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Adult Pig (Potbellied) (mixed)

If you have any questions about Gus, please contact Logan's Heroes Animal Rescue Inc. at

Logan's Heroes Animal Rescue Inc.

About Gus

Adoption Fee: $50.00

Gus is a male, pot-bellied pig who came to Logan’s Heroes with Wilbur because his prior family couldn’t continue to care for them. Gus is approximately 4-6 years old and 75-100  lbs. He is neutered, up to date with vaccines,  and microchipped. 

Gus isn’t so keen on human touch, but will come to you with the lure of a healthy treat. He’s one of our quietest pigs in the barn and is content to nap away in his stall. But like all of our pigs, he also enjoys time outside to root around and soak up the sun. His adoption fee is $50.00. If you are interested in adopting Gus, please visit our website go to Adopt and Barn Yard and complete the pig adoption application. 




Logan's Heroes Animal Rescue Inc.

9411 Kings Highway East Greenville PA 18041

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Hound (Unknown Type)

Hi! My name is Gemma! I am a sweet young girl who is attentive and curious. I enjoy playing with my toys - ESPECIALLY when my humans pla... show more

Hi! My name is Gemma! I am a sweet young girl who is attentive and curious. I enjoy playing with my toys - ESPECIALLY when my humans play with me! Running and playing in my yard is a lot of fun, too. In the nice weather, when my humans are doing their yard work, I have my favorite stick I run with and chew…and when I get tired from that, I like to sun-bathe on my back. I enjoy playing in the snow, but get cold quickly, so I don’t play as long outside.  I fetch toys and bring them to you. I am working on “drop it”, but throwing my ball or toy and trying to catch it is what I enjoy the most! I am very good at catching my toys, treats and ICE CUBES (YUM)! I am very gentle and love to explore new things cautiously. Sniffing new foods and places and listening for unfamiliar things are what I do really well.  I enjoy going out for walks. I only walk on a leash and can be distracted by all the exciting things outside (especially other animals); but a quick “heel” gets me right back on track.   Car rides are my favorite! My human tells me that I am the best co-pilot. I love to watch as the world passes by the car window.  I am attentive and love to learn new tricks, in the hopes of pleasing my humans. I know all of my basic commands: sit, stay, come, paw and a few others. I am crate trained and am completely housebroken and will alert you when I have to go out. I greet people when they come to the house, but I do not run out the door.  Baths are not my favorite, but I am a good girl during them and listen. I towel dry very easily and my favorite part of grooming is when my humans brush me. (I really like that, even when I don't get baths!) I don’t really like getting my nails clipped or getting my ears cleaned, so I leave that to the vet.  But what I LOVE more than anything in this world is when all of my humans are home and safe, and I am able to give them a smooch and snuggle with them on the couch. It’s my FAVORITE part of the day. Being around them is my true happy place! Please note - while I love my human family to no end, I need to be the only pet in the home.  Gemma was adopted from Logan's Heroes as a puppy and sadly now that she is an adult, she doesn't like to share attention and toys with the other older dog in the home. Because their other dog is 10 years old and they have had him since a puppy they decided it would be best to re-home Gemma. Gemma loves people and does great with dogs outside her home territory. She can go for walks and passes many dogs all the time without an issue but we are looking for a home where she can be the only dog to get lots of love. There was a bite incident that we have to disclose when her family was breaking up a fight between the two dogs but she has not ever shown any aggression towards humans. We will not put her in a home with small children though because of the incident. Gemma is spayed and up to date with vaccines, she's just tested again for heartworm and Lyme and is negative.  Her adoption fee is $150.00. If you are interested in adopting Gemma, please visit our website go to Adopt and complete the dog adoption application.  show less