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Male Adult Mixed Breed Great Pyrenees

If you have any questions about Ace⛰, please contact Cross Your Paws Rescue, Inc. at

Cross Your Paws Rescue, Inc.

About Ace⛰

Adoption Fee: $350

West Virginia shelter needs our help. Please consider stepping up to save one of these sweet fur babies. They are coming out of a kill shelter. You can apply at 

100 lbs?
1-2 yrs
Does well with Molly we think she is his mother. He reacts to dogs if they approach his cage.
Cats NA
Kids NA

If you are interested in adopting me, please submit an application from and submit an application! 



Shots up to date
Ok with kids
Not Sure
Not Sure
Ok with dogs
Ok with cats
Not Sure
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Cross Your Paws Rescue, Inc.

Irwin PA 15642

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Labrador Retriever

My name is Bug, and I am almost eleven years old.  I was rescued almost seven years ago from a high kill shelter in Texas.  My current h... show more

My name is Bug, and I am almost eleven years old.  I was rescued almost seven years ago from a high kill shelter in Texas.  My current human took one look at my tick covered ears, mange filled face, sad eyes, and fell head over heels in love with me.  The transportation to Pennsylvania was scary, but when I saw my new family, I loved them right back.  When they brought me into my new home, I had a brother and a sister, and then eventually a second brother.    My humans love me so much, but told me they have to do what is best for me.  As I have gotten older, I have become a bit cranky and sometimes I snap at my siblings.  Sometimes this snapping leads to a fight between me and my siblings and my humans told me they have to do what they can to protect me, even if that means finding me a new home.   When I get to my new home, I need to be an only pet.  While I am a mixed breed (my humans call me a something mix) I think I have part hunting dog in me, which means I love to try to chase down birds.  I don’t know if I would be good with a cat because I have never been near them, and it would be better to keep me away from them just in case.  Every day, my human gives me a pill to take, then a whole lot of love.  I was told it is a thyroid pill, but I am not sure what that means.  All I know is since I started taking it, I have lost a lot of weight and have felt loads better!  I also get a special type of dog food, and it makes all of my siblings jealous!  A little while ago I had to pee all the time and we found out it was because I had bladder stones.  So now I get to eat this special dog food forever because it made the bladder stones completely disappear.     Since I have to go to a new home, my humans asked me to come up with a list of requirements!  It took me some time to figure out exactly what I want, but I think I figured it out!  I want cuddles and kisses every day, and to be told how beautiful I am.  I promise once I get to know you, in exchange I will wiggle my butt at you every day and make sure you know how much I love you.  Sometimes, if I don’t think you are giving me enough attention, I will nuzzle into you.  Make sure you pet me a whole bunch if I do.  I love belly rubs, and I have no problems rolling over and offering my belly up to you for pets!     While I don’t need a fenced in yard, if I don’t have one, I will need to go on a lead to be outside.  If it is a warm day, I would love to sit outside and just look around.  I really love to do this when my human has to get back to work, because it means she has to spend more time with me outside, and then I get to sit and snuggle up next to her while we watch the birds. I love to be brushed, and I think I like to go on walks.  I don’t go on very many right now because cars scare me.  I’m also not super fond of car rides, though I might be willing to give them a chance as long as you protect me. I know I am an older dog with a few problems, but I promise I will love you and snuggle up next to you whenever I can.  I am a potty-trained dog who doesn’t get into things, and I will be so excited to see you every time you come home.  And if it is raining outside, I can impress you with how long I can hold my bladder because I hate peeing in the rain!  While I do not currently sleep in a crate, I am somewhat crate trained and could probably be convinced to sleep in there at night if that is what you need me to do.  I promise I am a really happy dog and I need to go somewhere that is safe for me, so my siblings are safe and my current humans don’t have to worry about me. If you are interested in adopting me, please submit an application from and submit an application!  show less

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St. Bernard

Would you like a dog with no concept of personal space? Are you looking for your perfect codependent companion? Do you welcome drool wit... show more

