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Male Adult Canaan Dog Jack Russell Terrier (mixed)

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About Dooley

Dooley is a male Canaan dog, Jack russle terrier mix. He is sweet as can be. He loves spending time with people, and hes very laid back. He was rescued by Paws Rescue League from a shelter that tries not to euthanize dogs if they can avoid it. Dooley was in their shelter for months. He watched as other dogs were picked up by their owners, or get new adopters, or rescues came for them. No one came for Dooley. We saw this little guys picture and knew we had to get him out of the shelter and into a forever home. 

To say Dooley was thankful to get out of the shelter is an understatement. He was so happy, his tail would not stop wagging, he was smiling and so very happy! He is currently in a foster home with 5 other dogs, shelties, and Bichons and he does wonderful with them all! He is good with all people, and kids. He has a submissive personality with other dogs, if a dog takes something from him he doesnt mind. Dooley is going to make an amazing additon to any family!



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Border Collie

Life hasnt been easy for E.Cooper .. (He goes by Cooper). He had an owner once, but for years Cooper struggled with fur and skin issues,... show more

Life hasnt been easy for E.Cooper .. (He goes by Cooper). He had an owner once, but for years Cooper struggled with fur and skin issues, and the owner didnt know what to do to help him. Not being able to afford testing and treatment the owner dropped him off at a shelter and surrendered him. The shelter had E.Cooper see a vet, and he stayed with the vet for over a month, the vet put him on steroids, and antibiotics, as E.Cooper was in bad shape, missing lots of fur and very itchy. He went through a few roaunds of antibiotics, medicated baths and testing to find out the cause of E.Coopers skin irritation. It was determined that E.Cooper was allergic to protien, and needs a special diet. He can only eat hydrolized food. E.Cooper was placed in the shelter, for adooption. Unfortunately for E.Cooper no one came to adopt him. The cost of the food was just too much for anyone in the small community to afford. The shelter was at a loss, they know E.Cooper is a super sweet boy and deserved to live. The reached out to Paws Rescue League and asked if we could help. E.Cooper has a much better chance at finding a loving home who can care for him up North...   E.Cooper, is a sweet, gentle guy! He is estimated to be 4.9 years young, and looks to be a border collie, aussie shepard mix. His foster says he is an absolute delight, extremely well behaved, potty trained, crate trained, but will sleep on a dog bed all night too! He likes other dogs, and he enjoys spending time with people, he was also good with the children he met. He is a little stand off ish of older men, like his owner who took him to the shelter. He isnt reactive, he just gets a little scared, and will move away with a grumble.    The vet in TN told the shelter that the only safe treat "cookie" for E.Cooper to eat, was MARSHMALLOWS...... We put a stop to that, not only do they hold absolutely no nutritional value, but they are loaded with sugar and cornsyrup which isnt good for any dog, and fat free marshmallows are TOXIC to dogs. E.Cooper, can safeley have watermellon, apple, or green beans, or carrotts for treats, Pumpkin as well!     E.Cooper would make a family, or a single person a wonderful companion! He has the rest of his life ahead of him to make up for the pain and suffering hes had in the past. show less