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Male Adult Labrador Retriever Terriers (Medium) (mixed)

If you have any questions about Tonka, please contact Paws Rescue League Inc. at

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About Tonka

Adoption Fee: $540

Tonka was found as a stray dog, he was picked up by the local animal control. This animal control IS A KILL SHELTER. A dog has 3 days to be adopted or saved by a rescue. 

   One look at Tonka and it was clear he lived a life of SEVER neglect. His skin was falling out and thinning out all over, he had terribly long nails, his teeth were ground to stumps from gnawing on either a chain he was tied up with or a metal kennel he was locked in ( he was either caged or chained for a long time for his teeth to be in that condition. Worst of all he had ear infections that had gone untreated for so long that scar tissue from him scratchng at his ears caused tissue to grow and completely enclose his ear drums. His ears were swollen to the point they looked like ballons, his face was also beginging to swell.

  We knew we had to save this boy, and get him immediate vet care, he deserved so much more than what he was put through. Taking one look into his eyes and you can see his sad past, but despite his awful past, he has nothing but love and devotion to every human he meets. He has every right to be terrified, or untrusting of humans, but he adores them. He is the sweetest thing on two legs, he is the most well behaved boy, he loves every dog and human, (as well as children) he meets, and is just so grateful to br alive.

Tonka would fit in almost any, loving home, he is just the happiest, easy going, very good boy, with so much love to give!



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Paws Rescue League Inc.

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White German Shepherd

Arlo NEEDS A NEW ENGLAND FOSTER!  HE needs a hail mary, before he is returned back to TN. We are a smaller rescue, that is NOT  backed/f... show more

