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Norman Wells

Male Senior German Shepherd Dog (mixed)

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About Norman Wells

Adoption Fee: $400.00


Wells is a male German Shepherd mix who is between 6-8 years old.  He is up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, neutered and microchipped. 

NORMAN WELLS BACK STORY:  Wells came into rescue after his owner either passed away or moved away.  We believe he spent his life outside and probably chained to a tree.  Neighbors were feeding this lonely senior boy and reached out to the rescue for help and the rescue stepped in   .When Norman Wells arrived at Sauver Des Chiens his skin was raw and broken.  Wells had no hair on his tail or on his back end and resembled an armadillo. When we first picked him up we had to lift him to put him into the car, he was so nervous and afraid.   Wells wouldn't come into his fosters home for the first few days and chose to just stay in the garage.  He would put his paws just inside the door to eat but would not come in.  He had a very large prostate infection when we got him and was promptly put on an antibiotic and neutered, which appears to have fixed the issue. 

Norman Wells now has lots of new hair growing in and is learning to enjoy a beautifiul life inside his foster Moms home.  He now jumps in and out of the car, with a little bit of encouragement and has learned its not so bad getting weekly baths in the shower to improve his skin issues.  He has learned 'sit' and 'down' and is working on "wait".  Everything his foster family has done with him has been done in baby steps.  Wells does good in the crate, doesn't necessarily like it, but he will go inside and lay down.  He appears to be housebroken, uses the dog door and can be left in the house without going out for up to 6 hours with no issues.   Wells has only met one of the female dogs in his foster home and has done fine;  his foster will be introducing her two male dogs as he gets more comfortable.  He's not food aggressive, is learning to play with toys, loves a good antler to gnaw on and is affectionate to his people.   He has been around a 21 month old baby and did very well with her.  He has not been tested with teenagers yet and his foster is working on leash walking.  

If you are looking for a sweet senior, Norman Wells is your man.



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Sauver Des Chiens, Inc.

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German Shepherd Dog

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💙BLAZE💙 This sweet boy is Blaze.  Blaze is a 17 month old German Shep/Husky mix, he is neutered, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped and ready to light up your world.  He is gorgeous!!! Blaze has one blue eye and one brown eye and weighs a solid 64lbs Blaze is good with people, older kids, other dogs, but not great with cats.   He is crate trained, housebroken, energetic and friendly.  He is still very much a puppy and comes with puppy energy and will need a committed, active adopter.   Blaze is looking for someone who enjoys walks, hiking, visits to the dog park or any place else he can run and play.   Blaze needs consistency in a routine, continued training and MUST be exercised. He walks great , is friendly but can be cautious when meeting new people.  He  plays hard and rough with the 2 German Shepherds at his foster home and loves his evening walks.   This velcro boy will do best with a confident owner to allow him a few days to decompress in a new environment and will need to take his time to warm up to his new humans.   Once he knows the routine, he is an absolute delight.  He would be a great agility dog, running buddy, walking partner or as a handsome sidekick (this guy loves car rides).   Blaze will sit for treats and meals, and takes treats very gently.  He loves to howl with sirens and enjoys chasing squirrels in the yard.   Blaze continues to learn expectations, has received formal training (leash walking, sit, down and stay) and yearns to be part of his forever family.  Let Blaze spark a fire in your heart and apply to adopt today!  show less

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💙GHOST💙 Ghost is a handsome 2 yr old, strong boy.  He weighs 75 pounds and can be a little shy when first meeting people.  Ghost is up to date on vaccines, neutered, microchipped, heartworm negative and housebroken.  This stunning boy is good with dogs his size, but does have some prey drive so NO cats or small dogs.  Ghost is a big fella and is not aware of his size, we recommend adult adopters. Ghost is looking for an experienced large dog foster or adopter and needs a big yard to run off his energy.  Ghost would do best in a home with another friendly dog, his size, to romp and play with.  Ghost has been through formal training classes and the adopter will need to continue these practices to keep him consistent.     Notes from his foster:  Ghost needs a lot of physical activity and stimulation. Ghost needs to be in a household where he can go out and spend extended time outside exploring, playing, and running around, multiple times a day.  Even with chewing and toys in the house, it’s still not enough stimulation for him, he needs a lot of monitoring because he will chew on things he shouldn’t and will find things because he is curious and explores everything!  Ghost Is skittish and reacts to very random things;  he barks at the ceiling fan every time we turn it off or on.  He barks aggressively (unprovoked) at our teenage kids a lot, like he doesn’t remember who they are when they come home or come downstairs in the morning.  It takes him a while to calm down and warm up to them again.   There are so many great things about him.  He loves to play and it is super fun to play with him.  He’s loves to play and run with our German Shep. If he’s going to be in a home with another dog, it definitely needs to be a dog that can match his energy or be very patient with him when he wants to play and they don’t.  He’s pretty much housebroken, but needs to go out often or he will have accidents.  He’s done great sleeping in the crate at night, but it’s a challenge to get him in there, even with treats.  He’s not a treat-driven dog.   He definitely still needs to work on manners.  He’s gotten better with sit, but he does grab food or treats.  Whomever is interested in adopting him needs to know he will need work and be willing to do that work with him and must be patient.   If you are interested in this big spritied boy, please fill out an application below for GHOST Https://     show less

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German Shepherd Dog

đź’™KOVUđź’™ This is Kovu. This stunning 6yr German Shepherd/Husky mix is looking for a very special home in the Dallas or Houston Metro areas... show more

💙KOVU💙 This is Kovu. This stunning 6yr German Shepherd/Husky mix is looking for a very special home in the Dallas or Houston Metro areas.  Backstory: Kovu and his puppies were a severe abuse case. The owners had locked them up in a house for months without food or water. Kovu’s wife was a husky and a husky rescue took her and we took Kovu and puppies. The puppies have since found their forever homes. Kovu, however, needed more help with human socialization. He has come a long way with his foster. Kovu is 6 yrs old, up to date on vaccines, neutered, microchipped, housebroken and crate trained. He LOVES other dogs and has gotten along with every foster that has come in the house and he is great with puppies, but he has no cat experience. Kovu also has no kid experience. So a home with older dog savvy kids, or no kids, would be best. Kovu likes to play tag with his person once he’s comfortable with you. He does like giving kisses and he is treat motivated! Kovu is looking for a pack, dogs that are sweet and will show him that people are too! He’s made so much progress that he even does ok on a leash now but he tries to avoid others walking. Kovu has a bark but really only uses it when it’s dinner time or he just got let outside and is excited!  👉 Here's the "very special home" part. Kovu is not a social butterfly as far as humans go. His foster can pet him, but Kovu gets no enjoyment from it. Kovu is not a snuggle dog and since he’s 6 it could be years, or possibly never, that he reaches the point of wanting that much attention. Kovu is looking for a special someone that will love him for who he is, a sweet soul    Kovu is not for everyone but he is for someone!     show less