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Pansy Parkison

Female Puppy Labrador Retriever (mixed)

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About Pansy Parkison

Adoption Fee: $565

Pansy is one of the Harry Potter litter puppies, she has 2 brothers and 6 sisters! She is a female black lab mix, she is currently 4 months old. She is up to date on her vaccines and preventatives. She is friendly, loves all people and other animals. She is crate trained, and is practicing perfecting potty training. She is a typical puppy, with puppy behaviors, curious, friendly, loving and playful. She is looking for her furever home in New England.


Pansy and Fleur are the runts of the litter ( or the smallest of the litter). Pansy is your typical puppy, playful, friendly, and learning about the world. She would do well with an owner who has puppy experience and understands puppy behaviors and how to manage them. She is good with other dogs and cats as well as children,



Pansy Parkison
7 Months, 1 Week and 3 Days
Primary Color
Pet Has Special Needs
Shots up to date
Ok with kids
Ok with dogs
Ok with cats

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Belgian Malinois

Bit bit was born as the runt of her litter, and also with a disability. Vets believe mom may have sat on her too long after birth which... show more

Bit bit was born as the runt of her litter, and also with a disability. Vets believe mom may have sat on her too long after birth which caused her to have very limited use of her hind end/legs. Her owners had tried to care for her and get her vet care as much as they could and did all they could for Bit -Bit. They knew a rescue could do more for her and they began looking for a rescue to take her. They had reached out to over 20 different K9 rescues, none willing to help Bit-Bit. They tried for months, without luck. No longer able to care for her, they were out of options. They really didn’t want to bring her to animal control where she would be deemed “unadoptable” due to her disability and would be euthanized. But with no rescues willing to take her and no longer being able to provide the care and attention she needed, that was becoming their reality. They made a last attempt at looking for a rescue.  Paws Rescue League saw that post and reached out to the owner, and discussed Bit -Bit and decided we would take her. She deserves a chance at life and happiness, she deserves to be rescued. She is not damaged goods just because she has a disability… just like humans with disabilities matter, so do man’s best friends!  Welcome to rescue Bit-Bit! Bit-Bit needs an adopter or a foster who is able to work with special needs dogs, the rescue is working with Bit-Bit to help her gain muscle tone, and stability in her hind legs and we would need her adopter or foster to continue with her physcial therapy.  Bit bit gets along with other dogs, with cats and with kids, despite her disabilitly and limitations she is a very happy girl. Bit-Bit likes to potty outside, but its very hard for her to hold her bladder. We are seeing if physical therapy and/or medications can help Bit-Bit her with that. Aside from that minor issue, she is a lovable little bit! Who desperatly wants a family of her own, who is willing to give her the help and care that she needs.  show less

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Labrador Retriever

Colbalt was found as a stray dog in TN, running with Capri (who we assume to be his sibling or some relation). They were picked up by an... show more

Colbalt was found as a stray dog in TN, running with Capri (who we assume to be his sibling or some relation). They were picked up by animal control and placed on a 3 day stray hold to see if an owner would come and claim them. No owner came for them, so Paws Rescue League Inc. saved Colblat and Capri, so they would not be euthanized after the 3rd day. The animal control we pull from is a kill shelter, that euthanizes dogs for space. Volunteers do all they can to advocate for the dogs that get picked up or dumped at Animal Control. Colbalt is currently in a TN foster, he will be making his way to New England on 02/12/2022. When he will be looking for both a foster home, to stay in while he awaits a furever home.  What is current foster has to say about Colblat " Colbalt and Capri absolutely love children. They are both vert sweet and wiggly from head to toe.Colbalt is a little more brave and out going, and Capri a bit more timid and shy. They both love going on walks, and walk well on leash, and dont pull. Colbalt is a very well behaved dog. Colbalt has met my cats, and is midly interested, but easily dissuaded from barking at the cat. Colbalt has been around my horses, and ducks and is unbothered by either of them. Colbalt did well with my 2 large dogs. Colbalt is crate trained, and house broken, no accidents since he arrived. When you tell him to go in the crate he will go right in. Both Colbalt and Capri are very quiet when in their crates. They would make lovely additions to many types of families, and would fit well in most homes. Both are very very good dogs. show less

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Australian Shepherd

Dolly hails from Puerto Rico originally. She was brought to the states, by someone who inteneded to keep her, she was then rehomed to an... show more

