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Male Young Siberian Husky

If you have any questions about Oreo, please contact Louisiana Husky Rescue Inc. at

Louisiana Husky Rescue Inc.

About Oreo

My name is Oreo! As you can see from my photo, I have stunning blue eyes and silky, soft fur. I’m approximately 2 years old and I love peanut butter treats!

The most important thing to know about me is that I love playing with other dogs and I love cats too! I do well in groups and large crowds, and I love small humans!

Going on walks often and laying out in the sun is one of the ways I spend my time. I’m always on the hunt for cuddles and snuggles.



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Louisiana Husky Rescue Inc.

1137 S. Bernard Rd. Broussard LA 70517

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Siberian Husky

Bella is ready for her furever home.  She is a spunky, bossy girl!  She has a mind of her own and does not like to be left alone.   Leav... show more

Bella is ready for her furever home.  She is a spunky, bossy girl!  She has a mind of her own and does not like to be left alone.   Leave her alone too long and she will show you what she can do by acting out.  She does great walking on a leash but will get excited and be rowdy at first or when she sees small creatures.   She has been in foster-care with one human and she can be human possessive.  No food aggression, no aggression towards other dogs or kids.   *Old information below* BELLA HAS BABIES! Currently she is nursing 7 baby huskies in foster-care in Lafayette, LA. This momma was a stray in a neighborhood and a very kind hearted man found her.  His story quoted below: Bella is also heart-worm positive and will be recieving treatment before being adopted out. "I was at a house in Larose Louisiana on 10/5 doing an inspection. I went outside and saw this beautiful dog walking on the street. Me being the dog guy I am, I whistled and she came to me. I went to my truck and got my bowl and water that I carry for this purpose and some treats. After, I walked to the house I inspecting and asked the owner if they knew who the dog belonged to. They said “she is yours if you want her. Her name is Bella.” I told them, don’t threaten me, I’ll take her and find her a home. They told me that is all they want. The daughter who owned Bella lost everything in Hurricane Ida. There is nothing but grass and dirt where their house was. They lost one dog during the storm and was desperately trying to regime Bella. I took her that day and her new life started. She had been a street dog since the hurricane but no more. She came to my house with my lab Sugar and my 2 cats Meek and Eek. Bella had never been an inside dog and boy was that evident. In no other way than potty trained. She was an angel besides that. My mission wasn’t to keep her but to get her to a better home. I work 12-14 hours a day and I live in a townhouse. Not the best for a husky and I knew that. I took her to my vet that Friday and she was anemic, heart worm positive, tape and hook worm positive. So my vet and I started a treatment plan immediately. Tape and hook worms were taken care promptly but the heart worms take more time. We started doxycycline and advantage multi immediately. When I took her back 3 weeks later she was still showing signs of being anemic and so we scheduled a shot of immiticide on 11/8. Now on that follow up visit she got fully vaccinated and microchipped. I dropped Bella off at 7:45 on 11/8 for her shot. Well, about 10:09 my vet called and asked “Have you noticed Bella’s belly is getting rounder?” I said “yes. I mean she’s eating more food now.” My vet said “No. That’s not the round we are seeing.” Well, after an X-ray, Bella is pregnant. Now, my sister lives in sugar land Texas. And she just bought a welping box for a project and she comes into town this past weekend. Sunday night she brings the box over and we set it up and get Bella in it. I tell Bella that that is her bed until whenever and I go to bed. Monday I wake up to 4 puppies in the box with Bella and Bella panting. Woohoo!!! It’s happening. Now my vet told me to be ready for 5 and 5 took a while. And then came 6 and I got 6 on film. That was amazing to watch. But I relaxed after that and 7 popped out and surprised me. So, that is the story of these great pups. I did everything that a single man who works way too much, could do. These dogs deserve way more. They are the cutest things and I am blessed to have been able to give them a safe place to be born. But they are going to need so much more. So, please help these kind folks out who have helped me. For a person who loves animals, it was hard to surrender them, but that is what is best for them." show less