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Nanook (21-146 D)

Male Senior American Eskimo Dog

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About Nanook (21-146 D)

Adoption Fee: $300.00

Nanook (often called “Nook”) was adopted from the Oakland County Animal Shelter in 2011. His estimated age at the time was 2-3 years, amking him an estimated 12-13 years old now. He is a miniature American Eskimo Dog, weighing approx 15 pounds, with no known health issues.

Nanook, like all Eskies, is quite vocal. He barks and chortles for attention and to communicate with his owner. He is housebroken.  He loves people and is very friendly with them, while he tends to ignore other dogs and cats when he goes to the dog park or visits the homes of friends.

Leash reactivity has been experienced on occasion when being walked by his owner. Nanook is very smart, having attended obedience classes twice. He knows “sit,” “stay,” “come,” “shake,” “down,” and “roll over.” Nanook is afraid of storms and loud noises and will begin shaking, while seeking a place to hide. He tends to eat fabric toys, so they should probably be avoided. He has also been known to chew on clothing, which should be kept out of his reach. His favorite treats are green beans, carrots, and cheese. A potential owner should know that Eskies do shed quite a bit.

Nanook has also been known to bolt out the front door on occasion to explore his surroundings. He can be hard to catch because for him, someone chasing him is a fun game! He would do best in a fenced yard or would need to be taken out on a leash. He would also be better in a home with someone who could let him out during the day. As a 12-13 year old dog, he would likely have trouble “holding it” with someone who was gone to work full time or left him alone for 8-9 hours at a stretch. Nanook is a sweet, funny, lovable, smart dog with loads of personality. He is very playful and energetic for his age.



Nanook (21-146 D)
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