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Male Puppy Shepherds (All Types) Husky (mixed)

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Wagmor Pets

About Cashew

Meet Cashew!

I’m definitely the cutest puppy on the planet and there isn’t a judge who would say differently! I’m confident and curious and cautiously optimistic that I just might be PERFECT for you!

I love to follow my nose…especially if it leads me to food or socks…I LOVE SOCKS! And not the small ones I’m talking about the long socks that I can swing from side to side and play with until of course the human has to wear them. But back to food…ohhhhh my stars I love food. In my short 2+ months on earth I’ve learned that in order to not get hangry and do things like “sit” I should eat Salmon, Turkey, Banana Bites and Dried Apple Slices and don’t forget the water! I’m currently in foster with my brother Macadamia who tries to steal all the food, but lucky for me the humans were smart enough to start giving him his own bowl! I mean who does he think he is?! 

I would love it if you would pick me up, rub my belly, share a pillow and pet right in between my eyes..but if not I’m even cool if you just want to chill and give me a chew toy. I LIKE chew toys but I don’t love them yet, so my first choice is always going to be laying with you. I can’t help but swing my tail 24/7 because I’m just so excited to see/learn new things with you.



4 Months and 4 Weeks
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