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Male Adult Dogo Argentino

If you have any questions about Casper, please contact DC Dogos Rescue at

DC Dogos Rescue

About Casper

Adoption Fee: $400

Casper is a 3 year old male Dogo that was surrendered to the rescue near Santa Cruz California. He is loving, full of energy, and wants to please!

Since coming into the rescue, we have learned so much about this silly boy, and he has made significant progress.

Casper thrives off of a routine where he knows what is expected of him and his rules and boundaries. He is very food motivated and quick to learn. He knows basic commands and listens well. He could benefit from some additional training, and would love to have a “job” or agility training! Casper has a very high prey drive, so watch out for critters !

He walks well on a leash and LOVES his walks. He also LOVES his tennis ball

When he came to us, he had some anxiety and nervousness, However, this is improving with consistency in his foster home.

Casper would love an active family who can provide him with lots of exercise and stimulation, as well as routines and of course lots of love! He is a very happy and loving boy.

He is currently with his fabulous foster in the San Francisco Bay Area. We would love to find a local adopter so Caspers transition will be easier.



3 years, 10 months
Primary Color
Pet Has Special Needs
Shots up to date
Ok with kids
Ok with dogs
Ok with cats
Not Sure
Exercise level
Needs LOTS of exercise
Training level
Has basic training
Gets along with male dogs
Gets along with female dogs
Current Location
San Mateo, CA

DC Dogos Rescue

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Dogo Argentino

The one and only ALLI girl! She is living her life to the fullest right now in Tampa, FL.  Alli is ALWAYS happy and she loves everyone a... show more

The one and only ALLI girl! She is living her life to the fullest right now in Tampa, FL.  Alli is ALWAYS happy and she loves everyone and everything.  This dog is going to make someone's life better for sure becuase she has something about her that we cannot put into words. She is very well behaved and playful and extemely fun.  Alli loves to snuggle and hug nonstop until she melts to the floor for more scratches and belly rubs.  This girl loves everyone she meets and quickly got over her shyness with meeting new people. Hugs, love, and treats fix about anything! Alli is very dog friendly and we find it easy to introduce her to new dogs of all kinds. She doesn't seem to care about chickens or pigs she sees on the other side of the fence.  Alli isn't phased by the dogs that act like maniacs and try to bark at her, she could care or less! We would love for her to have another dog in her forever home as it does seem to help her a lot to have a buddy.  As far as kids, she hasn't met any yet but we will work on that. We expect she would do fine but we will update once we know more.  Alli came from a 65 dog neglect case and was in horrible shape. She was emaciated and her spirit was defeated.  Her bloodwork showed that she was extremely anemic and that caused her to be lethargic and not feel well. Both of her ears were infected along with dermitis and hair loss. After about 3 weeks we were able to get her healthy enough to be spayed so she can no longer be a puppy making machine and she is thrilled about that!  Her transformation has been so impressive and an inspiration. With that said we are not sure if she is house trained but she does keep a fairly clean kennel space.  She is so good that her beds and toys don't explode into puff like they do with some dogs! This girl really loves her meals and treats and will wag her tail and body back and forth with total excitement. She gives the best hugs too and will wrap her little arm around you with all the love she has. Alli is part of a recent case in Florida involving 60+ dogs needing rescue. Photo from intake is included.  You can read about where she came from in this story: show less

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Dogo Argentino

Annie was locked in an attic. She had been there a long time and put her head through a window and barked for help. A neighbor saved her... show more

Annie was locked in an attic. She had been there a long time and put her head through a window and barked for help. A neighbor saved her and got ahold of DC Dogos to scoop her up! Let start with the best things about Annie. She is a lover and would be near you at all time if you allow her. Not only is she gorgeous but she has the sweetest soul ❤️ Eager to please but also stubborn like a typical Dogo. Very smart and you can never underestimate her! So let's talk about some of the more difficult things about her. She can escape a normal crate and likely a gate closure.(I've included a picture of her current kennel in the pictures of her profile) She needs something like that with a lock to ensure she is safe. She experienced food insecurity and because of that she will try to get to any food so it's best for her to be supervised and continue the training I've been doing to not open cabinets or counter surf. To adopt Annie you need to know that she has to be the only animal in the home. She was repeatedly attacked by a dog and because of that she has many scars and many fears of dogs. She doesn't lunge at dogs or attack them immediately. The issue is she gets triggered and if she thinks that dog is too rough or might snap at her she will attack first. She has been great with several dogs for months even and then out of nowhere thought they were going to attack so she hurt them. She absolutely would never hurt humans (except maybe ones with bad intentions). I have put her through so many scenarios and she always yields to people. She likes to invade your personal space, at all times, and forgets her strength and size. For that reason I would not have her around kids under 12. Even her affection can cause a bruise or two. Her best life would include working a laborious task, hunting, or something physically challenging. She would love someone or a couple that are adventurous. She is a dream to walk on leash. She completly ignores other dogs. No Dogo is easy, but if you're looking for an easy dog Annie is not for you. However, if you are looking for the absolute most loving -sweet soul, of a menace she is worth every second! show less

