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Female Adult Labrador Retriever American Staffordshire Terrier (mixed)

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About Zoe

Adoption Fee: $535

Zoe is a 3 -4 year old female lab/terrier mix (best educated guess), she is a little overweight at the moment, weighing around 65lbs. She should probaby weigh closer to 50-55lbs. Which puts her into the medium dog catagoty. 

Zoe is described as a little love bug! She does great with dogs of all sizes, she likes male dog company more than female dog company, and has been fostered in a home where small children grandchildren visit often for the last 4-5 months. She is passed the puppy stage, and now just likes to lounge around at home, cuddle on the couch with you, maybe watch a movie and go for a walk a few times a day. Once in a while she gets a small case of the zoomies and likes to run or sprint for a few seconds (thats typical with most dogs). She enjoys being around her people, and just wants to please you. 

The perfect home for Zoe would be a home with a male dog, whos energy matches that of Zoes, or where she is the only dog to get all of your attention. She has never lived with a female dog, but she is great when passing them by on a walk or seeing them at the park. A home with no cats, and no chickens, she will chase them. She would do best in a home with kids ages 10+ because she is a larger girl, and may bump over a small child unintentionally. A home with a yard so she can spend some time laying in the sun, or when she gets the zoomies, a place to run safely. She walks well on leash and knows her basic commands. She is crate trained and house broken.

Zoe is looking for a foster or a foster to potentially adopt if the fit is right!



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Border Collie

Life hasnt been easy for E.Cooper .. (He goes by Cooper). He had an owner once, but for years Cooper struggled with fur and skin issues,... show more

Life hasnt been easy for E.Cooper .. (He goes by Cooper). He had an owner once, but for years Cooper struggled with fur and skin issues, and the owner didnt know what to do to help him. Not being able to afford testing and treatment the owner dropped him off at a shelter and surrendered him. The shelter had E.Cooper see a vet, and he stayed with the vet for over a month, the vet put him on steroids, and antibiotics, as E.Cooper was in bad shape, missing lots of fur and very itchy. He went through a few roaunds of antibiotics, medicated baths and testing to find out the cause of E.Coopers skin irritation. It was determined that E.Cooper was allergic to protien, and needs a special diet. He can only eat hydrolized food. E.Cooper was placed in the shelter, for adooption. Unfortunately for E.Cooper no one came to adopt him. The cost of the food was just too much for anyone in the small community to afford. The shelter was at a loss, they know E.Cooper is a super sweet boy and deserved to live. The reached out to Paws Rescue League and asked if we could help. E.Cooper has a much better chance at finding a loving home who can care for him up North...   E.Cooper, is a sweet, gentle guy! He is estimated to be 4.9 years young, and looks to be a border collie, aussie shepard mix. His foster says he is an absolute delight, extremely well behaved, potty trained, crate trained, but will sleep on a dog bed all night too! He likes other dogs, he does VERY good with small dogs, and little puppies. With large dogs (bigger then him) they can make him nervous, and scared. With proper slow intros, like crate and rotate, E.Cooper does just fine with larger dogs. E.Cooper is ok with small pets, like guinea pigs,rabbits and hamster he is unbothered by them. He enjoys spending time with people, he was also good with the children he met. He is a little stand off ish of older men, like his owner who took him to the shelter and treated him poorly. He isnt reactive, he just gets a little scared, and gets startled by loud noises, or quick movemnents when he is in a stressful enviorment/unknown enviorment or if he is already scared. (But what dog isnt jumpy when they are scared?) This poor boy is just misunderstood, he had a meeting with an adopter recenty, but an interaction between him and their dog slightly bigger than him was forced within the first few minutes of meeting, (despite being told prior to the meeting that E.Cooper would need a slow intro over the course of a few days, before he would feel safe enough to interact with their dog.) and this stressed E.Cooper out. E.Cooper let everyone know he was uncomfortable with the situatuon.Unltimately they chose not to adopt based off him not feeling comfortable with thier dog. If you have a dog who is E.Coopers size, or a little or a lot bigger, he needs SLOW intro to that dog. Crate and rotate for a few days, this way E.Cooper trusts his enviorment before he interacts with a larger dog, this will give him more confidence and time to adjust. E.Cooper is currently being fostered with a Golden Ret. and a Bichon Frise and E.Copper is doing wonferfully with both dogs.    The vet in TN told the shelter that the only safe treat "cookie" for E.Cooper to eat, was MARSHMALLOWS...... We put a stop to that, not only do they hold absolutely no nutritional value, but they are loaded with sugar and cornsyrup which isnt good for any dog, and fat free marshmallows are TOXIC to dogs. E.Cooper, can safely have watermellon, apple, or green beans, squash, zuccini, cucumbers, pears, banannas, carrotts and Pumpkin. (He can also have grains, and plain greek yogurt) - for treats!   E.Cooper would make a family, or a single person a wonderful companion! He has the rest of his life ahead of him to make up for the pain and suffering hes had in the past. show less

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Labrador Retriever

Harmony came to Paws Rescue League as an emergency from another Animal Control Shelter that had reached out to us for help. Animal Contr... show more

Harmony came to Paws Rescue League as an emergency from another Animal Control Shelter that had reached out to us for help. Animal Control picked up Harmony on August 18th, and she was posted so her owners could find her. No owners came forward, no rescue had put a hold on her. She sat at animal control for about 6 weeks. At about 5 weeks into her stay the staff at animal control began to notice signs of pregnancy. The staff were very concerned about her giving birth to her babies in the ACO, as the puppies could roll/wiggle into other dog kennels which would not turn out well for the puppies, or anyone involved. Animal Control made an urgent call to Paws Rescue League on 9/25 and asked us if we could save her. Paws Rescue League and their volunteers banded together to get Harmony to safety, and pick up all the supplies needed for her to give birth in comfort and safety. Harmony is good with other dogs, she has not been cat tested. She will be kid tested when she is off medical hold. Harmony will be fixed after she had her LAST litter of puppies, and she and her puppies will be fully vetted before being adopted.   Harmony is a sweet girl, who is happy about life, she looooooves to play with other dogs, outisde or at a dog park, she is very receptive of other dogs, and communicates well amongst dogs. She is crate trained and house broken, she knows most of her basic commands, and is just an all around sweet heart of a dog, who deserves to finally be someones FUR- baby, and not worry about having babies of her own. She is spayed, and UTD on all her vetting, and is currrently in New England waiting for her people to find her and adopt her! show less