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Male Adult Terriers (Small) (mixed)

If you have any questions about Jay, please contact Mountain Pet Rescue Asheville at

Mountain Pet Rescue Asheville

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About Jay

Jay is an 8 year old male dog who weighs 10lbs and dreams of being the ultimate lap dog for the rest of his life. He loves snuggling under the covers, going for short walks, and sleeping the day away with his people. He doesn't mind cats and dogs, but prefers people the most. He doesn't particularily enjoy playing or sharing the things he loves, so he would prefer an adult-only home without children or many other dogs. Jay can have a lot to say when new people or animals come into his foster home, but he settles in quickly. He would enjoy a quiet home where he can be the star of the house and get pets and attention all day long!

Jay is vaccinated, microchipped, neutered, and on monthly heartworm and flea preventation. His adoption fee is $200 and you can apply to meet him at



8 years, 5 months
3/21- 9.3lbs
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Mountain Pet Rescue Asheville

9 Old Pisgah Highway Candler NC 28715

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Domestic Short Hair

Astrid is a love.  She LOVE, LOVE, LOVES her people and wants to be with them all the time.  If she gets separated, she may come crying... show more

Astrid is a love.  She LOVE, LOVE, LOVES her people and wants to be with them all the time.  If she gets separated, she may come crying in her search.  She brings her favorite mouse toy to you to show her affection and she rubs on you and lifts her back up high for pets.  She loves to sleep by your side and for a kitten, does a really great job at being quiet and staying calm throughout the night.  She loves to play with toys, her sister (who has been adopted), and with the older cats in her foster home. She loves her food and used to hold her brother's heads back from the food with her tiny paw when she was itty bitty. She loves to snuggle up in a lap when she's ready to rest and appreciates a cozy blanket. She does not appreciate the affections of the small dogs in two separate foster homes so she would do best in a home with a calm older dog but perhaps not an excitable dog.  Astrid will be attending our adoption event with her new friends, McIntyre and Zailey, on Wednesday, 6-8pm and Saturday, 12-4 pm, PetSmart, Bleachery Blvd.   Get $50 off the combined adoption fee when adopting a pair of kittens.  All cats and kittens have been spayed/neutered, FELV/FIV tested, microchipped, vaccinated (whatever they can have in the period they are in our care, some will still need additional vaccines after adoption), given dewormer and flea preventative and provided care for any known illnesses during their time with us.    show less

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Labrador Retriever

Attention: This is a courtesy posting only! This pet is NOT available through Mountain Pet Rescue.  Please do NOT contact MPR for inform... show more

Attention: This is a courtesy posting only! This pet is NOT available through Mountain Pet Rescue.  Please do NOT contact MPR for information about the pet or apply to adopt this pet on the MPR website.  Contact for more information or to adopt the pet. I have had Atticus since he was 6 weeks old, and he recently turned 3 on March 31st. He is a 70 lb LabraDane, and is the most vibrant, dynamic, stubborn & intelligent dog I’ve ever crossed paths with. I consider myself lucky to have been his momma thus far. He is very energetic, loving, loyal, happy, anxious, excited, and smart. Atticus LOVES to swim, run, hike, go on walks, ride in the car, and just be with people in general. He is a huge lover and has never exhibited aggression towards humans before. He can become territorial with his food. He is very food-driven and easy to train, especially with treats handy. Atticus is crate trained, and I have in the past let him roam free in the house when at work for a full day, as he is not destructive (unless a trash can is in his reach) and he is fully house trained. He has been house and crate trained. Leash walking is somewhat complicated, as he knows what is expected of him, though he struggles containing his anxiety and excitement of meeting other dogs and requires his attention to be redirected. I waited until he was about a year and a half old to have him neutered. Up to the point of neutering him, I prioritized socializing him with other dogs and never had issues with aggression. When walking on the leash, it initially seems as though he is very excited to meet and greet other dogs. Though upon getting closer, he will bark and attempt to lunge at other dogs, despite not doing this with every dog. It is seemingly males he has a primary issue with, and acts as though the protection of who he is with is being threatened. He IS able to acclimate to most dogs *off-leash* after a brief introductory period, though still occasionally has issues with male dogs, perhaps intact males. On the subject of anxiety, Atticus has exhibited separation anxiety since he was a pup. Though it has gotten significantly better over time, it’s still existent, though manageable. He takes Fluoxetine (Prozac) on a daily basis, and has for about 1.5 years now, which helps his anxiety/hyperactivity levels TREMENDOUSLY. He has skin allergies for which I do not know the culprit. The only medication I have found to work effectively for him is Apoquel, which he takes ½ tablet/day for and works VERY well for his allergies. They are virtually nonexistent when consistently on the medication. Atticus has had Lyme’s Disease twice now from tick bites, so a flea/tick preventative is essential for him. Seresto collars work wonders for him. Atticus’ ideal new owner and living situation would be someone who has owned large dogs before and understands the importance of catering to high-maintenance and high-energy dogs that require more attention. Someone who is able to engage with Atticus and stimulate his need to play. He needs a LOT of space to run outside, and to explore in general. Someone who works minimally, works from home, is retired, or could take him into the office is ideal, though Atticus is capable of staying home alone for periods of time. He has never lived with small children, though has been good with kids. He is very strong and hyper, so I would recommend households with children at least 10 years old. It is possible for Atticus to live with other dogs, though we would need to meet several times beforehand to ensure this possibility. Atticus thrives best in a stable living environment with ample outdoor time. Atticus is a beautiful soul and having him in my life has been enriching in many regards, and I know he will have the same effect on the right person. He has taught me many valuable lessons on patience and what it means to unconditionally love and care for another being. I request only serious inquiries and will require meeting several times, a house check, a trial period, and a small rehoming fee to ensure the right placement for Atticus. My primary goal is to find the perfect home for Atticus in which he will live out the rest of his days happy and peacefully just as he deserves. Atticus is up to date on vaccinations, fecal testing, and has been neutered & microchipped and has all necessary records. Contact me today at to learn more about Atticus! show less