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Dogo Argentino

Bradley was rescued by us from a Florida shelter many years ago. He is about 7 years old now and currently living in Oregon. He was in t... show more

Bradley was rescued by us from a Florida shelter many years ago. He is about 7 years old now and currently living in Oregon. He was in the absolute perfect home in NV with his dad who loved him dearly (see photo). His dad was his entire world and he would take him to seminars that he hosted to help others with addiction. Bradley became the perfect type of therapy dog! We recall his dad bragging about how well Bradley helped take care of his elderly father too. These two were a match made in heaven and needed each other. Sadly, Bradley's dad passed away earlier this year. Bradley has been very depressed and missing him a lot. He's currently being loved in a home with his dad's daughter. We know there's another home for Bradley but we just need to find it! This boy is good with other dogs and he loves people and kids. If a dogo could be perfect, that would be this boy! We are looking for a Foster-to-adopt or an adoption home. Bradley found himself at Broward county shelter, we have no idea why!! He is a total sweetheart and a VERY good boy! He just wants to love his people and chill watching Netflix.  He loves the water and playing with his buddies too!  Bradley will make the best companion dogo there is and is very good at knowing your emotions and needs. He was at the shelter during Hurricane Irma and we were thankful he made it out alive.  He has stolen our hearts and one of our first rescues when DC Dogos was starting back up. This is a very special dog and an ambassador for the breed for sure! show less

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Dogo Argentino

We rescued Gina from a rural shelter after she was found roaming the woods with another Dogo, Tommy. Gina was a hot mess - heartworm pos... show more

We rescued Gina from a rural shelter after she was found roaming the woods with another Dogo, Tommy. Gina was a hot mess - heartworm positive, pregnant, emaciated with a yellow stained coat. Her first few weeks in rescue were tough on Gina as she had to be separated from her best friend Tommy, and then heartbreakingly lost her entire litter of puppies. Despite Gina's traumatic few weeks, nowadays she is the happiest girl in the world. Reunited with Tommy, they are both being fostered in the Atlanta suburbs where they spend their days playing with their dozens of toys, napping on their soft and comfy beds, and digging in the yard searching for moles. Gina loves her people and would happily spend all of her time with her humans, and she is so affectionate - this girl gives the best hugs!! Gina is well behaved and trained in basic commands. Gina's ideal home would be somewhere Tommy would be welcome, too (: Although Gina is good with other dogs (with a good intro of course) her ideal home would be one where her and Tommy could be the only dogs - giving their humans ample time to give them both the attention they deserve. Preferably people who like being outdoors, as they both adore spending time outside. No small children, as these two play hard and would knock over anything in their way! Due to Gina's health issues, she is currently going through slow-kill heartworm treatment and will remain intact until our vet deems it safe enough to spay her, Any home interested in her would foster her until this time comes, with all medical expenses being covered by us. show less

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Johnny Cash II

Dogo Argentino

Meet JOHNNY CASH!!    Aged somewhere between 6-8(?), Johnny is one of the sweetest boys you will ever meet! He was found wandering the s... show more

Meet JOHNNY CASH!!    Aged somewhere between 6-8(?), Johnny is one of the sweetest boys you will ever meet! He was found wandering the streets of North Jersey, weighing only 65lbs!!! This boy was nothing but bones! His under belly, legs, and tail are all deeply stained with the evidence of being crated and left in his own excrement for a very long time. He is also blind in his left eye.    Since being in his foster home Johnny Cash has clearly loved being spoiled with baths (boy does this guy need them lol), multiple small meals a day to help him gain weight, and loooooooads of snuggles and cuddles from the entire foster family!. He is house trained, knows basic commands, and has lovely house manners. Not surprising, Johnny Cash is not a big fan of being in a crate. He will bark himself to sleep (😞) or until he is let out. Other than some slight pulling, he walks well in a leash. Because of the blindness in his left eye, he tends to lean to the left & does bump into things when he is super excited. Johnny happily excepts and appreciates some gentle guidance helping him navigate new surroundings. He gives kisses & takes treats oh so gently. And should you stop rubbing his belly, he moans in displeasure until you start up again. One of the cutest things about him (there are so many) is his bark. It’s low & raspy like a true legend should sound! Johnny Cash is very smart! Within an hour of being in his foster home, he learned which door to go to be let outside. In the same amount of time, he not only responds, but comes when his name is called!!!!!  Johnny Cash should be the ONLY dog in the home. He deserves to live out his life on the sofa or in your bed getting all of the belly rubs.  This boy is amazing! Get your application in, and adopt JOHNNY CASH NOOOOW! show less