Dolly hails from Puerto Rico originally. She was brought to the states, by someone who inteneded to keep her, she was then rehomed to another family, who rehomed her about a month after taking her in. The third family she was with gave her to a family friend, who then posted her on Craigslist/Facebook to rehome. One of our foster volunteers decided to take her in and ask the rescue if we would take her. We have agreed to take her into rescue, get her veting up to date, and ensured she was healthy for adoption. She is a local surrender, meaning our rescue obtained her in CT. Dolly is currently in a foster home, with a large dog, a medium sized puppy, and a small dog. She is a bit afraid of the larger dogs, but does very well with the smaller dog. She is not aggressive whatsoever, when she is scared she will slink away to her crate for safety. She likes to meet new people, and will give kisses. She is a small sweet 18lbs mini aussie/kelpie mix.  Dolly will chase cats so no kitties for her, we suggest children 10 years and up or children who are dog savvy, as Dolly can be afraid at times, due to not having proper stabilization/home life, she is unsure in some situations on how to react. She has never once reacted in a way that was aggressive. We suggest older kids for her comfortability, as we dont want her to be nervous in her new home. She is good with other dogs, but can be afaid of larger dogs. Crate trained, and house broken, but can and will have accidents during the first week in a new home until she learns the routine. Dolly has a lot of energy, she is a small one year old dog, who has spent the majority of her short life without adequate exercise. She would love a home with a fenced in back yard so she can run and play, she would also make a great running buddy. She is sweet and compact enough to be an adventuring dog! show less

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Border Collie

Life hasnt been easy for E.Cooper .. (He goes by Cooper). He had an owner once, but for years Cooper struggled with fur and skin issues,... show more

Life hasnt been easy for E.Cooper .. (He goes by Cooper). He had an owner once, but for years Cooper struggled with fur and skin issues, and the owner didnt know what to do to help him. Not being able to afford testing and treatment E.Cooper suffered to the point he had lost most of his fur, and his skin was beyond uncomfortable. E.Coopers prior owner dropped him off at a shelter and surrendered him, because he couldnt afford to have E.Cooper seen medically, and E.Cooper was in very rough shape. The shelter had E.Cooper see a vet, and he stayed with the vet for over a month, the vet put him on steroids, and antibiotics, as E.Cooper wasa, missing lots of fur and very itchy. He went through a few roaunds of antibiotics, medicated baths and testing to find out the cause of E.Coopers skin irritation. It was determined that E.Cooper was allergic to protien, and needs a special diet. He can only eat hydrolized food. E.Cooper was placed in the shelter, for adooption. Unfortunately for E.Cooper no one came to adopt him, he spent months waiting for someone to look his way and no one ever came to take him home. The cost of the food was just too much for anyone in the small community to afford. The shelter was at a loss, they know E.Cooper is a super sweet boy and deserved to live. The reached out to Paws Rescue League and asked if we could help. E.Cooper has a much better chance at finding a loving home who can care for him up North...   E.Cooper, is a sweet, gentle guy! He is estimated to be 5 years young, and looks to be a border collie, aussie shepard mix. His foster says he is an absolute delight, extremely well behaved, potty trained, crate trained,low energy, mild temperament. He will sleep on a dog bed all night too! When left uncrated, he doesnt mess with anything, or get into anything, never an in door accident had.  He likes other dogs ,but he is not a confident dog, and can be over stimulated with dogs who have high energy. Some dogs he does wonderful with, others he is good with but can get overwhelmed quickly and some dogs he just doesnt agree with (This is true for most dogs! Just like people, every dog is different, some we like, some we just dont gel with!). We have noticed that E.Cooper seems to do best with Small, submissive independant female dogs. They seem to be the one type that E.Cooper never has an issue with. We suggest that E.Cooper should have proper slow intros, like crate and rotate with all dogs that he meets, just to give E.Cooper the chance to feel more comfortable and confident. E.Cooper is ok with small pets, like guinea pigs,rabbits and hamster he is unbothered by them. We do not think he would do great with cats, (But we are not 100% sure, hes quite the laid back dog, and think in the right home, with the right adopter he could do fine).  He enjoys spending time with people, he was also good with the children he met, but we suggest older children who can respect a dogs space, since he can be nervous at times. He is a little stand off ish of older men, like his owner who took him to the shelter and treated him poorly. We dont know too much about his past, but his reaction to large men, with deep voices, immediately puts him in a scared/anxious state (Its not with all men, but with a few older gentleman he seemed unsure, while other gentleman he ran up and interacted with). He can be scared, anxious,stnadoffish if he is rushed into a situation he is not comfotable with, which is understandable, when a dog is forced into something that scares them, its quitte common for them to exhibit signs of discomfort, and fear. . This is why we are being very picky about where E.Cooper goes. He needs a patient adopter who wont rush him to face his fears, or rush interactions on him when hes not ready.  He gets startled by loud noises, or quick movemnents when he is in a stressful enviorment/unknown enviorment or if he is already scared. (But what dog isnt jumpy when they are scared?) This poor boy is just misunderstood, he had a meeting with an adopter recenty, but an interaction between him and their dog slightly bigger than him was forced within the first few minutes of meeting, (despite being told prior to the meeting that E.Cooper would need a slow intro over the course of a few days, before he would feel safe enough to interact with their dog.) and this stressed E.Cooper out. E.Cooper let everyone know he was uncomfortable with the situatuon, he will try to walk away, hang his head low, tuck his tail. Unltimately they chose not to adopt based off him not feeling comfortable with thier dog. If you have a dog who is E.Coopers size, or a little or a lot bigger, he needs SLOW intro to that dog. Crate and rotate for a few days, this way E.Cooper trusts you, and his enviorment before he interacts with a larger dog, this will give him more confidence and time to adjust. E.Cooper is currently being fostered with a Golden Ret. a Bichon Frise and a hound mix and E.Copper is doing wonferfully with all 3 dogs.    The vet in TN told the shelter that the only safe treat "cookie" for E.Cooper to eat, was MARSHMALLOWS...... We put a stop to that, not only do they hold absolutely no nutritional value, but they are loaded with sugar and cornsyrup which isnt good for any dog, and fat free marshmallows are TOXIC to dogs. E.Cooper, can safely have watermellon, apple, or green beans, squash, zuccini, cucumbers, pears, banannas, carrotts and Pumpkin. (He can also have grains, and plain greek yogurt) - for treats!   E.Cooper would make a family, or a single person a wonderful companion! He has the rest of his life ahead of him to make up for the pain and suffering hes had in the past.  show less

