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Ginger Snap

Female Puppy Golden Retriever

If you have any questions about Ginger Snap, please contact GRRACE Golden Retriever Rescue at

GRRACE Golden Retriever Rescue

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About Ginger Snap

Adoption Fee: $450.00

Meet Ginger Snap. She's 4-5 months old, ginger/red colored, and the softest thing we have ever touched. She's on track to be slightly larger than the average female golden, though lots of factors may affect that as she grows. She has tons of energy and loads of personality, then snuggles in tight for naps on foster mom or dad's lap, or curled up against her furry foster sister. She loves meeting new people - men, women, and kids, and doesn't know a stranger. She's having an absolute blast with the younger foster sister (a year and a half old golden with a strong play drive) and is trying to make friends with the 7-year-old golden, who is not as impressed with the puppy shenanigans. Ginger loves to run, play, wrestle, tug, play bitey face, chew on toys, and run and chase some more. She is very active and needs both a structurally fenced yard and a young, playful sibling so she can live her best (energetic) life. She is unknown with cats so she needs to be in a home without cats. A home where someone is home often is preferred. She's in that adorably clumsy stage where her back legs look too long for her body and she's not always quite sure where all her legs are at any given moment. She has mastered a new technique of convincing one of her sisters to chase her, then right before she gets trampled she ducks into a tiny ball so she can be jumped over, then starts chasing instead of being chased.

She loves tennis balls (defuzzing is more fun than chewing on them since her mouth is still small), squeaky toys, Kong knots toys, and is a champ at kongs with frozen PB or canned food when she's in the crate. She likes a towel or blanket to dig/burrow in as well. She would love physical challenges like agility - she likes climbing on things at angles - and auditioned as a therapy dog with a friend who had a death in the family and asked for a puppy visit. (She did great - the perfect combination of snuggles and clumsy, silly distractions).

Ginger occasionally leaks a small amount of urine at times right when she falls asleep (including when on Foster Mom's lap). It's a tablespoon or less, and the vet is hopeful she will grow out of this soon. But in the interest of transparency, this is something that might need follow-up.

Bad habits we're working on: counter-surfing and eating mulch. Good habits she's made lots of progress on: Sit (in general, to get out of crate, and before receiving food bowl or going outside), stay, down, come. She tends to get sassy with a funny but piercing awoowoowoo or yip if we're taking too long with the treat as positive reinforcement :-) so we're working on learning that barking does not get treats. She can jump on the couch and run up and down the (carpeted) stairs with confidence.  She keeps her crate dry and relatively quiet overnight (a little whining when we say goodnight and barks if she needs to go out). She's down to 0-1 accidents each day, and the last few accidents have been urinating on the rug as we're walking to the door. She has had 7 100% outside potty days over the last 2 weeks so we're almost there. She walks fine on a leash so far (using a front-clasp harness), is fine in the car, and is curious about loud noises such as lawnmowers, motorcycles, and a helicopter. She hasn't experienced significant fireworks or thunder but I don't anticipate a fear response. She is so cute and so sweet. Just a perfect little golden nugget.

If you have an approved application on file and you are interested in Ginger Snap, please contact GRRACE at Our adoption application and guidelines can be found on our Adopt-A-Golden page at



Ginger Snap
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GRRACE Golden Retriever Rescue

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