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Dogo Argentino

Hi, I’m Kendall. My foster parents call me Kendy Cane because I’m sweet as candy. I’m also a spicy jalapeño popper…ya know, the best of... show more

Hi, I’m Kendall. My foster parents call me Kendy Cane because I’m sweet as candy. I’m also a spicy jalapeño popper…ya know, the best of both worlds! I’m currently located in South Florida. I was found roaming around in the middle of nowhere in the Redlands, FL. I was used to make puppies and then I got dumped and I have no idea why. I’m a really good girl! And not just that, I’m a total knock out beauty. Everyone tells me how stunning I am. And they’re not wrong. For the most part, I’m a low key, nap-loving kinda gal, but I also LOVE to play hard with my foster brother (he’s a Dogo too) and we can get a little crazy sometimes. If he won’t play with me, I just keep myself entertained by zooming around and throwing toys to myself. Speaking of which, I love other dogs, big and small, male and female. I haven’t been tested with cats, but I’ve seen them outside while I’m leashed and I haven’t really reacted. I’ve also been around cows, horses and chickens, and I pretty much ignore them too. I love humans. I love to meet everyone, and giving kisses to humans is one of my favorite things to do. Besides kisses, snuggling is kinda my thing and I’m convinced I’m a lap dog. I adore kids and I do very well around children ages 2 to 10+ but sometimes I forget how big and strong I am, and occasionally I even knock my foster mom off her feet when I’m playing and she’s in my way. Come on silly woman, get out of my way! Did I mention how much I like naps? I like them even more if pillows are involved. OMG, I loove pillows! They’re so smooshy. I’m working on my leash training, and I’ve improved a lot, but I still pull pretty hard. I just get really excited about everything…there’s so much to see and so much to sniff! I’m also working on my commands and I’m doing really well. I can sit, down, stay and more! I also know hand signals. I’m super smart like that. I have a good appetite and I am very motivated by treats (and bananas)! When I see my meals coming, I turn into a ravenous white tornado, spinning in place and jumping with excitement. One time I knocked my food bowl out of my foster dad’s hands, so now I have to sit and wait for my food until my foster parents give me a release command. What a dumb rule. But I’m really good at it! I live for walks. I kinda lose it when I know I’m about to go on a walk. Walks are like…the best (especially if I get to see a squirrel. OMG). Speaking of which, my prey drive is pretty low. I’m very curious about squirrels and birds, but I don’t really go after them. I get really excited for car rides even though I get car sick. Recently, my foster parents have been giving me Meclizine (non-drowsy Dramamine) before car rides and guess what? I haven’t upchucked since! Winning. I’ve had to see the vet a lot lately. But it’s cool, I love going to the vet, and the staff loves me even more! Not to brag, but my vet said she wanted to take me home! I’ve had some infections, inflammation, and leaky butt issues…but I mean, who wouldn’t have issues after being dumped in the middle of nowhere? I’m pretty much all better now, but I may need to have my glands expressed on a regular basis. Yet to be determined. The vet also says I have may have allergies, but they’re really not bad. I’m just a little itchy every now and then. On the Dogo spectrum, I’m on the small side. I weigh about 75lbs but the vet says I should gain a few more pounds. I’m working on it! I have some separation anxiety and I really don’t like to be alone. I cry/whine a lot when I am alone. I mean, who am I going to give kisses to if I am all by myself? The absurdity of it all! So I would love to be in a home where my humans are home most of the time. I don’t bark a whole lot but in true Dogo style, I do whine…a lot! Sometimes for no apparent reason, I just enjoy whining…it’s my thing. There’s so much to love about me, I could just go on forever! But I’ve been told I’m getting a little “wordy” here, so if you have any questions, DC Dogos or my foster parents would be happy to answer them! Xoxo, Kendall show less