Arlo NEEDS A NEW ENGLAND FOSTER!  HE needs a hail mary, before he is returned back to TN. We are a smaller rescue, that is NOT  backed/funded by the governmemt, we are not sponsored by large corporations,l and we have never recieved a grant. Our rescue runs on small donations from individuals and our adoption donations. We are a foster based rescue, which means we DO NOT have a physical location to house dogs who dont find a foster or adoptive home. If we DO NOT have anyone to take a dog in, we have to send them back to TN.  We are a volunteer run organization, each person in the rescue is a volunteer.   Arlo is a YOUNG dog, at 1 year old. He had a hard life, where he was never loved or cared for. It evident in his behaviors when we got him into rescue that he had no idea how to dog. Arlo had done amazing in the 6 months we have had him in rescue, even with set backs he has shown us time and time again, that he tries his best to learn and understand.  Arlo was with us in TN for 5 weeks before coming to New England, Arlo spent 6 days a week at doggy day care, and did wonderful! With dogs of all ages, sizes, genders and breeds.He was basically an over grown puppy. He was eager to meet all people, with a freindly and excited hop! He worked on his basic commands and learned how to sit, and was housebroken. He made his way to New England and was placed in a foster home with a dog and a cat, and he was doing wonderfully. Until one day he played a little roughly with the cat. The cat WAS NOT HURT. It was him just trying to play, but becasue he is so much bigger than his feline friends he should go to a home with no cats.  **NOVEMBER 2022** Arlo was adopted into a family. A couple of months later, Arlo began displaying signs of behavioral issues that were unfortunately unable to be worked with. He was taken to training in which the trainer mentioned it would take more time for him. We had taken him back at this time. Arlo was placed in another foster home. We let the foster know hes a rough player, hes young, and he needs some work. He is not good at reading cues from other dogs and is possessive with toys.  He was doing well with his foster brother for the first week he was there. On Saturday, January 14th, Arlo went to a 5 hour adoption event, with a bit of a car ride to and from the event. Events are highly stimulating for a dog - It raises their cortisol levels, and without decompression, that cortisol continues to build and build until a dog will react. Sadly, after the event, he went home, and was given a toy ( as a reward for being a good boy at the event), and his foster brother was also given a toy. With cortisol levels high, stressed from the event, and he is already toy possesive. Like kids, dogs DO NOT understand that I have a toy, and my friend has a toy, they just want the one the other one has. Arlo went to get the toy, from his foster brother, and Arlo had bit him on the face during the altercation.      We can list Arlo as "Not good with other dogs", but thats is ignoring the root of the problem, and cutting his chances of finding a home in half. He is good with other dogs, but until he learns how to dog, and how to read cues from the other dog in the home, toys should be given only when separately. Arlo has bounced from house to house to house, never getting the chance to really settle in. He never gets to the part where he feels at home, this leads a dog to never truly feeling comfortable and confident in their home.    What ARLO NEEDS: He needs an experienced dog owner, He needs someone who has some experience with toy possessivness, and rescource gaurding, a family who will give him TIME, and continue to work with him on his training. No cats, No small pets like rodents, birds, he does have a high prey drive ( he loves to watch birds and squirels from the window) No small children. No other dogs in the home, OR  a dog whos energy matches Arlos -ONLY IF THE ADOPTER HAS EXPERIENCE  WITH RESCOURSE GAURDING, (TOY POSSESSIVNESS). A fenced in back yard, where he has a place to run around and play. Arlo is really a good dog, and in the right home he could be a wonderful dog. He is smart, housebroken, sweet, and playful, and wants to do his best. He just needs the right home, and the right guidence to get him there.    Arlos history when we saved him: We saved Arlo from a kill shelter, he was picked up as a stray and brought to Animal Control, he was given 3 days for his current owner to claim him (if he had an owner), or find a new adopter, or be saved by a rescue. Paws Rescue League works hard to save many dogs facing this situtation. Healthy, young good dogs are euthanized for space, as Animal Control needs to respond to calls about strays, so if they are full of dogs that no one claims, or adopts they would be unable to pick up any other dogs. We as well as the local Humane Society, and a few other rescues, work tirelessly to save these innocent dogs lives, who want nothing more than to be loved. Arlo is a bright light of happiness and joy! Even when in the scary shelter where he was unsure where he was or what would happen, he was trusting of everyone, and was as wiggly as a worm, and a huge smile on his face. He was just beaming with positivity. To think this beuatiful light could be extinguished soley because he was taken up a kennel is awful.   Arlo was temperament tested, and taken out of the shelter and placed in a TN foster home, where he got lots of love, and affection, and went to the vet for a physical exam, and HWT, neutered and vaccinated. Arlo is currently in his CT foster home, and he is very much a Husky Shepard mix! You have never met a sweeter, more loving and happy dog. Arlo is truly a wiggle butt! He wags his tail with such happiness his whole body wags, it is the cutest thing, then add his huge happy smile! He is truly a great dog, who loves everyone and has never met a stranger ( everyone is a friend).    Arlo is a male,  White swiss shepard/husky mix, who weighs about 38lbs. When he was picked up by Animal Control is was very clear he was very under weight and malnourished. His ideal weight should be about 50-55lbs. He is not a fan of the crate, after his adoption and return, he has picken up on house breaking amazingly well, our guess is he spent much of his short life on his own, outside, and eager to meet and interact with people. Arlo is good with other dogs, he is too rough and too much for cats, he is good with children, we suggest older children as he is still learning all "indoor manners", and how to be the best FURbaby! Arlo is still working on his training to be a dog, and learn how to communicate with other dogs. Arlo does have a hard time sharing toys, and needs someone who can help him work on that, or keep toys up and away when other dogs are around. show less

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Border Collie

Chamomile is one of 14 puppies from the Herb Litter. Born to Momma Sage on 10/12/2022 in New England!  Momma Sage is a Doberman mix, she... show more

Chamomile is one of 14 puppies from the Herb Litter. Born to Momma Sage on 10/12/2022 in New England!  Momma Sage is a Doberman mix, she is on the thinner/sleeker size, and weighs about 45lbs. We saved Sage when we were called about a Dog dumped on someones property. We were able to find a foster placement for her, and get her to the vet and healthy, unfortunately Sage was heavily pregnant, and would be having her puppies within 3 weeks.  We sent her to New England,  where 3 weeks later she gave birth to 14 beautiful babies!  12 were born over the course of 10 hours, 2 hours after she seem done, she had her last 2 suprizes! Chamomile is one of the 7  female puppies, she is grey and white in color and gorgeous blue eyes, her looks are goergous, and a personality to match!. Being part border collie, she will be on the higher energy side and need a family who can keep up with her and work on her training when she is old enough. . Chamomile (Cammie)  is such a happy go lucky puppy, she loves everyone (especailly her people, and kids), great with other dogs and cats. We believe she will be about 40lbs full grown.  She is very smart, and knows how to sit on command. She already is learning her name and responds when you say "Cammie!" She loves to play with toys, and she shares very well. She is currently 12 weeks old, and ready to find her new FURever home.  show less

