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Female Senior Great Dane

If you have any questions about Jazzy, please contact Great Dane Rescue of MN & WI at

Great Dane Rescue of MN & WI

About Jazzy

Adoption Fee: $500.00

Meet Jazzy!

She's 6.5, and has been bred her entire life on every heat cycle she had. This poor breeding mama has had so many litters it's really pushed aged her more than it should have. 

She is the sweetest girl on the planet so she's not letting the past get to her! She's calm but fun once she opens up! 

She is crate trained, can be around other calm dogs, and cats, but really will prefer to be spoiled as an only dog since she's been fighting for attention her whole life. She does not tolerate high energy dog shenanigans so that will need to be monitored on a routine basis.

She walks great on leash, is good with all humans, and honestly is the dream dog!! If you've been wanting a dane and can open your home to a senior, she'll be the one for you! 



6 years, 8 months
Primary Color
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Ok with kids
Ok with dogs
Ok with cats
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Great Dane Rescue of MN & WI


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Great Dane

Hi my name is Bella! I'm 3.5 and I like to say that I'm the best girl (don't listen to the other girls, I really am the best)  Let's get... show more

Hi my name is Bella! I'm 3.5 and I like to say that I'm the best girl (don't listen to the other girls, I really am the best)  Let's get the nitty gritty out of the way first--  I don't want to share my home with other animals, so I must be your only pet (no exceptions), but with a Princess like me, you won't need other pets anyways.  Ok, so let's talk about why I'm the best!  I can be left home to free roam for a full work day as long as the counter is clear-  but I wouldn't mind if you left out some snacks.  I'm also a really great walker! I'm currently living right downtown Minneapolis and I go on a lot of walks, Loring park is my favorite place because it's calmer there, sometimes the noise of the city streets makes me nervous but I'm getting used to it! I'm way braver than I used to be. I really love zoomies in the basement of my apartment whenever I get the chance, my foster dad didn't know I had it in me, but since I'm not allowed at the dog parks, I haven't had the space to run! So I guess that also means I'm doing really well with downtown apartment life. I like to look out the window at the passerbyers and rarely bark about it.  I enjoy the patio scene and do really well minding my business and allowing pets from strangers. I might be nervous at first, but I warm up pretty quickly.  Overall, I'm a pretty independent lady. I like to be close to my foster dad but I'm not a lap dog he said. I like to just remind him that I mind my manners and lady's don't need to be clingy.  I'd love a home who will take my on walks, might have a fenced in yard for my zoomies, but I'm a great apartment dog too. I don't like to have too many dog encounters so you'll just have to make sure we can keep our distance in whatever living space we have! I'm a happy, healthy, calm, lazy, typical dane who just needs all the love you can provide. If I sound like your ideal dog, apply to adopt <3  show less

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Great Dane

Hi! My name is Flint. But you can call me Flinty or Flinty Doo! I’m 1.5 years old and neutered (whatever that means). I’m a special guy... show more

Hi! My name is Flint. But you can call me Flinty or Flinty Doo! I’m 1.5 years old and neutered (whatever that means). I’m a special guy looking for a special home for the New Year! You see, I have what the doctor says is neurological brain disease. This means I’m kind of wobbly and have trouble seeing. They say my eyes work but everything is moving in my world because I have nystagmus in my eyes.  Because of this eyesight impairment I cannot navigate stairs on my own. I can figure my way up but I’m not very graceful and cannot come down on my own.  My foster parents say that a home without stairs or with only a couple of stairs going outside is a must for me.  I am your typical “velcro dane” I want to be where my people are at all times. Unless there is food - food trumps everything!  Speaking of food, since I rely more on my nose and ears because my eyes aren’t the best I am SUPER good at sniffing out all the yummy snacks on the counter. Oh, and ovens are my favorite. Even though my Foster Mom shrieks and claps her hands when I try to check it out. Because I like to live life on the edge and seek out danger, a kennel is a must as well. I love to hang out in there while the humans cook the yummy food. They even give me bully sticks and other snacks to keep me busy in there.  I’m kind of an anxious guy. We don’t know if it’s because of the trouble I have seeing but I like to walk around the house - - a lot. I do love a good snuggle and nap on the couch though! Since I can’t see very great I’m not much of a toy player but I love to play with humans. Hopefully my forever humans will be ok with me slobbering their arms and hands up while playing. It’s my favorite - I’m super gentle - just slobbery.  I am great with dogs and cats alike. Im not much of a player but will play with dogs who like to bounce and play bow. Dogs who bark at me and mouth at me make me nervous so I won’t engage with that. If dogs are too rowdy I would rather relax in my safe spot - my kennel.  Similarly, a home without unpredictable children is required. I don’t mind meeting children and letting them pet me as long as they talk to me before touching and let me sniff them and don’t scream. That makes me very nervous.  I would like a home that can provide routine. If my routine gets screwed up I have an accident since I can’t find the door to tell them I need to potty. But I like to stick to a strict schedule so it’s pretty easy to know when I need to go.  Even though I have my special quirks, Foster Mom and Dad are really going to miss me. I am one of the best boys and sweetest fosters they have ever had.  Note from Foster-- Flint will require a home with zero or very few stairs. Due to his coordination trouble he can slip easily on smooth surfaces so rugs or carpet are great solutions! He loves walks and meeting friends but needs to meet new people slowly. Being approached quickly makes him nervous. After taking a few minutes to get a good sniff in he loves to be pet and has loved all visitors! Due to his eyesight issues he will need a few days to settle into a new home and figure out the layout. He is also on daily anxiety meds that he must continue in his adoptive home.  show less