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Shepherds (All Types)

Faith came to us from Little Rock Arkansas. A person reached out to a rescue we work closely with, unfortunately that rescue was closed... show more

Faith came to us from Little Rock Arkansas. A person reached out to a rescue we work closely with, unfortunately that rescue was closed for intake, and forwarded the information to Paws Rescue League. We spoke with Faiths foster to learn more about her. We agreed to take Faith and 3 puppies that the person was caring for. Faith and the 3 puppies were found as strays, Faith just showed up one day close to their property, they looked locally to see if she had owners or a microchip. After about a month no one came looking for this sweet girl. Paws Rescue agreed to take her.  We dont know as much about Faith as we do most of our dogs, as she was saved from an area we dont usually work in. Faiths foster says she is the sweetest girl, if she could have a 7th dog she would keep Faith, unfortunately its not an option for her. She states Faith adores the 3 puppies that we are also taking into rescue ( no relation to Faith). Faith has done well when tested with other dogs, she has not been tested with a cat as of yet so we are unsure how she would do. Faiths fosters said she does well with kids, her young grandchildren come around and play with Faith. She is crate trained, and house broken, medically UTD, she still needs to be spayed, and Paws Rescue League Inc will have her fixed with our partnering veterinarian practice. show less

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Labrador Retriever

Hershey came to us, as a plea for help. Hersheys family had to move in with extended family due to housing issues. The extended family a... show more

Hershey came to us, as a plea for help. Hersheys family had to move in with extended family due to housing issues. The extended family also had a dog who did not get along with other dogs, so Hershey had been attacked by the other dog. His owner tired everythign to keep the peace in the home, by leaving Hershey outside all day and bringing him in to sleep. Eventually it got to the point where Hershey had to stay out side all the time, and slept in a kennel in the back yard. Hershey is a family dog, so this was not comforting for Hershey who only wanted to be with his people. Knowing She needed help, and Hershey desereved a better life, and no change in sight she didnt want to take him to the local kill shelter, so she asked us to take him and find him a wonderful home.  And that is what we plan to do! Hershey is a good boy! About 2 years old, chocolate lab mix. He is very handsome and very sweet! Loves people, and other dogs. He gets nervous at first around strangers, he may give a bark or two to alert you there is a stranger coming, but one pet, or one treat and he is your best buddy! He is good with kids, he came from a home with children, good with other dogs, and has not been cat tested yet. He is house broken, and crate trained and practicing his leash skills! He will make a great best friend, and furry family memebr! show less