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Bonded Pair

Eliza Thornberry

Female Kitten Domestic Short Hair

If you have any questions about Eliza Thornberry, please contact Saving Livy Cat Rescue at

Saving Livy Cat Rescue

About Eliza Thornberry

Adoption Fee: $125

Eliza is the most playful of the Wild Thornberry's family of kitties. She is always running around or chasing toys. She cannot live without her sister, Nigella. She is good with kids, dogs + cats. Ellie would do best being adopted with Nigella, as they would be heartbroken if separated. Both of them are experts at parkour.





Eliza Thornberry
4 Months, 3 Weeks and 3 Days
Primary Color
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Not Sure
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Ok with kids
Ok with dogs
Ok with cats

Saving Livy Cat Rescue

1109 Doyle Road Deltona FL 32725

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Domestic Short Hair

Meet George and Philippe, a BONDED PAIR that met in foster care, these two kitties have been in our rescue longer than any of the others... show more

Meet George and Philippe, a BONDED PAIR that met in foster care, these two kitties have been in our rescue longer than any of the others, Philippe for 3 years with no interest and George for 8 months while healing and learning socialisation. George came to foster mom at 3 months old, very emaciated, dehydrated and on the brink of death, he was unable to eat on his own for 2 weeks and had to be syringe fed every 4 hours until he could walk and eat on his own again. Unfortunately, George had never had human contact before he was saved and was terrified of foster mom, until he realised the syringe had food, as long as she had that syringe everything was fine but he was very scared otherwise and only seemed okay with other cats. George is now generally confident and playful with his best friend Philippe and now likes to play with humans while they have dangle toys and lasers, he just does not like being touched currently but has been alowing nose touches, with time we think he will open up. Philippe was found all alone and far from his siblings across a busy road and was trapped and saved by foster mom when he was a small kitten, she heard him screaming from her job and closed shop to save him. All of his other siblings found homes but Philippe has been with his foster mom ever since looking for his perfect forever home, yet no one has showed interest and he is now 3 years old. Philippe is very sweet with his humans and loves to be petted, he will even come to help you work at your desk, loves movie time and will sit while you pet him, he just dislikes being held. As he is part Norwegian Forest Cat his personality is that of a forever kitten, he loves string toys, toy mice and lasers and always wants to play fight. Unfortunately, he is too aggressive for foster moms resident cats so they never really liked him and he was a lonely boy. We thought he would never get along well with another cat, that all changed when he met his best friend George. While George was kennelled and healing, Philippe would rudely come to hiss at him every morning to show he was boss. Eventually George was well enough to come out of his kennel and although he didn’t care for people he was very interested in Philippe who would visit him every day and Philippe did like people just not other cats. So George stalked Philippe until he gave in, stopped being mean and opened his heart to George. Philippe has helped George realise people can be kind and is gradually letting people pet him, George is quite confident otherwise and will play with string toys, toy springs and lasers like a normal kitty now. George and Philippe (fil-eep) know their names very well and will listen when spoken to, it may take them time to warm up to you but it is worth it in the end for the love and spirit these two boys have to give. Philippe and George want to share the keys to their Kingdom with each other but only each other, so they must be the only animals in the home. Please contact us for a meet and greet at foster moms house. Their adoption fee is $160 for the pair.  show less