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Male Adult Domestic Shorthair

If you have any questions about Bruce, please contact Partnership for Animal Welfare at

Partnership for Animal Welfare

About Bruce

Adoption Fee: $140.00

Bruce is a handsome 4 year old brown tabby. He's got the cutest cheeks and a sweet disposition that will melt your heart when you meet him. Want a furry friend who will keep you company on the couch? Bruce is your cat!  He's very relaxed and laid back. He's the type to go with the flow as he watches squirrels and birds outside of the window. Bruce enjoys being pet and likes attention from his friends.

We think once you have a virtual meet and greet with Bruce you wouldn't be able to resist taking him home!

Bruce is neutered, up to date on his vaccinations, microchipped, and tested negative for FIV/FELV.

If you would like to meet Bruce via a Facetime or Zoom video call, as well as ask questions about him, please complete the application here: and we will be in touch.

If you have any other questions, please contact Annaliesa at

Due to the COVID pandemic, we are doing meet and greets with our foster cats via Zoom, Facetime or other video conferencing platforms. Since the adopter won't be able to meet them in person, PAW is honoring a 2 week trial adoption to ensure it's a good fit.



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Partnership for Animal Welfare

P.O. Box 1074 Greenbelt MD 20768

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Hounds (All Types)

Archer is a former PAW dog who was adopted SIX YEARS AGO!! Tragically his previous people have decided they no longer want him, through... show more

Archer is a former PAW dog who was adopted SIX YEARS AGO!! Tragically his previous people have decided they no longer want him, through no fault of his own, simply because they’re moving and will not take him with them. So sad! Poor Archer! They say he’s the perfect dog: He is a very intelligent dog and knows the following commands: sit, stay, lay down, speak, shake, and high five. He also likes to play hide and seek. To do that you have to have a treat in your hand and tell him to stay. You then go and find a hiding spot in the house and say "come find me" he then will look around and find you. It's a lot of fun. His favorite snacks are cucumbers and apples. I swear he can smell the cucumber the second it comes out of the fridge. He likes stuffed animals but knows the difference between his toys and the kids' stuffed animals. He is allowed on the furniture and beds so someone adopting him should know that is what he has been used to. He does listen if you tell him to get down and he knows the command "go to your bed.” Most nights he likes to sleep in his own bed anyway. He does not like his feet touched or nails clipped. A few weeks ago we had him sedated at the vets office to have his nails trimmed. Sedative pills from the vet do not do anything to help with this. He has been very healthy and we've had no issues with him at all. He has had free reign of the house when we are gone and for the most part there is no issue with that. The only thing he will do if he has access is shred plastic bags that may have food in them and eat all of the food. For example. . . if we leave a loaf of bread on the counter where he can reach it, he will get it and eat all the bread and shred the plastic. We have learned to close the bedroom doors in case the kids had something in their rooms and move things back on the counter in the kitchen. On occasion we have had to crate him and he also does fine with that. When we got Archer 5 years ago, the paperwork said his previous family gave him up because they had a baby. We assumed this meant that they didn't have time for him. We quickly discovered that probably was not the issue but in fact it was that Archer gets very anxious around crying children and does not like them being held. We have tried to work on this behavior but can not change it. He doesn't do anything harmful but you can tell he wants to protect the child. He is very protective of our children. Not in a terrible way but it makes him anxious enough that I would recommend he goes to a house with children 13+. I believe he is one of the smartest dogs I have been around and is very motivated by food/treats. So much so that I think he could learn a lot more tricks and commands if someone wanted to take the time to work on it with him. He does not like the water for swimming but he is okay with baths. He is funny in the rain. . . he always stays under the overhang to do his business to avoid getting wet. I swear he knows time and likes to eat at 6am and 4-4:30pm. He will be sure to let you know it's time by talking to you in his funny way. He loves to wait for the bus with the kids and is super excited when they get off the bus in the afternoon. He likes routine. He loves walks but can be a Houdini and get out of harnesses and collars. I don't know how he does it but he can wiggle out of most anything. We have found the martingale collar to be the best for him as he can't escape it. PAW places animals in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area only. show less

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Great Dane

Dobby is a 2 year old, 41lb Great Dane mix. He is a happy friendly pup, that listens well but likes to have a good time. He enjoys meeti... show more

Dobby is a 2 year old, 41lb Great Dane mix. He is a happy friendly pup, that listens well but likes to have a good time. He enjoys meeting other dogs and is pretty easy to walk. Dobby It's a wonderful pet and will make a wonderful addition to your family. Here's some things to know about this little guy, he's affectionate but still has some energy and would benefit from a fenced in yard (but not required).  He's great company very attentive, great with children, great with family. Dobby knows some basic commands such as; Sit, Stay, Leave it, (Whenever you want him to drop something), Come, Outside (he's housebroken, but he will let you know with a little whimper if he'd like to go outside to use the bathroom),  Inside (When it's time to go inside this includes his crate), Off (whenever you'd like him not to jump up family or furniture), Bed (Whenever you'd like him to lay down for the evening or take a nap), Eat, (his favorite no matter what he's doing he will come when you say this LOL) - Fun fact, he's conditioned to sit and wait to eat until after you've said "Grace" and said "Amen". 😊.  Yes, he's such a little gentleman. 😊 He loves to curl up in his blue blanket, and he loves to play tug of war and fetch and yes he will bring it back to you and expect you to tug on it for a couple of seconds then give him the command "Leave it" to let go and start the game again.  He's also conditioned for bath's so he'll give you no trouble.  Please keep in mind he's a playful little guy but he does know when to calm down.  He is very treat motivated and will do anything for treat (sit, down to lay down) and he has absolutely no food aggression, he will take the smallest treat from your hand gently and he's always up for walk.  He would love to sleep at the foot of your bed but he's perfectly happy in his own bed in front of the door or window.   PAW places animals in the Washington, DC/Baltimore Metropolitan area only. show less