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Flapjack and Crash, are two Rottweiler/hound  brothers who came from the same home. Their owner dumped them at a kill shelter. When an o... show more

Flapjack and Crash, are two Rottweiler/hound  brothers who came from the same home. Their owner dumped them at a kill shelter. When an owner takes their dog into the shelter becasue they no longer want to care for, or have time for the dog, those dogs are euthanized (killed) first. Stray dogs are given 3-5 days for an owner to find them, or to be adopted/ or rescued. Flapjack and Crash were running out of time, no one was stepping up to takes these two sweet big boys in. We had our foster volunteer pick them both up for their FREEDOM ride out of the shelter!  Flapjack and his brother have been in a foster home, with a few other dogs, and they are doing fantastic. Flapjacks foster mom has this to say about him:  "Hey there, Im Flapjack, or as my pawrents affectionately call me Pancake. Im an older boy but still as spry as any youngin, My two favorite things are watching the wildlife and getting pets/scratchies on my head. I also really enjoy a good game of fetch. When you get home I am so excited I roll around on the floor and on your lap, and cry in happiness,  because I missed you so much, and I am just so glad to see that you came back!  I love making new friends, Im good with strangers, I make friends quickly! I just want to smell them, and learn all about them. If I am smelling too much, just tell me to stop and I will! I am completely in love with food, I will do anyhing for a treat/cookie, sometimes I get a little excited and take it too quickly. I am wokring on taking them more gently, Its just so exciting, learning to be an indoor dog, and all the wonderful things Ive been able to experience, that I can get a little ahead of myself, and forget that I have teeth when taking the cookie!   Flap show less

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Luke Wilson

Hound (Unknown Type)

Luke Wilson came in to animal control as a stray, along with Owen Wilson, who we presume to be his brother or of relation. They are roug... show more

Luke Wilson came in to animal control as a stray, along with Owen Wilson, who we presume to be his brother or of relation. They are roughly same age,size, with neatly identical looks.  Both dogs have probably lived most of their short lives on a chain or locked in a kennel, they have worn their front teeth down a bit which is an indication that they were locked/chained and have tried to chew their way through the metal to get out. It is heartbreaking just thinking about it.  Luke LOVES to play with other dogs and has been spening some time at the daycate before he headed to New England. Luke was with his TN foster mom for 2 weeks building up his confidence and showing him what love is and what its like to live INSIDE a home, and have humans who care for you. He loves meeting new people now and showing them love and getting pats from everyone. He has not been cat tested yet, he did well with children and was a bit shy and timid around new people at first, but warms up. He is crate trained, and housebroken, is neutered, utd on all vaccines and vetting. Luke Wilson was adopted on February 23rd 2022, and is being returned to the rescue due to it not being a good fit for Luke or the family. Luke needs a more laid back lifestyle, and no small children. We suggest children 12 years and up. Luke does great with other dogs, we are unsure how he is with cats.  Luke is in need of a foster, foster to adopt, or adopter by 09/16/2022.     show less

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Border Collie

Momma Magic is on her way to New England and is looking for a FURever home, now that all of her 10 Princesses, and Princes have been ado... show more

Momma Magic is on her way to New England and is looking for a FURever home, now that all of her 10 Princesses, and Princes have been adopted last week!   Magic is a sweet girl, who is very good with other dogs, she attended doggy day care while in her TN foster home. She is just a puppy herself, the vet estimated her to be around 2 years old. Magic came to Paws Rescue League when local rescue people in TN has seen a stray heavily pregnant dog wandering for weeks, they contacted rescues, aninmal controls, and humane societies, but unfortunately EVERYONE WAS FULL. ( Paws Rescue League Inc was also full). Sadly Magic gave birth to her puppies outside, she had 10 adorable little babies, but still no one to step up and help this family in need.  We were contacted and explained the situation, and they asked if we could help. We got a foster home lined up right away, and had made vet appointments for momma and pups. Momma Magic has since been fixed, fully vetted, and is ready for her Happily Ever After!  Momma Magic, and her puppies have been in our foster care since the 2nd week of September. Magics puppies have all been adopted last week, now its her turn! She is truly a wonderful sweet girl!  Housebroken, crate trained, and plays very well with other dogs. All this information is learned through foster parents, during the time the dog is with us in foster care. show less