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Female Adult Domestic Short Hair

If you have any questions about Sapphire, please contact Colorado Kitty Coalition at

Colorado Kitty Coalition

About Sapphire

Adoption Fee: $100

Sapphire: ~7 year old spayed female, $100

Sapphire came from an overrun shelter where she spent her entire life. She is SO grateful to be in CO & shows it through her snuggles! She spent enough time with lots of other cats, that she is sick of them and would prefer to have all of the attention now! She is incredibly cuddly and loves to be petted. She loves to be around her people and sunbathe on the back of the couch next to you. She is super friendly, even to strangers, as long as she is approached calmly. She isn't super playful. She enjoys having a dark, quiet space to disappear to occasionally & must have a soft blanket for bisquit making! Apply at to meet her in Fort Collins.



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Domestic Long Hair

Lucy: 8 yr old spayed female, $150 as bonded pair with brother Olaf Olaf and Lucy are an eight-year-old bonded brother and sister pair w... show more

Lucy: 8 yr old spayed female, $150 as bonded pair with brother Olaf Olaf and Lucy are an eight-year-old bonded brother and sister pair who look like they could be the little helpers of a wizard in a magical forest. They were surrendered because Olaf began peeing outside of his litter box. The previous owners attributed this behavior to a newborn baby and a move to a different house. After 14 months of trying other alternatives, they decided Lucy and Olaf would be happier in a quieter home. In the 6 weeks that they’ve been in foster care, Olaf has only peed outside the litter box twice, both during his first week. Olaf is a 14-lb gentle bear. He tolerates being held and cuddled. He loves attention. He always has this serious look on his face. He will knead the dough on his foster mom’s belly, and then climb up and perch there. He tolerates having his nails trimmed.  Lucy is the cutest little creature ever! She is a little sassy pants! She doesn’t like being held, or sitting in laps, but she enjoys attention like being petted and brushed, and she loves telling you all about her day.  They can be picky with food. We are still working on transitioning their diets from a supermarket brand to the brand we feed the rest of our cats (Blue Buffalo). Please be aware that they both have long, flowy hair that requires daily brushing. They currently shed quite a bit due to seasonal and diet changes.   Lucy is very easygoing, but Olaf might have some difficulty adjusting to a new environment. He was on an appetite stimulant for about a week after arriving at his fosters’ house. But since the first week, he has been doing very well. The fosters’ home is low-activity with no children of any age, and Olaf seems to thrive in a quiet environment. apply At to meet them in Fort Collins show less