard, to sleeping on a soft bed right next to us instead of a horse barn. She is left loose in the home with her foster sisters and has had no issues being destructive; a crate is not an option at this time due to her nervousness. A home where the current dog(s) are not crated may be best so she can continue to follow their lead when home alone.

 Adopting a cautious dog like Molly does not mean your family needs to walk on eggshells. It does mean you should be aware that she is currently scared of loud noises, sudden movements, and nervous around new people particularly men, and make reasonable accommodations to help her be comfortable as she adjusts and gains trust. She will do best in a calm and patient home. That does not mean a home where no one ever has a burst of laughter, accidently drops a box of protein bars on the floor, or takes a sweatshirt off and tosses it on a nearby chair. Life happens, and Molly will startle, back away, regroup, and come back because she truly wants to trust and be with her pack. She has not been reactive to motorcycles, garbage trucks, or thunderstorms. She does well when she has a corner of the room into which she can retreat when there are visitors, knowing they will not intrude in her safe space while she observes them from a distance.

 If you have been thinking of adding to your family, Molly might be just the girl for you! She has come SO far in such a short time in her foster home – learning so much about being a dog inside while working hard to unlearn being nervous about so many things. During the application process, her foster family will be honest about Molly’s needs, quirks, and potential, and offer advice about her specific boundaries and bonding.

To be considered for Molly you MUST have the following:

--Another larger mentor dog that can help show her the ropes and help with her confidence and socialization.

--A structural fence where she can be safe and secure and has room to roam.

--A calm environment as she is still coming out of her shell and learning to trust.

--A family member that has time to spend with her to help with her socialization and confidence.

If you have an approved application on file and you would like to be considered for Molly, please contact GRRACE at  You can find our adoption application and guidelines on the Adopt-A-Golden page of our website at



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GRRACE Golden Retriever Rescue

PO Box 513 Plainfield IN 46168

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Golden Retriever

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Meet Evie!  Evie is a 6 year old pretty, pretty princess! She weighs around 70 pounds and is quite dainty in her actions.  She was surrendered to GRRACE by a breeder, who did not need her any longer.  She has a very relaxed temperament, and enjoys being with her people.  She loves having a person to cling to, currently her favorite is our 10 year old son.  Evie can be a little timid at first (especially around men), but warms up to them.  She can be startled by sudden movements, but recovers quickly.  She is great with other calm/gentle dogs, and loves to explore yards & socialize.  She enjoys rolling in the grass (and mud 😉).  She will need a fenced yard, as she does not love the leash, so walks can be tough (however if accompanied by another dog to show the way, she often does fine).  She is potty trained, but doesn’t always signal she needs to go out, so just some consistency with future plans and she should do great!! She does occasionally give a quick bark to unknown noises, but is generally very quiet.  She rides well in the car.  Often so quiet we forgot briefly she’s there! Food wise Evie tends to be more of a grazer, eating when she feels like it.  And she’s shown no signs of food aggression. Appearance wise, she has a soft, shorter coat on her back, and longer fur on her chest and belly (thus where her name came from…see Eevee the Pokemon😊).  She is a wonderful example of a Golden, with a kind demeanor, and is the gentlest of dogs.  If you have been thinking of adopting, Evie could be the one for you!  We have loved our time with her and are excited for her to find her forever home! If you have an approved application on file and are interested in being considered for Evie, please contact GRRACE at info@grrace .org.  You can find our adoption application and guidelines on the Adopt-A-Golden page of our website at www.grrace,org. show less