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Male Puppy Basset Hound Beagle (mixed)

If you have any questions about Bandit, please contact Basset Buddies Rescue of Texas at

Basset Buddies Rescue of Texas

About Bandit

Adoption Fee: $150.00

Bandit is a young bagel (Basset-beagle mix) who is smart, playful, and very affectionate. He enjoys sunbathing, belly rubs, walks, and being with his people. Bandit is working on his confidence around people and other animals but has made significant progress in his loving foster home.



8 Months and 4 Weeks
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Basset Buddies Rescue of Texas

PO Box 130244 Houston TX 77219

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Jackie O

Basset Hound

Jackie is a sweet, sometimes shy, hound who is full of spunk and personality. She adores belly rubs, long naps, and short romps with her... show more

Jackie is a sweet, sometimes shy, hound who is full of spunk and personality. She adores belly rubs, long naps, and short romps with her foster friends. She doesn’t really know what a toy is, but will scarf down a delicious treat with gusto. Jackie has learned to use the dog door, and hasn’t had an accident in the house since. She doesn’t really like the rain, but the thunder doesn’t seem to bother her as long as she has a soft bed to lay in. Her favorite time of day is dinner time, she is a hound after all, and will do a happy dance until her dinner is ready. Jackie would prefer to be with other dogs in the home, and does well with both younger and older dogs, even giants like a Great Dane! She has a fondness for her foster brother Rowan, and perks up her ears and whines until he wants to play with her. After a few minutes of zoomies, she’s ready to snuggle up and take a long basset nap.   Jackies medical needs: When Jackie came into rescue, we noticed her heart has a particular arrythmia. Due to this, we had X-Rays, ECG, and a Cardiac Echo performed. ECG Findings: There is an underlying sinus arrhythmia present with intermittent gradual increases in heart rate consistent with sinus tachycardia followed by sinus pauses and second-degree AV block. There is a acute onset rapid tachycardia consistent with supraventricular tachycardia where the rate increases above 300 bpm.   Radiology Findings: 1. Left atrial enlargement, likely secondary to mitral valve insufficiency due to mitral valve endocardiosis. No evidence of congestive heart failure (pulmonary venous congestion or pulmonary edema) is identified. 2. Unremarkable pulmonary parenchyma with incidental benign pulmonary osteomas. 3. Severe lumbosacral junction degenerative changes with possible discospondylitis. 4. Mild bilateral coxofemoral degenerative joint disease. 5. Mild bilateral scapulohumeral degenerative joint disease.   Echo Findings: Jackie has evidence of mitral valve thickening and mild tricuspid regurgitation due to degenerative valvular disease. Fortunately, the left atrium was of normal size. Therefore, Cardiac therapy would not be recommended. To better assess for cardiac disease progression, the owner can monitor the resting heart rate at home.   What all this means: Jackie has a heart condition that should be monitored by a Veterinarian periodically. Her heart rate will jump from a normal range and to abnormal as if she was running a marathon. This does NOT slow this sweet older lady down though. At this time, medications are not needed, but an adopters vet may recommend a periodic test to ensure the heart disease is not progressing.   Full reports can be provided upon request prior to adoption.   Jackie was also spayed, and a small mass removed from her mammary chain and sent off for testing. As if Jackies luck wasn’t already bad, the pathology from her mass showed a Grade 2 Mammary Carcinoma. Pathology report also available for a potential adopters review.   Despite Jackies ‘issues’ she is a happy, sweet, loving hound who would LOVE to find a special home whether it be for the next year, or five. Will you give this sweet senior gal a place of her own? show less