Would you like a dog with no concept of personal space? Are you looking for your perfect codependent companion? Do you welcome drool with open arms and a lot of towels?  If so, have we got the dog for you: Meet DANDY.  Dandy is a 4-year-old St. Bernard? Akita? Shepard? mix. She lived her first couple years roaming free outside a family’s home in Kentucky. When they decided to move to a new house, they also decided to surrender her to a shelter. Dandy was beloved by the shelter workers, and looked extra cute for all the potential adopters….but her forever family never showed up. So Dandy took a northbound journey to Pennsylvania, waiting for love in a foster home.  At first, Dandy wasn’t so sure about being a pet. She was scared…of new yards and fences and hardwood floors and strangers. She could be nippy and growly in these moments of fear, but once she felt comfortable—these anxious behaviors melted into a dancey, happy dog who loves affection and doesn’t want to leave you alone.  Little by little…Dandy has started learning the finer points of being a pet. Namely: petting, cuddles, scritches, and snuggles. When you start petting Dandy, she will stare at you in AWE, clearly wondering how something could feel so good. As soon as you stop petting her, you watch her little heart break as she insists you continue via headbutts and nose pokes.  Dandy is spayed, crate-trained, and 90% housebroken. She knows sit, lay down, and is eager to learn more! She gets along well with every person and dog she’s met. Just because of her size, we’d recommend she go to a home with older kids or teens. She loves being outside, and would appreciate a home with a fenced-in yard or lots of space to run. Please apply at if you are interested in giving a forever home. If you have an application on file- please message us on Facebook -do not email!  The website is always kept up to date on which dogs are still available! If the dog you are interested in isn’t on the website, then we are no longer accepting applications. We are a 100% volunteer 501c3 and rely solely on donations of our supporters and volunteers.  #cyprescue #kennyrosssubaru #subarulovespets show less

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Basset Hound

Daxter is a 5 year old sweet boy that is in need of a new home! He is a pitty/basset mix with some extra tini legs to keep him low to th... show more

Daxter is a 5 year old sweet boy that is in need of a new home! He is a pitty/basset mix with some extra tini legs to keep him low to the ground for brute strength and a little extra chunk around the mid line for warm snuggles 😂❤️ Daxter is potty trained, crate trained, and a perfect gentleman in the home if left alone ! He loves his ball and playing fetch!  Daxter was adopted from a high kill shelter in 2020 from another state and after the owner realized he was fearful of children , she contacted our rescue looking for help with rehoming him due to have a baby on the way.  Dax did amazing in his foster home but , Due to lacking socialization Daxter is fearful of children. Which was noted and he was adopted to a family without children. However, he has a noted prey drive with cats that he did not appear to have when cat tested in foster. What can he say? He likes to chase cats and that’s just what he’ll do!!!  After being adopted, It became clear that daxter’s real fear is unknown people and situations. It is increased with men and children. He has had two human dads and was comfortable with them in the home BUT is very fearful of men visiting and will jump at them to react out of fear. His foster was not aware of this fear due to having no adult men in the home, so when he was adopted to a home with multiple males in the family that visited, it became overwhelming for Daxter with the amount of male visitors. At this time, we feel Daxter would benefit from a home where he has a “safe place “ that has low traffic with visitors and less stimuli that causes him to be repeatedly fearful. We would also consider a home that genuinely will commit to working with him to overcome his fears with positive reinforcement and slow introductions to new stimuli.  This is not an easy rehoming. Daxter has prey drive with cats, and doesn’t  like sharing his home with dogs or kids.  We have come to realize, when we say a “ safe place “ , Daxter needs a home that is just his dog parents, him, and a cuddly place on the couch/ bed and he is the happiest dog in the world! He loves to smell, smell, smell and be outdoors so a fenced in yard would be helpful. He does not try to jump fences so fence height doesn’t concern us in any way!  Daxter’s teeth are chiseled down to which the vet has said he lived a majority of his life on a chain outdoors or in a kennel to which he tried relentlessly to escape from which makes sense with the lack of socialization to new things and people😔 if you’re curious how we know this is fear.. Daxter will flinch or get low to the ground in fearful situations. This reactivity comes due to fear as well when the stimuli becomes overwhelming when being pushed into new situations too quickly.  Between the rescue, current owner, and in-home trainer, we have all decided to begin Daxter on Prozac to see if this helps him over come some of his anxieties in life and broaden his ability to be introduced to new things in life in a positive manner!      •    we will NOT tolerate anyone bashing current owners. They have went above and beyond to work with Daxter and the obstacles of visitors and their cat. This was an unforeseen circumstance and everyone is wanting what makes Daxter happy and secure!  If you would like to be the one to save a TRUE rescue in need, that has fallen to the hands of humans that have failed him in his past life, and feel you have a calm home life for Daxter to play ball, lounge in the yard, cuddle up on the couch, and give you endless laughs and attention, please apply      show less