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Male Young White German Shepherd Husky (mixed)

If you have any questions about Arlo, please contact Paws Rescue League Inc. at

Paws Rescue League Inc.

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About Arlo

Adoption Fee: $575

We saved Arlo from a kill shelter, he was picked up as a stray and brought to Animal Control, he was given 3 days for his current owner to claim him (if he had an owner), or find a new adopter, or be saved by a rescue. Paws Rescue League works hard to save many dogs facing this situtation. Healthy, young good dogs are euthanized for space, as Animal Control needs to respond to calls about strays, so if they are full of dogs that no one claims, or adopts they would be unable to pick up any other dogs. We as well as the local Humane Society, and a few other rescues, work tirelessly to save these innocent dogs lives, who want nothing more than to be loved.

Arlo is a bright light of happiness and joy! Even when in the scary shelter where he was unsure where he was or what would happen, he was trusting of everyon, and was as wiggly as a worm, and a hige smile on his face. He was just beaming with positivity. To think this beuatiful light could be extinguished soley because he was taken up a kennel is awful.

  Arlo was temperament tested, and taken out of the shelter and placed in a TN foster home, where he got lots of love, and affection, and went to the vet for a physical exam, and HWT, neutered and vaccinated. Arlo is currently in his CT foster home, and he is very much a Husky Shepard mix! You have never met a sweeter, more loving and happy dog. Arlo is truly a wiggle butt! He wags his tail with such happiness his whole body wags, it is the cutest thing, then add his huge happy smile! He is truly a great dog, who loves everyone and has never met a stranger ( everyone is a friend). 

Arlo will be at our Summer event at Petco in Willimantic CT on 08/21/2022! Check out our website for more event details!

Arlo is a 10-12 month old, male,  White swiss shepard/husky mix, who weighs about 40lbs. When he was picked up by Animal Control is was clear he was very under weight and malnourished. His ideal weight should be about 55 -60lbs. He is crate trained, he has picken up on house breaking pretty well, our guess is he spent much of his short life on his own, outside, and eager to meet and interact with people. Arlo is good with other dogs, he has not been cat tested yet, he is good with children, we suggest older children as he is still learning all "indoor manners", and how to be the best FURbaby!



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Paws Rescue League Inc.

Bristol CT 06010

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Redtick Coonhound

Bernice  is a female red tick coon hound, she is about 5-6 years old. She was dumped at animal control when her family no longer had a u... show more

Bernice  is a female red tick coon hound, she is about 5-6 years old. She was dumped at animal control when her family no longer had a use for her, or out grew her. She was loyal to her family for those 5-6 years, and loved them. They were all shes ever known. Then one day they put her in the car, and drove her to Animal Control, where dogs who are brought in by their owners are the first to be euthanized. Owner surrenders are only given 24 hours to find a rescue or an adopter to save them before their 24 hours is up.  Bernice, was saved by Paws Rescue League Inc, placed in a TN foster home while she was vetted, and where she could settle in, and recover from the heartbreak of losing her family. Bernice has now been in foster care for over a month, and is ready to make her way north to find a loving furever home. You will not find a more calm, sweet, easy going, good natured, cuddly, loves everyone dog, than Bernice! She checks all of these boxes. She has the sweetest temperatment of any dog. She is still playful when around other dogs, calm gentle, and friendly around children and people. She does not jump on people, knows some basic commands, and is just overall the sweetest girl you will ever meet! She does suffer from Glaucoma in one eye, her right eye. She is mostly blind in that eye, but you would never know she doesnt have full vision. Her glaucoma is not painful, and at the moment there isnt anything that needs to be done for her eye. Sadly, people dont see her AMAZINGLY sweet, calm, mellow temperament, because they wont look past her eye.  Bernice has a lot of love to give, and a lot of snuggles ( she could very well be a service dog for emotional support, shes that well behaved, easy and loving). Anyone who spends 5 minutes with her will be in love. Even with her temperament, when shes with dogs, she lights up and enjoys their company, plays very well with them, and takes ques from other dogs. She walks well on leash, crate trained (though she rather be in your bed). Bernice is currently available and would love to have a family of her own who will love her. show less

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Jelly Bean

Australian Kelpie

UPDATE:  Jelly Bean was saved by Paws Rescue League Inc when he was 1 week olf, along with his 9 siblings and mom Lady Lacey. Jelly Bean... show more

UPDATE:  Jelly Bean was saved by Paws Rescue League Inc when he was 1 week olf, along with his 9 siblings and mom Lady Lacey. Jelly Bean was adopted at the age of 9 weeks old. He is currently 9.5 months old. He had been retuned to the rescue, due to lack of time for Jelly Bean. He was in a home with 4 children under the age of 5, and we feel that a home without children, or older children will be the best placement for Jelly Bean.  Jelly Bean is good with other dogs, enjoys playing fetch and getting belly rubs. He has not been cat tested so we are unsure how he would do with cats. He has lived with infants, toddlers, and preschool age children for the last 7 months, he does well with them, but we strongly feel he would do better in a less stimulating, more structured environment where he can learn to be a dog. He is a sweet pooch, and his family do love him dearly, but have decided its not the best placement, and they dont have the time to work on it.   01/20/2022 -  These puppies will grow to be medium to large based on the breeds they are assumed to be, they will need acess to a yard, or multiple daily walks, or hikes to keep them physcially active, and mentally stimulate them so they are happy well rounded dogs. Continued socialization is an important key for all dogs, at all ages. This will help keep them familiar with meeting new dogs, and learn to communicate with other dogs. Message from his first foster " Jelly Bean is an active, inquisitive and brave little puppy, he is the first to explore something new, then his siblings follow", ( foster had him from the age of 1 week - 9 weeks old.) show less

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Airedale Terrier

Jubilee is a 2 month old male full bred Airdale terrier, we saved her and 3 of her siblings from a breeder who was selling them. We want... show more

Jubilee is a 2 month old male full bred Airdale terrier, we saved her and 3 of her siblings from a breeder who was selling them. We wanted to ensure they would find loving, caring furever homes where they would be taken care of and not chained up outside, or dumped later on. Which has been the trend in the south for some time. Jubilee came from a litter of 12 puppies, another rescue took a few of the puppies in to their rescue, and some people bought puppies before we got there to save them. Jubilee is a typical fun loving curious playful little girl, who loves everyone! We named her Jubilee, from X-Men, her brother and sisters that we saved are Logan, Storm, and Rouge  Airdale terriers are large breed dogs. They grow to be between 40-70lbs. They have hair not fur, and are a large breed hypoallergenic dog, like a standard poodle. Their coloring is brown and tan, and all 4 siblings are nearly identical. They are good breed dogs, smart, average energy level, and good with people.  Jubilee and her siblings are only 2 months old, they are good with everyone and they will adjust well in almost any home they go to.Good with dogs, cats and children. These 4 pups will need to go to families who have fenced in yards. Logan is currently working on potty training and crate training. show less