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Great Dane

I am a 3 yr. old purebred Great Dane female , FAWNEQUIN (fawn-colored Harlequin) I am a diamond in the rough and ready for that forever... show more

I am a 3 yr. old purebred Great Dane female , FAWNEQUIN (fawn-colored Harlequin) I am a diamond in the rough and ready for that forever family I was rescued from a hoarders home, we aren't sure how long I was there but we do know it was at least my second home in my 3 years. Don't let the unknown worry you though, I have lots of love for you plus I give great kisses once I get to know you. I am usually scared of people when I first meet them, unless you maybe have a dog with you to make me feel at ease. I’ll take all the snuggles and cuddles you can give. I am your typical Velcro Dane with my people. My foster mom has taught me to do stairs but I am still kind of clumsy. My pass time is sleeping on the couch with my blanket. We have gone to the park for walks. I have not met a dog that I did not like. My Foster mom thinks I would do better with another dog in the home. I do great at the VET and love to go to Chuck and Dons for the treats. At the Vet I meet my first cat and really had no interest either way. I’ll wait my turn for treats when my foster mom gives treats to me and the neighbor dogs. Short walks in the morning and at night  but really love to ride in the car Free roam in the house – Very respectful of your things and do not chew on anything Housetrained with no accidents in the house, but I do not know how to ask to go outside so my foster mama just takes me out 4 to 5 times a day, I'm slowly learning though, to go to the door. I am learning basic commands. Sit for treats and Halt before crossing the street.   Dislikes Being Crated or Kenneled  Being left home for more than 3 hours Dislikes walking with a collar, but likes her no pull harness   Hard Requirements for Forever Home- Positive Reinforcement Training show less

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Great Dane

*please note Quinn needs to be the only pet in the home and cannot live with other dogs* Hi! My name is Quinn. No one is really sure of... show more

*please note Quinn needs to be the only pet in the home and cannot live with other dogs* Hi! My name is Quinn. No one is really sure of my age, but I’m a young spayed beautiful female merle Great Dane. I’ve had a rough start to my life and came into rescue a little ill and a lot underweight, but I now enjoy a life inside with my humans, other fur-friends, plenty of food, and lots of affection. I’ve got a pretty easy going and happy-go-lucky attitude. With proper introduction, I can get along well with big and small dogs, both male and female, although there have been some different incidents which have indicated that I cannot have another  pet in my home. I have not met a cat yet, but I do tend to have a bit of a prey-drive. There are outside rabbits and pheasants at my foster home and I would just go nuts if I could get a hold of one, so maybe a new home without any of the small critters would be best for me. I have been learning house manners and basic obedience, which I’m a super-star at it. My foster momma says so. She says I’m so smart! I’m muzzle trained, which makes it so much safer for everyone when I’m being introduced to new friends. I’ve also recently been crate trained and go in all the time just to hang out, although it’s not often that I’m locked in it for very long. I have learned to come when called and learned “Sit”, “Down”, “Shake”, “Off”, “Out”, “Bed”, and other basic commands. I really aim to please and want to make everyone happy, especially if they are offering treats as a reward or even cuddles and scritches. I love to play with my toys and don’t really have a preference as to what kind, I love them all! My foster family is teaching me fetch and I could go all day doing that! I’m evening learning “go get it” and “drop it” as part of this fun game. I admit, I’m most definitely a daddy's girl, but I will love on anyone that'll give me attention or treats.  Although I’m a petite gal, I make my presence known with "hugs" or nudges, kisses, and the common Dane-leaning. If given the chance, I’ll also back up and park my bum on your lap while you’re sitting and hang out with you watching tv. I’m the typical “Velcro Dane” and want to be with my human all the time too, so I’m working on riding well in the car so I can go more places with my person. I’m quite a social girl, nothing shy about me. I will bark at company but it’s more of a greeting. My way of saying “Hi, give me pets!” Although I love everyone, I would probably not do well in a house with young children, since I’m a bit clumsy.   Note from Foster – Quinn will do well in a more active home, but not a chaotic one, as she can get stressed and not know how to react. In cases like this, she tends to run and hide in her “safe space” which is her bed or crate. Even though she is not kenneled frequently, we’ve worked on kennel training and leave the door open and her bed inside so she’s free to go in and out on her own. Quinn cannot be trusted to free-roam without supervision. I would recommend the continued use of a kennel or a safe and secure room for her if you plan to be out of the house for any length of time. She does tend to get into things if left unsupervised. Quinn does prefer men, but also does very well with women if her guy isn’t around. Although she is social and does well with other dogs, I would recommend performing a slow introduction to other dogs, as socialization is still a fairly new thing for her. She is muzzle trained and it's proven to be a safe and effective way to introduce her other dogs. Quinn loves walks and is learning to walk more on a leash and harness, but would love a large fenced yard for her to run and do zoomies. Quinn is the sweetest girl you’re likely to meet! show less